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New boy part 2: previously:
He was about to slap me When.....
*your pov*
When someone stopped him it was Justin
Justin: don't slap her! Are you crazy!!
Y/n: Justin iTS fine please go to class
Justin: NO i don't let you alone with this Guys!!
Bully1: Dude do you got A problem!!
Justin: yes you are the problem let her alone or else.. Or else..
Bully2: or else what bitch
Bully: ooo now I'm scared do you thi-
He was interrupt by A slap of Justin
Justin: I Said let her go... NOW!
Bully2: ok ok chill Dude!
The bullies Walked away in shock
I felt on the ground crying
Justin: shhh don't cry Y/n it's ok they are gone
Y/n: tthank y-you Justin.
I stood up and Hugged him he Hugged BACK
Y/n: we have to go to class Justin
Justin: Yeah Lets go.
We Walked arm in arm we Walked in the class
Teacher: finally you are here sit down now
We sit down together and payed attention to the teacher.
*Lunch time*
Y/n: do you want to sit with me and my friends? I asked
Justin: Yeah ofcourse
We Walked to the table
Y/n: Hii Guys
Lilli (bestie): Hii oo who's that Y/n?
Justin: Hii I'm Justin I'm new here
Lilli: Hii I'm lilli and this is kay, Katie,Ryan and fredo
Kay and Ryan: whats up justin
Katie: Hii
Fredo: Justin bro I missed you
They Hugged
Justin: fredo how are you
Y/n: so I guess you know eachother I laughed
Justin: Yeah we where friends on school but he moved
*skip rest of school*
*justin pov*
Justin: uhhh finally schools over
Y/n: Yeah She laughed
Justin: uhmm Y/n can I-I have your number? I asked (Why am I so shy wait am I feel something for her?) Y/n: ofcourse its 06-294***** we Walked to our cars and Hugged eachother
Justin: so I guess I see you Tomorrow
Y/n: Yeah definitly she laughed
Y/n: bye Justin see you Tomorrow I TEXT you When I'm home she Said while she droved away
Justin: bye Y/n ( I step in my car with A huge smile on my face I guess I like it on this school I droved away to my house.
--------------------------------------------i know this one is Boring Tomorrow part 3 luv you Guys comment what you think โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค” #justinbieber#justinimagine#inagine#bieberimagine


swipe the fuck left :) โžก
@drewsfavouritegirl ur the main character in this :)
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Sleepy Justin๐Ÿ˜ด
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Read my story please. Link in the bio. :) @justinbieber

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Chapter 5: "Million Dollar Mistake":
Monday morning arrived sooner than I expected, and I really wasn't ready to come face to face with Justin just yet. All weekend Justin had tried getting in touch with me by calling and leaving texts. Apparently, he just wanted to apologize for being ungentlemanly and for leaving me behind. He also wanted to make sure that I was okay. Clearly, I wasn't, when I didn't even want to reply his texts or calls, but that was alarming to Justin.
I had over the weekend made a plan to make the next few months a living hell for Justin. I knew Justin had made a deal with his father about not being intimate with me, and I wanted to make sure he would regret that. Therefore, I had decided that it was time for me to wear tight dresses and skirts to work, I also got a new haircut, and a new hair color over the weekend. I was no longer brown-ish, my hair was now this gorgeous, dirty blonde color that really complimented my eyes. Tiya had dragged me to a nail salon, where we had both gotten our nails done. I had gotten these amazing, holographic nails that really looked amazing.
Today I was wearing this really gorgeous, moron dress, bodycon might I add along with a pair of high, black heels and black lipstick. Before leaving I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked completely different from what I used to look like, but even I had to admit that I looked hot.
As I arrived at work I suddenly became aware of all the eyes that were on me. I gulped and tried to shake it off and also keep a smile on my face, but all the eyes made me very self conscious. I kept my eyes on the ground and made my way to the elevator. Once I was inside the elevator I sighed. I arrived at the top floor and immediately went into my office to take off my jacket and leave my bag, then I made my way into the small kitchen, where I made Justin's coffee. I didn't bother to knock on Justin's door, I just walked inside and went over to his desk. Justin furrowed his eyebrows at me and leaned back into his hair.

Part 1
Should I continue? โค๏ธ


Forbidden Love
Part 1
Y/N's POV:
I walked up to my friends and greeted them as I arrived at my school. Their names were Hannah, Liza and Steph. "Hey girls." I said, happily. I made sure my posture was good, my hair was perfect and my clothes weren't stained or ruined. Why? Because my friends were the 'queens' of the school. They judged everyone and made them feel insecure about themselves. If you were even aloud to say hi to them, you were lucky. So the fact that I was asked to join their little squad was very important; I only had one chance at pleasing the three of them. To be honest I didn't like them much, but if I turned down their offer they would do everything in their power to make me hated by every one and plus I never had any friends before them, which meant the world to me. They said hi back to me casually, and continued to insult every one that walked by us. Whenever they asked me about my opinion, I would always have to agree with them even if I felt the most guilty. Anyway, we got our stuff from my locker and then walked to our lesson, damn I hated what I was wearing. I was so uncomfortable. As soon as we got there, we sat down and I felt so many eyes on me. Another day in 'paradise'. {more in comments}
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swipe the fuck left :) โžก
@drewsfavouritegirl ur the main character in this :)
#justinbieber #bieberimagine

The Enemy
Part 13
Y/N's POV:
I was huddled into the corner, absolutely scared and speechless. I needed to escape, however the door was the only way to. I then heard the doors lock twist frantically. The person trying to open the door was struggling to unlock it, which made me realise that it couldn't have been Jason. I closed my eyes and hoped that it was all a dream, yet it wasn't. As I opened my eyes, the person behind the door had managed to unlock it. I looked up to see the door was wide open.
"Kendall? Ariana? Khalil?" I said in joy. I ran up to all 3 of them and hugged them tight. I had never been so happy in my life.
"We've got to get out of here." Ariana said. We all ran out of the building and met up with Selena, Ryan and Za. We all hugged together until I pulled away and realised some thing.
"Wait guys, where's Justin?" I asked, confused. Selena had tears into her eyes as she replied. They all gave each other the type of look that said, "Who is going to tell her?" Then, Kendall started to talk.
"Y/N... Justin got into a car accident. He's in the hospital." She said, trailing off. I stared at them in shock.
"Then what are we doing here standing around? We have to see if he's ok." I said panicking, hoping he was alright.
"Well, we will have to walk. None of us have service to call for an uber." Za said. I nodded and got ready.
"Well then, I guess we will start walking." I responded, then I started to walk along with the others.
{more in comments}
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The Enemy
Part 12
Justin's POV:
I directed Ryan, who was driving, where to go. "GO FASTER!" I yelled at Ryan. We were all panicking and I was taking my anger about Jason out on my friends.
"Dude, chill. We are here- Oh. My. God." I looked at him, wondering what was wrong.
"Is that MADISON?" Ariana screeched. What was she doing there?
"Guys. She's exactly outside the door we have to go in." I said, my breathing rate was increasing, my hands were sweating. How could something go from perfect to devastating so fast? I thought we had gotten rid of her, but I guess I was mistaken.
"She must be working with Jason. SHE is the brains behind all of this." I was lost for words about the whole situation. That's when an idea popped into my mind.
"Selena, Ryan and Za: you guys try and get rid of Madison. Kendall, Ariana and Khalil: you guys go for Y/N." As soon as I instructed them on what to do, they nodded.
"Justin, what will you be doing?" Selena asked me, before getting out of the car. "I'm going to drive to the police. We CAN'T let Jason or Madison get away with this and NOT be arrested." I said. Selena then nodded and got out of the car. After this, I turned on the engine and slowly started driving.
Selena's POV:
I looked back to see Justin starting to go to the police. I sighed and played with my hands. I was praying that this plan that Justin had set up last minute would work. I caught up with Ryan and Za and they made their way up to Madison.
"Hey Madison... We didn't expect you to be here." Za pretended to be shocked.
{more in comments}
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So guys last night I had the most real and vivid dream I ever dreamt.
I dreamt of meeting Justin and he was on his way to like...a house filled with his fans..?๐Ÿ˜‚ It's not a like a meet and greet because he was sitting with us in a living room the whole "day" and what's so weird is that I remember it so clearly and how we talked and stuff he even later on sat right next to me and we chatted and then he picks up my phone and starts going through my pics of him and my account and he stopped at a Jelena pic stared at it for awhile and I said "i like this pic she's so pretty in it" and he was like "she is" then he continued looking at other pics and joking around and we even took a selfie After spending quite awhile trying to convince him to ๐Ÿ˜‚ Waking up was kinda bittersweet because it was the best dream i've ever dreamt and sad because it wasn't true nor will it ever be ๐Ÿ˜ญ I live in a country that he'll NEVER visit and you can't imagine how frustrating and horrible it is to know that you may never see your idol... _
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The Enemy
Part 11
Y/N's POV:
"Why are you talking to me?" I asked, trying to stay as far away from him as possible.
"I need to give you what you deserve." He said, smirking. I gulped. Why was he doing that? What did I do to him that made him mad?
As soon as he said that, he got out a substance and sprayed it on me. I felt dizzy and the walls were closing in on me. What the hell was the thing that he sprayed on me? I wasn't thinking straight anymore and my legs were giving in to the substance that seemed to be working. The last thing I saw was Jason smiling widely, then everything went black and I fell to the floor.
Justin's POV:
I was with my friends and it had been half an hour. "Where is Y/N? Surely she should be awake by now." I said, nervously. Something wasn't right yet I couldn't put my finger on it. Kendall and Ariana volunteered to check our room. As soon as they came back to our group table and told us that she wasn't there, I panicked. I called her phone and it went straight to voicemail.
"DAMNIT!" I shouted, as everyone else tried to call her as well. I got out of my seat and paced up and down the room, trying to piece together where she could be.
Y/N's POV:
I woke up. My head was still spinning, as I could barely lift it up from the cold ground.I opened my eyes and realised I was in an empty room. There was nothing but a chair and one bottle of water in it. I didn't dare to touch the water, because I didn't know what might've happened to it.
{more in comments}
#justinbieber #justinbieberimagines #imagines #jbfanfiction #kendalljenner #madisonbeer #jelena #jelenator #selenator

The Enemy
Part 10
Y/N's POV:
Tears were filling my eyes. I turned around facing away from the people that got me here. "Y/N, I'm so sorry." Jason said to me, touching my shoulder." I stepped away from him, shivering at his touch. "Don't fucking touch me." I mumbled. I was right the whole. If I didn't just make friends with them, this wouldn't have happened. All of a sudden I heard the door open and I was let out, but not Jason and the others. I was lead out of where I was staying and back outside.
"You can go." The officer told me. I nodded, as I unexpectedly saw both Justin and Selena. I slowly walked to them and couldn't help to release a smile.
"What are you guys doing here?" I asked, until I realised something.
"Why would you bail me out after everything that happened?" I then asked, as I got into the car.
"We're your friends, Y/N. We would never leave you in jail." Selena laughed, as if I asked the most stupid question, which I did. She then sighed and held up her hands.
"Y/N, I've got something to tell you & Justin." She started off. I turned to her, worried on what she was going to say.
"What?" Justin asked. We had no idea what she was going to say.
"The truth." Selena said. We both nodded our heads for her to continue.
"Y/N, I DIDN'T mean that you were a bitch. It was Madison. She called you one and if I agreed with her she would tell me everything." I was confused. Tell Selena everything? What did that mean?
{more in comments}
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The Enemy
Part 9
Y/N's POV:
I rolled my eyes for probably the hundredth time since I've been here as I heard what Justin told me.
"Don't worry Justin, you don't have to pretend about anything." I said. I watched his mouth open, but no words came out. I walked away, knowing that it was the end of the conversation.
Selena's POV:
I walked to Madison, who was with Justin. I turned her around and looked at her in disgust. I hated her so much.
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TELL Y/N?!" I screeched at her. Before responding, she turned to Justin.
"You can go, I'll catch up with you later." Madison said. As soon as Justin left, Madison then set her gaze back to me.
"I told her everything, no big deal." She said, grinning. "You obviously didn't tell her EVERYTHING if she's mad at me." I said, trying to calm down, but I obviously couldn't. "But what did you tell her exactly?" I asked.
"Not much, just that you called her a bitch." She said.
"BUT I DIDN'T MEAN IT! I SAID IT SO I COULD GET ANSWERS!" I had enough of Madison and her shit. I had to find a way to tell Y/N and Justin the truth without Y/N ignoring me and without Madison there.
Y/N's POV:
I didn't come across Madison and Selena thankfully, but I did bump into Justin when I was in our room. I was getting ready to meet with Jason's 'gang' when Justin was trying to stop me.
{more in comments}
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The Enemy
Part 6
Y/N's POV:
Classes had ended for the day and I was getting ready for the party that was going to take place that evening with Selena, Madison, Kendall and Ariana. Selena was wearing a tight red dress, Madison was wearing a short black dress, Kendall was wearing a tight white crop top and white loose leggings, which matched perfectly and Ariana was wearing a long pastel pink dress (Swipe to see). They all looked absolutely stunning. "C'mon Y/N. We're gonna pick out the perfect dress for you." Ariana said, as she was looking at the selection of dresses I owned.
"I don't know if I even want to go or not." I said, quite nervous. I'm not one of those confident women like the girls that were in front of me.
"Y/N, you're beautiful! And plus, we're not going without you." Kendall remarked. My 3 other friends nodded their heads in agreement.
Selena got out a blue dress that I had and put it against me.
"Try this on, Y/N. You'll look bomb!" She said. I grabbed the dress and shuffled in my bathroom to try it on. I didn't want to go, but they wouldn't go either if I didn't. I knew they wanted to go, so I tried it on anyway. "Awww you look amazing!" Everyone gushed as I stepped out in the dress.
"You HAVE to come with us, please!" Madison said. I sighed and gave in to them. "Fine, I'll go!" I said. {more in comments}
#justinbieber #justinbieberimagines #imagines #jbfanfiction #kendalljenner #madisonbeer #jelena #jelenator #selenator

Just a quick update since I'm currently in Germany on a very small vacation ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you all like the imagine ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ๐ŸŒŽ

Chapter 4: The Dinner Date
Justin was supposed to pick me up at 7, which was in 15 minutes, and I was still not dressed yet. Every outfit Tiya found just didn't quite say: "This is just a dinner between boss and employee". This was my time to show that there was more to me than just business, even though this was still business. "How about this one, it's the one in your closet," Tiya said as she came back into my room. I look away from the mirror and stare at the dress intensely. "I don't remember ever buying that dress," I told her, then I took it from her and changed into it. "This dress is perfect! It's classy, yet it's still kinda flirty" I told her, then I grabbed my beautiful, yellow heels to go with the dress. "It's like the dress was made for the makeup I did!" Tiya squealed, then she went back to my closet and soon after she came back with my favorite suede bow clutch. I hurriedly put my iPhone 7 plus into it along with my keys and some cash - just in case.
My doorbell rang right as the clock turned 7.00 pm, which made me smile. Justin had always been known to be very punctually. I took my time going to the door, and when I opened the door, the air was sucked out of me. Justin was wearing one of his more casual suit without a tie and with an open collar, he looked very handsome. Justin smiled at me and took my hand and brought it to his mouth.
"Good evening Y/N, you look absolutely stunning tonight," he said charmingly. I playfully rolled my eyes at me, then I pulled my hand back and blushed a little. "Good evening Justin, you look very handsome tonight," I told him with a smirk. Justin chuckled, then his attention was brought down towards my feet where Daisy was standing with a wagging tail. Justin bent down and took Daisy into his arms, then he stood up and started caressing her. "I'm sorry for being so forward with her, it's just that I got a soft spot for dogs," he told me with a smile, then he placed Daisy down again, and she went inside to Tiya again.

Drunk (Part 4)
Wrapping my hands around the monster I slowly pump him up and down, looking up to see his mouth in a little "O" shape and his eyes closed. I lean forward and ever lightly lick the tipe of his mushmoon shaped shaft and swirl my tongue around and around. " Don't fucking tease." He growls out through gritted teeth. I gave into his orders and gently push the tip of his cock into my lips and start to suck. I feel his hands automatically go to my hair and push me forward more. I suck harder and bob my head slowly. "Oh fuck yeah, like that just like that baby." Gripping my hair tighter further into my mouth. Gagging I pull back and pop him out of my mouth and spit on the tip and stroke him fast. Looking up I see Justin looking down at me with adoration. Gripping me by the shoulders he lifts me up and slams his lips on mine. Groaning into the kiss he deepens it. Tangling our tongues together.

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