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New boy part 2: previously:
He was about to slap me When.....
*your pov*
When someone stopped him it was Justin
Justin: don't slap her! Are you crazy!!
Y/n: Justin iTS fine please go to class
Justin: NO i don't let you alone with this Guys!!
Bully1: Dude do you got A problem!!
Justin: yes you are the problem let her alone or else.. Or else..
Bully2: or else what bitch
Bully: ooo now I'm scared do you thi-
He was interrupt by A slap of Justin
Justin: I Said let her go... NOW!
Bully2: ok ok chill Dude!
The bullies Walked away in shock
I felt on the ground crying
Justin: shhh don't cry Y/n it's ok they are gone
Y/n: tthank y-you Justin.
I stood up and Hugged him he Hugged BACK
Y/n: we have to go to class Justin
Justin: Yeah Lets go.
We Walked arm in arm we Walked in the class
Teacher: finally you are here sit down now
We sit down together and payed attention to the teacher.
*Lunch time*
Y/n: do you want to sit with me and my friends? I asked
Justin: Yeah ofcourse
We Walked to the table
Y/n: Hii Guys
Lilli (bestie): Hii oo who's that Y/n?
Justin: Hii I'm Justin I'm new here
Lilli: Hii I'm lilli and this is kay, Katie,Ryan and fredo
Kay and Ryan: whats up justin
Katie: Hii
Fredo: Justin bro I missed you
They Hugged
Justin: fredo how are you
Y/n: so I guess you know eachother I laughed
Justin: Yeah we where friends on school but he moved
*skip rest of school*
*justin pov*
Justin: uhhh finally schools over
Y/n: Yeah She laughed
Justin: uhmm Y/n can I-I have your number? I asked (Why am I so shy wait am I feel something for her?) Y/n: ofcourse its 06-294***** we Walked to our cars and Hugged eachother
Justin: so I guess I see you Tomorrow
Y/n: Yeah definitly she laughed
Y/n: bye Justin see you Tomorrow I TEXT you When I'm home she Said while she droved away
Justin: bye Y/n ( I step in my car with A huge smile on my face I guess I like it on this school I droved away to my house.
--------------------------------------------i know this one is Boring Tomorrow part 3 luv you Guys comment what you think ❤️😊🤔 #justinbieber#justinimagine#inagine#bieberimagine

Sleepy Justin😴
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Part 8 everyone!! Please comment what you think about this so far, what would you change or add??❤❤❤❤❤❤ @justinbieber

Heeeeyyy everybody!!! I'm officially on summer break 😍😍 so hopefully I will have more time to update Bieber Industries, but sadly I don't think so because I have gotten lots of extra work hours 😅 also to something differently, I freaking drove in a car yesterday 😱😱 in starting on my driver's license in early August, so a friend of my parents thought it would be appropriate to take me out for a spin to teach me the basics before I start 😊 IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I can already say that I'm going to enjoy driving, but I still have a whole lot to learn 🔥🔥

Imagine based on the following OTP-prompt:
Your OTP are only roommates at this point. Person A's alarm is going off early in the morning, but they are ignoring it. An angry person B storms in and tries to wake them up. But person A refuses to get up. So person B pulls the covers off person A, only to find out that A sleeps naked. This is enough to wake up person A and they are both embarrassed. ◦◦◦
I was so grateful when Justin told me that I could move in with him for the time being. I had just finished college, and I was now trying to get in the busy city of New York. Justin had been living in New York the last 2 years and ever since he moved in, he had begged me to move in with him, since I was studying at NYU. I had refused to move in with him because he lived so far away from college, and I really didn't want to pay extra just to take public transportation to school, even though Justin had told me that I always could use one of his cars. I kept on declining him until college was over, and I needed a place to live. Justin lived in this beautiful penthouse a little outside of central New York. It was this really rustic place and on one specific wall, he had a whole lot of guitars, one from each of his tours. I loved that idea! What I didn't like anymore was the fact that Justin also woke up so early! His alarm would go off at 6 am! But on this specific day, Justin didn't hear his alarm. He had been out most of the night, and it felt like he had just arrived home when his alarm went off. I groaned as his alarm kept on ringing. I tried rolling onto my other side and pull my pillow over my head, but not even that blocked out the noise. I groaned loudly and pulled the covers off my body. I stormed into Justin's room and started saying his name. "Justin, wake up."

Read my story please. Link in the bio. :) @justinbieber

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Each other’s soulmates:
Imagine based on the following OTP-prompt: "Person A and Person B are each other's soulmates, but they're both in loving relationships with other people. Once they meet, they never want to leave each other's sides, and they can feel themselves falling in love with the other person, despite still being in a relationship." ◦◦◦
* Justin's POV *
I don't know what it was about her... Maybe it was the way she was dancing or the way her dress was hugging every single curve on her body, but something about her made her stand out in the crowd. I shouldn't even be looking at other girls since I was in a lovely and committed relationship with Talia, who I loved very much. "Guys, I'm gonna go get something else to drink," I told my friend. I got up from my seat and unwrapped my arm from Talia's shoulders. Talia smiled at me and then turned back to her conversation with her friend, who I didn't remember the name of.
The whole way to the bar my eyes were on her. She was currently talking to some guy, who she was holding hands with, probably a boyfriend?
I really had no idea on what was going on in my mind, but I had to talk to her. As I approached her, her boyfriend/friend untangled their hands and left her, I started smiling, finally a chance to talk to her alone. I finally got up to her and pretended to bump into her. She turned around and looked me deeply into the eyes, and I had to swallow a lump that had gotten stuck in my throat. She was breathtaking! "I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking at where I was going" I lied. The girl smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "It could happen to anybody," she told me, then she bit down on her lip. "I'm Y/N," she told me. Y/N, what a beautiful name she had! "Hi Y/N, I'm Justin," I told her, then I shook her hand. "Are you here alone?" I asked her even though I already knew the answer. Y/N shook her head with a smile. "Nah, I'm here with my boyfriend," she told me, I sighed and nodded my head. "Funny, I'm here with my girlfriend as well," I told her. Y/N smiled widely and then took a sip of her drink.


The Enemy
Part 3
I introduced myself to the 4 girls who were looking at me suspiciously.
"Hey, I'm Y/N..." I said, looking at them all.
"Hey Y/N, I am Selena. This is Ariana, this is Kendall and this idiot is Madison." Selena smiled at me, pointing at the girls.
"Hey!" Madison laughed.
"So what are you doing here?" Asked Kendall. I saw Selena nudging her elbow, as she mouthed "that's rude" through a smile.
"Umm..." I stuttered, until I saw the same 3 boys and Justin walking towards me.
"Shit, just pretend like we're friends or something..." I whispered.
"We are friends." Ariana said, as we all pretended to laugh out loud.
As we continued to talk, Justin was standing in front of us with his entourage. "I win-" he started until he saw Madison, Selena, Kendall and Ariana. "Think again." I smirked, as he stared at them confused.
"But when did you meet them?" He asked through gritted teeth.
"As soon as I walked out." I lied, as my newly-made friends nodded.
"Well so did I!" He said
"No we didn't..." one of the boys interrupted.
"Shut up, Khalil!" He almost yelled. Khalil covered his mouth, annoyed at himself. I laughed loudly, mocking him.
"And you were saying?" I said, successfully.
"Whatever, Y/N." he mumbled, obviously angry he didn't win.
{more in comments}
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Drunk (Part 4)
Wrapping my hands around the monster I slowly pump him up and down, looking up to see his mouth in a little "O" shape and his eyes closed. I lean forward and ever lightly lick the tipe of his mushmoon shaped shaft and swirl my tongue around and around. " Don't fucking tease." He growls out through gritted teeth. I gave into his orders and gently push the tip of his cock into my lips and start to suck. I feel his hands automatically go to my hair and push me forward more. I suck harder and bob my head slowly. "Oh fuck yeah, like that just like that baby." Gripping my hair tighter further into my mouth. Gagging I pull back and pop him out of my mouth and spit on the tip and stroke him fast. Looking up I see Justin looking down at me with adoration. Gripping me by the shoulders he lifts me up and slams his lips on mine. Groaning into the kiss he deepens it. Tangling our tongues together.

PART 11!!! I know I lagged so much from part 10, but that was because I was originally gonna end it at 10. But I didn't feel like that'd be right, if you haven't read this imagine from part 1, please don’t read this one yet. Read them all before so you understand the plot!!! Thank you so much for all the love and support and I promise to start posting more sooner!! Please, leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!!👌 💕💕💕💕 @justinbieber

Justin cheated on you and you found out about it. Would you forgive him? Yes or no?😌 #justinbieber #justinbieberimagines #justinbiebersnapchat #snapchat #bieberimagine #imagines

Bayangkan kamu didalem mobil dan tiba2 ada ni anak yang nyapa kamu sambil bilang "kamu cantik. Aku perhatiin dari tadi sebelum naik mobil. Mau ikut abang ga ke tempat yg belum pernah kamu datengin sebelumnya?". Uuuugh jadi baper #justinbieber #kidrauhl #imagine #bieberimagine #memep #meme


Part 8 everyone!! Please comment what you think about this so far, what would you change or add??❤❤❤❤❤❤ @justinbieber

Sorry guys i had ro repost it❤😻❤
Shawn:"Andrew please dont say that..its my fault..what was i thinking..."
Andrew:"im gonna go, You got alot of explaining to do.."
Fuck she is here.

Shawn's pov:
This cant be happening..i ruined everything...now i gotta explain everything to everyone..and she..oh my god..She..she will be devastated..
*knock knock*
Y/n:"Shawn are you okay?! Open the door!"
I ran to the door, and just stood there infront of it.
Y/n:"Shawn are you okay?! Please open up!"
I opened the door and she just jumped into a tight long hug. Y/n:"i thought something happened to you, you jerk!" she yelled and i just kept hugging her, rejecting the great talk.
Y/n:"so...what happened?"
Shawn:"Y/n..i-i need to tell you something.."
I said and she just stood there waiting for me to continue.
Shawn:"remember our ummm 'meeting' yesterday?" she nodded her head yes Shawn:"well my manager called me and..well.." i said, handing her the magazine on the table.
Y/n:"this cant be happening.."
Y/n:"no way..shawn please dont tell me they mean me.."(picture above)
Shawn:"thats not all.." i said flipping the page.
Y/n:"What?! We didnt kiss!"
Shawn:''i know Y/n but these paps..they would do anything to create drama"
Y/n:"what about Justin?!" she said concerned
Shawn:"what about him?" Y/n:"if he sees this he'll break up from me! Thats what" she yelled
Shawn:"maybe he should" i said with a cold look on my face.
Y/n:"and maybe i should leave she said with a tear falling onto her cheek.
Shawn:"Y/n im sorry hold on please" i said hugging her.
Y/n:"Shawn.." she said with her voice breaking.
Y/n:"Shawn i dont know what to do." she started crying.
Y/n:"Justin will break up from me and my parents are going to be so mad that i lied to them and my best friends..they can kill themselves...they will know its me Shawn..in the picture i wear the dress my mom made me" she cried and i pulled her into a tight hug. Shawn:"Shh..you know i cant see you cry.." i said and wiped her tears away. (MORE IN COMMENTS)


Kata mommy ini hanya cinta monyet.
Dia adalah cinta pertamaku, tetapi aku bukan cinta pertamanya.

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Heeey guys!!! Here's the character list - I hope you guys will like the names and personality 😜😜 comment your opinion ❤️❤️ Characterlist of Bieber Industries:
Y/F/N: played by you ;) Y/N is 24 years old and comes from a wealthy family, but Y/N wants to be so much more than just her parents’ daughter, therefor she moved to New York all by herself and pursued her own dreams, with some fun added to it. Y/N has no idea on how important the rest of the year is for Justin, and she will continue being a tease towards him.
Justin Bieber: play by Justin Bieber. Justin is 27 years old and comes from a wealthy family. Ever since Justin was a little child he was used to getting everything he wanted, especially when it came to ladies. CEO of Bieber Industries - at least as of right now.
Andrew Baker: One of Y/N’s coworkers and her best friend beside BESTFRIEND. Has a soft spot for Y/N, but he is strictly to guys. Andrew is 25 years old and lives with his boyfriend right outside on central New York.
Tiya Brooks: Y/N’s best friend. Currently studying to become a designer. Is also 24 years old, single, barely works because she is so focused on her studies. Lives close to Y/N in New York City. BESTFRIEND loves to party, and she always gets Y/N lured into going out.
Ryan Butler: Justin’s best friend. Also comes from a wealthy family, and he also gets what he wants. Fortunately for him he already found the love of his life - Aria Young - and is now happily married with baby number one on its way. Ryan is 27 years old as well.
Diane Reed: Y/N’s boss down at Human Resources. Sweet lady, kind of like a second mom to her, and actually also to Justin. Diane is 41 years old.
Pattie Mallette: Justin Bieber’s mom. Divorced from Justin’s dad, but is still in Justin’s live. She is a writer. Her biggest wish is to see Justin fall in love and get married. Pattie thinks Y/N is the one for him the first time she meets her. Pattie is single and doesn’t plan to ever get married again.
Jeremy Bieber: Justin Bieber’s dad. Divorced from Justin’s mom. Former owner of Bieber Industries, retired early, and now he lives outside of New York with his new wife and their two kids Jazmyn

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