So you and Justin broke up 1month ago. You were crushed because of it. But you couldn't keep up with that 24hours paparazzi world and rumors. You just went back to your house. And you went on instagram and saw a millions of tags.. Nothing unusuall for your account.. but you decide to ignore all of that. Cuz you already know what they are talking about.. and you're still heartbroken
But then you've got an dm where ur friend says u gotta see ellen show, Justin is on it talking about you... You jumped and turned on TV, and Ellen asked him about you, and he said this.. #imagine #justinbieber #beliebers
#jb #imagine #love #bieberworld 😊 @justinbieber

...part2 》#bieberimagine《
□J: hey Bieber, stop avoidin' it, is it true you are dating a belieber?
J: 😊
□J: Oh, here we are world! Tmz found something that wasn't fake 😂
J: I'm suprised too
□J: wait a second Justin, but where do you finde yourself in the situation with sharks,
J: Ocean, Jimmy, ocean they're huuuuuge man!
#imagine #bieber #justin #justinbieber #beliebers #bieberworld @justinbieber @jbcrewdotcom

Jimmy:Soo Justin thank you for coming here today 😁
J: Yeah,sure man, it's been a long time
□J: Man you're speaking the truth. So how are you today?
J: I'm great man, thanks
□J: So we need the truth here
J: Sure
□J: tmz reported that on your cousin's wedding you weren't alone and that you were in pool looking for sharks, did you saw them?
J: Wait...what sharks,nope.{laugh} 😂😂😂😂□: So, sharks are fake news, but what about thing that you weren't alone on cousins wday?
J: Ofc, I didn't there was bride,groom, a lot of friends,ryan,chaz,etc
□: Oh, you're not trying to avoid the answer ?
J: No, what kinde of q is that?
#beliebers @justinbieber
#belieberfamily #love #first @justinbieber @jbcrewdotcom #justin #bieber @justinbieber

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