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New boy part 2: previously:
He was about to slap me When.....
*your pov*
When someone stopped him it was Justin
Justin: don't slap her! Are you crazy!!
Y/n: Justin iTS fine please go to class
Justin: NO i don't let you alone with this Guys!!
Bully1: Dude do you got A problem!!
Justin: yes you are the problem let her alone or else.. Or else..
Bully2: or else what bitch
Bully: ooo now I'm scared do you thi-
He was interrupt by A slap of Justin
Justin: I Said let her go... NOW!
Bully2: ok ok chill Dude!
The bullies Walked away in shock
I felt on the ground crying
Justin: shhh don't cry Y/n it's ok they are gone
Y/n: tthank y-you Justin.
I stood up and Hugged him he Hugged BACK
Y/n: we have to go to class Justin
Justin: Yeah Lets go.
We Walked arm in arm we Walked in the class
Teacher: finally you are here sit down now
We sit down together and payed attention to the teacher.
*Lunch time*
Y/n: do you want to sit with me and my friends? I asked
Justin: Yeah ofcourse
We Walked to the table
Y/n: Hii Guys
Lilli (bestie): Hii oo who's that Y/n?
Justin: Hii I'm Justin I'm new here
Lilli: Hii I'm lilli and this is kay, Katie,Ryan and fredo
Kay and Ryan: whats up justin
Katie: Hii
Fredo: Justin bro I missed you
They Hugged
Justin: fredo how are you
Y/n: so I guess you know eachother I laughed
Justin: Yeah we where friends on school but he moved
*skip rest of school*
*justin pov*
Justin: uhhh finally schools over
Y/n: Yeah She laughed
Justin: uhmm Y/n can I-I have your number? I asked (Why am I so shy wait am I feel something for her?) Y/n: ofcourse its 06-294***** we Walked to our cars and Hugged eachother
Justin: so I guess I see you Tomorrow
Y/n: Yeah definitly she laughed
Y/n: bye Justin see you Tomorrow I TEXT you When I'm home she Said while she droved away
Justin: bye Y/n ( I step in my car with A huge smile on my face I guess I like it on this school I droved away to my house.
--------------------------------------------i know this one is Boring Tomorrow part 3 luv you Guys comment what you think ❤️😊🤔 #justinbieber#justinimagine#inagine#bieberimagine

Sleepy Justin😴
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Read my story please. Link in the bio. :) @justinbieber

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Today was the day, the day that I would be marrying the love of my life. I had grown more used to the thought of Justin being a prince, and that I was going to be a princess. Even though it did still seem like a dream!
Justin and I were going to get married at Westminister Abbey, it was the church Justin had always wanted to get married in, so of course we were gonna get married there. ∞
I was getting ready at the castle. I was supposed to be at the church in 10 minutes, but I was running late, my hairdresser was still doing my hair, but otherwise everything was perfect. Charlie came in through the door wearing her maid of honor dress. The dress was silver, and it was filled with glitter and rhinestones. The dress was very beautiful, and it did her very good, not that Charlie didn't have a hot body because she definitely had! "GOSH, you look so beautiful!" I squealed as I looked at her through the mirror. Charlie smiled widely and twirled around for me to see the whole dress. "Thank you so much! But I'm nothing compared to you!" she told me as she came up to me. I gently turned my head towards her and smiled widely. "I really can't believe I'm going to get married today!" I told her. "Me neither, but I'm really happy for you," Charlie told me, then she side-hugged me and went over to my dress. "Okay, your hair is done," my hairdresser told me, which made me turn to look at myself in the mirror. "It's beautiful, thank you!" I told her as I grabbed her hand. "Anything for you soon to be princess," the hairdresser told me, then she left the room. "Okay, let's get you into this gorgeous dress now," Charlie told me, then two ladies-in-waiting came into the room. They smiled widely as they saw me, then they helped me into the dress.
As one of them was zipping my dress, mom and dad came walking in through the door. "Sweetie, you look like a dream!" mom gasped. She covered her mouth, then small tears started running down her cheeks.

Part 1
Should I continue? ❤️

IMAGINE *how we met* y/n pove: "do you want to go swim babe?" Justin said "yessssss" I said with a baby voice while laughing a bit so I stood up and wanted to change but then I saw Justin looking at me "can you turn around Please?" "But I saw you naked before babe" "Justin......" I said warning "okeeeeee" he said and turned around so I turned around and changed in Some swimwear and turned around again but then I saw Justin looking at me "JUSTIN DID YOU LOOKED AT ME THE WHOLE TIME?!" "Yeah and you looked Beautyful baby" Justin said without any shame "Omg Justin you are crazy" I said laughing (in the swimming pool) Justin and I were swimming "babe I'm going to get us some drinks oké?" " Yes Sure thanks" I said and Justin walked to the bar and then I saw that boy How bullied walking over to me with a smirk on his face and I got sceared so I was swimming over to the back of the pool bit he came closer and I looked around to Fins Justin but I didn't saw him and I got realy scared Right now the boy came closer and closer and I still didn't saw Justin then the boy grabbed my arm and pulled me under water and at the point my breath was Honeywell pulled my head in the air again and I tried to run away but he grabbed my hair and pushed me against the wall of the pool "so you're in Canada with that Bieber kid"
"How much did you paid him?" He said laughing while pulling me under water again then I felt someone grabbing me by my waist and saw it was Justin and he prinsjes the boy a few times in his face and then walked away with me to our room (in the room) "baby... I'm so sorry" he said "JUSTIN its not your foult" "it is my fault" "baby it is not your fault that that boy was almost killing you!" Justin said and kissed me madly and that was the best kis ever then 5 min later he pulled away "babe , do you want to be my girlfriend?" He said "Yes ofc I thought you would never ask it!" I said and he kissed me again💜💜this was part 9 like and Comment 'yes' if you want a part 10💜💜#bieberimagines #bieberimagine #bestfandom #beliebers #proud #justinbieber

Part 3
The Two Turned To Look At Me, He Looked Surprised And Sorry While The Stupid Hoe Was Smirking. how Could My Own Mother Do This?!
I Just Threw Him The Pregnancy Test And The Blood Test At His Face I Stood There To See His Face, He Looked Happy. He Jumped Out Of The Whore's Bed And Started Apologizing I Just Shaked My Head No.
I Said Pointing My Finger At Justin. I started Feeling A Huge Pain In My Stomach But I Didn't Pay Attention To It.
At This Point I Was Bleeding Bad, And The Pain Was To Much.
Comment To Upload Part 4
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Forbidden Love
Part 12
Y/N's POV:
It was the end of the day and I was in my house, I was in such a great mood. It was surprising how one person could have a big impact on myself. I blushed when I thought of him. I then heard a large bang on my window. I jumped up, scared then walked nervously to my window. I opened it to see someone standing in the dark, with a car behind them. I looked closely to see Jason's smiling face. I laughed to myself. What was he doing here? I ran downstairs. I opened the door and ran into his arms.
"What are you doing here, Jas?" I asked, sounding surprised. "I'll explain everything once you get in the car." He said, opening the door. I nodded anxiously and got in.
"So, you know how I promised you I won't lie to you again?" He started. I nodded, wanting him to carry on.
"Well, I wanted you to see everywhere I work and who I work with, to show you that everything is under control. I want to share with you an important part of me and my friends that have been by my side since day one." He explained. He played with the steering wheel nervously. I chuckled. I was so flattered and I couldn't help but be so excited to meet new people and see who Jason's friends are.
As soon as we arrived, my breathing hitched and there chills around me. I then felt Jason's hand on mine.
"They'll like you, trust me." He comforted me. I calmed down. We walked to the front door of the large house and Jason knocked on the door.
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Forbidden Love
Part 11
Y/N's POV:
I was walking with Cait and Cole when I felt two strong hands against my arms. They lead me to an empty classroom and I turned around to see Jason. I was shocked. What did he want?
"Yes?" I asked, so confused.
"Who was that guy?" He asked quickly, looking at my eyes and refusing to break eye contact. I looked away, but he pushed my chin back up so I would look at him.
"You mean Cole?" I asked. He nodded.
"Yeah, whatever. Are you guys like... dating?" He grumbled.
"What?! No, I only just met him." I said. I was so uncomfortable because of what he was asking AND that I was alone with him. I shuffled on the spot.
"Why are you like that?" He suddenly said.
"Like... what?" "Your acting so weird around me?" I was silent for a long amount of time. I looked down. "Are you so uncomfortable around me or something?" I said nothing still and I heard him sigh.
"Y/N look at me." I did as he told and looked at his painful face, looking almost hurt.
"I don't want to make you feel so uncomfortable around me, ok? So if you want...." he paused and cursed to himself.
"If you want, I will stay as far away from you as possible. But I want you to know that I love you and I never meant to hurt you in anyway. I just knew you wouldn't want to date me if I told you." He said, and then stopped speaking. "So... yeah." He said, then was about to walk out.
"Jason, wait-" I said. Wait!
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Forbidden Love
Part 10
Y/N's POV:
I looked back at Jason and what he was doing. He was in front of the boy that made fun of me and he jumped out of his seat, frightened.
"What did I just say?" Jason growled. I gulped. This wasn't going to end well. I saw Jason scrunching his hand into a ball, so I knew that he was going to swing for a punch.
"What the hell?! Jason, stop it!" I screeched, getting up from my seat and walking to him. I was so scared. He was Jason McCann; the criminal which no-one knew what he looked like. He has murdered so many people so I had an image in my mind of the damage he could do. I looked at him, so scared. What was he going to do to him? We made eye contact and his eyes softened.
Jason's POV:
I stared at Y/N to find her looking at me. She looked so afraid of me, as if I was a monster. But I'm not, and only a few people knew that about me. I didn't want her to think of me that way. I sighed and lowered my fist. "Sorry." I whispered, still making eye contact with Y/N. I shuffled and slumped back on my seat, feeling worthless. I looked around at everyone to see them glaring at me. Some were laughing and some were looking at me shocked. "Such a pussy." The guy that I was about to punch laughed. I chuckled to myself.
"Says the guy that backed away when I was about to do that to him." I thought to myself. I daren't say that out loud since that would cause drama.
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Forbidden Love
Part 9
Y/N's POV:
All of a sudden, I jumped up and regained consciousness from what I liked to call my 'sleep'. I looked around. Maybe it had all been just a dream? Nope. I was at the side of the road, as I realised my car had bumped into a nearby tree. I had no motivation to keep on driving, let alone call someone for help. But I knew that I couldn't just stay there forever, so I started the engine once again that day. *At home*
I flopped onto my bed lifelessly and checked my phone, expecting nothing but my lock screen to be staring at me. I stared at the recent words on my screen.
"18 missed calls from Jason"
"1Voicemail from Jason" was what my phone read. I tapped onto the voicemail and his voice filled my room up. "Y/N... please answer, you're scaring me. I'm so sorry that this happened. I fucked up really bad. I would've told you Y/N, but I was scared it would change how you looked at me... and obviously it has." There was a short gap, as if he was lost in his own thoughts.
"But please, just tell me you're ok and you're safe. I can't stop worrying about you because I care, just please-" his voice was cut off. That was the end of the voicemail. He was right. The recent events had changed the way that I looked at him, but you can't blame me right? His voice made me at ease but the image of a criminal was in my head, no matter how hard I would try to shake it out. I got myself ready to sleep, but my night was restless after the voicemail, calls, drive, my friends; EVERYTHING.
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***** Imagine *****
Two hours later we parked in front of the house again and now my stomach was satisfied. "You shouldn't have paid for my meal... I feel like I owe you something now." We were still sitting in his car. "So, I'm a multimillionaire and I shouldn't pay for your dinner? Sounds plausible." He was looking at me with an ironic smile. "Yeah, well, that's... right I guess. But that's not the deal, I still don't like it." Now he leaned over and gave me a light kiss. "You should get used to it." The butterflies in my stomach were hyperactive. I looked at him for a few more seconds and again I noticed his gorgeous eyes. "Let's go inside." I didn't want to destroy the moment, but I was genuinely tired. Instead of an answer he got out of the car, changed the side, opened my car door and took my hand to lead me out. Together we entered the house. Just seconds after I brushed off my shoes, my mother looked around the corner. "Where have you been? It's pretty late already." Normally she didn't really care about the time I came home, but I guess she probably asked to seem like a very caring mother. "We went out for dinner." Justin was the quicker one to answer. "Oh, that's good. Do you want to watch a bit of TV with us?" I first looked at Justin before deciding. He looked as tired as I was. "No, thank you, mum. We're going to sleep." Maybe she didn't realize it, but she watched us walking up the stairs with an amused expression in her eyes. "Good night, honey. Good night, Justin." Me an Justin simultaneously answered. "Good night." At first Justin went into his room and I went into mine, but after I had changed I met him in the bathroom. He was brushing his teeth. I took my toothbrush and joined him. Just a minute later I was lying on the floor laughing, because Justin had decided to tickle me. And I was VERY ticklish. "Stop, stop! I... I can't even... breathe anymore." After some words I had to stop talking because I was laughing to hard to speak like a normal person. "What is the code word?" He asked and pretended to be totally serious. Well, his toothbrush was still trapped in the corner of his mouth. I couldn't take him for real.

Forbidden Love
Part 8
Y/N's POV:
It was half past 8 in the night and I was getting ready for whatever Jason had in store for me. I decided to wear something casual, since I had no idea what was happening. I got into my car and started to drive to the place which was on the paper. It had been half an hour and I arrived to wherever I was heading. I got out of my car and then walked to the place that was written down. I had found it, but I didn't expect what I saw. It was a dark looking house which looked creepy I some sort of way. I then got a text from Liza.
"Are you coming to the sleepover today or what?" She put. I sighed and replied.
"No, sorry. I'm sick." Is what I answered with. I then took a deep breath and walked silently towards the house. I don't know why I felt so scared at that moment. I was at the door and slowly opened it. I peaked inside to see it without any furniture. The only thing that was filling the room were a group of boys and another group opposite them. What was going on? Was I at the wrong place? I checked back to the front of the house. Nope, this was it. I kept looking at what was going on, when I saw Jason's face. I saw him exchanging a package with one of the men. Before I could even think, they started speaking.
"Done. Under what name is this package for?"
"McCann. Jason McCann."I gasped in shock without realisation of how loud I was. I covered my mouth immediately, hoping they didn't hear that. Jason Bieber was Jason McCann?! The most wanted criminal who had just escaped prison?
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Imagine: justin sees u in the middle of match like that
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Forbidden Love
Part 7
Y/N's POV:
What should I do? Should I just leave Jason to help them get home? Wait! I looked hard at them to find them both accompanied by two other friends, who didn't seem to drunk, so I guess that was out of the picture. The only option that sprung to my head was to just leave them alone. "Do you know them, Y/N?" Jason asked me, as he was also looking at them. I looked at him and nodded, with almost a guilty look on my face.
"It's Hannah and Steph." I said. I obviously sounded annoyed at them. "Ohhhh, it's them." He replied, whilst rolling his eyes.
"Why did you roll your eyes?" I asked, pretty confused. Jason shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know. I just don't like them, you know. They're kinda annoying and they don't deserve to be friends like someone as amazing as you." As much as I felt weird in my stomach as he said that, I blushed at the sentence which I was guessing was a compliment.
"Are you going to say hi?" He asked. I shook my head immediately.
"I don't like it when they're drunk. Let's just go." I said, getting up from the floor.
"Yeah, it's getting quite dark. Should I drive you home?" He said as we made our way to my car. I stared at him as I didn't think he would've wanted to.
"Yeah, sure." I replied as he got in to drive my car.
"Didn't you bring a car?" I asked in shock.
"Nah, I walked here." He exclaimed, then turned on the engine. I put on my seat belt then rested my head on the seat. It was only after a few minutes that I ended up falling asleep.
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Forbidden Love
Part 6
Y/N's POV:
It was the evening and Jason's number had been distracting me all day. Do I text him and not say a word about it to my friends or do I not text him at all? My brain was yelling at me to not do it and to just forget about him, but the fluttering of my heart showed me not to. I got out the paper with his number on it and added him to my contacts. I pressed on his number and took a deep breath before texting him.
"Hey, it's Y/N." I sent him and I waited for him to respond. Within a second, I heard a notification on my phone.
"Y/N! I was expecting you to text." He responded.
"What are you up to?" I asked him.
"Literally nothing. You don't realise how bored I am Y/N."
"Same. I'm literally stuck at home watching Netflix."
"Really?! I would've expected you to be out with your 3 friends." I laughed to myself when I read his response.
"They are out partying or something, they do it almost everyday. I just always say no. I'm not really into much stuff like that."
"Well, since we're both bored, wanna meet me somewhere?"
There the feeling inside me was again, the feeling where my heart just lifted up.
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***** Imagine *****
"Well, then we'll leave so you have time to learn. Thanks again, the film was great. And good luck for your exam." I hugged Steve goodbye and made a step backwards so that Justin could take my spot. Justin looked at Steve for a moment before shaking hands with him in an awkward way. "Thanks. I agree with Mary, the film was great." Everybody would have noticed the negative tension between those two. I took Justin's hand and lead him to the exit. Steve didn't follow us. We didn't go directly back home, I stopped at Justin's car and looked at him. "Gosh, I'm really hungry... Can we get something to eat? I don't think my mom has cooking-plans today." Justin smiled really brightly. Then he made a step towards me and hugged me really, really tight. "What is this for?" He breathed into my neck and his unique and wonderful smell made it's way to my nose. "Just because you are a special girl." We let go of each other, but he still looked deep into my eyes. "In how far special?" My voice was almost not loud enough to hear it, but somehow Justin was still able to understand me. Maybe he could read lips. "You're just special. Very special. In your own way." In that moment I was absolutely sure my heart stopped beating and my legs were about to turn into jelly. To avoid falling, I made a step back and leaned against Justin's car. "I have never gotten a compliment like that." And again, like so many times before, I blushed. Justin came closer with every second. When he pressed his lips on mine, I was still in shock. Luckily my hands went up to his neck, like I had did this several times before. The kiss felt better than everything I had ever felt before. I don't know for how long I stood there, in the middle of the street, kissing Justin Bieber like he was my air to breathe. Sadly he let go after some time. "Wow." That was everything I had to say and everything I was thinking. " 'Wow' is a good description." Justin also looked flashed, although he just didn't have his first kiss with his all-time favourite celebrity. Before we could say anything else or even start kissing again, my stomach growled. Justin grinned. "I guess someone is still hungry."

Forbidden Love
Part 5
Y/N's POV:
It was the next day and I could feel the glares people were giving me across the room. They all probably found out about that night and how me and him broke up. I rolled my eyes and tried my best to ignore them all. I sat next to my friends and I started talking to them.
"Hey." I said, trying to act unbothered by the amount of faces staring at me. "Hey Y/N." they said, but then got back to their own conversations. I looked around me and my gaze was soon at Jason who was walking passed me. I waved at him and he waved back, smiling wide. I got up from my seat and approached him. I then lead him out of the classroom and into the hall way. "Hey." I said to him, as I started to smile as well. His smile was so contagious. "Hey Y/N, what's up?" He said as he licked his lips. "I was just wondering what you were going to say that night when you just sped off." I smirked. He shrugged his shoulders. "I was just going to say that I didn't respond because I am new. But let's be real, I could beat you in dissing any day." He laughed, seeming quite nervous which made me chuckle.
"Keep dreaming, Bieber, keep dreaming." I said. He looked at me confused then looked as if he understood afterwards.
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Forbidden Love
Part 4
Y/N's POV:
I felt my cheeks burning as he continued to drive; I was so embarrassed. I looked at him driving and played with my hands. He then turned to me so I quickly looked away, hoping he wouldn't ask anything. He then cleared his voice.
"So... what happened?" He asked awkwardly, obviously trying to sound understanding. I laughed to myself and looked at him.
"You know you don't have to ask me anything and try to be all comforting, you know?" I said, trying to hold back the rest of my tears. He laughed and turned back to the road.
"OH THANK GOD! I have no idea how to do that stuff." He said happily. I let out a weak smile and let him focus back onto the road.
It took us a few wrong turns and misunderstood directions of mine but we had finally got to my house. I took off the blanket that was on me and reached to open the car door, until Jason stopped me and got out of the car. He opened the door for me and I got out, blushing slightly. He then took the blanket from the car before shutting the door and wrapped it around me again. I smiled whilst rolling my eyes. He looked down at me and smiled back.
"You seemed pretty comfortable with the blanket on so keep it." He grinned, but almost demanding me to. I nodded and laughed at him. What an idiot. {more in comments}
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Forbidden Love
Part 3
Y/N's POV:
The 4 of us carried on eating until I felt two strong arms around my waist. I turned around to find Zack. I smiled and hugged him.
"Hey, Zack." I said through my smile.
"Hey babe." He chuckled, kissing my cheek. He sat next to me along with his best friends; Chad and Ashton.
"So... I'm having a party today girls, you all HAVE to come trust me it'll be fun." Chad said, ecstatically. I was never really into parties but before I could say no, Zack spoke up.
"Me and Y/N are going." He said as he ate some of my lunch. I sighed and nodded.
"Yeah, I guess we are." I said. Steph, Liza and Hannah looked at each other and then turned back to Chad.
"Fine, we'll go. What time?" Hannah said. We were all told the times and then we stood up and walked to our last few classes of the day.
*8 hours later*
I was ready for the party. I was wearing a tank top and jean shorts because it was hopefully not something to wear a dress to. I had on a very minimum amount of Makeup on. I heard Zack's horn to his car, which signalled that he was ready to go. I walked out of my house and joined him in the car.
"You look amazing, Y/N." he would say that every time. I wish I could've blushed or at least feel something, but it looked as if he was forced into complimenting me. The words had no meaning to them just like how I would say 'thank you' every time.
Anyway, he turned on the engine and we made our way to the party.
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Forbidden Love
Part 2
Y/N's POV:
I wasn't quite like my friends. They were good looking and not afraid to share their opinion. I on the other hand am very shy and not confident whatsoever. Anyway I took my seat next to Steph and an empty desk and listened to their boring conversations. I tapped my fingers against my desk and looked at the time. Then, our teacher entered the room and sat down to register us. He called out our names and then another name that was unfamiliar to the rest of the names that I heard. "Jason?" He called out. No response. As the professor said this name, some one walked into the room. Our heads turned to the door. The guy was standing next to our teachers desk.
"Jason. You are late and it's only your first day." He tutted, disappointed. Who was this Jason guy? He had beautiful hazel eyes and dirty blonde coloured hair, which was covered with a cap. He was wearing a hockey jersey with some black sweatpants. He rolled his eyes and smirked wickedly when he heard our teacher complaining. I happened to smile as well, I just couldn't help it. He took a seat next to me and then our professor told him to tell us about himself so he did.
"Ummm well... my name is Jason uhm... BIEBER and I used to live in Canada. I came here because it's the closest school from where I live in California." Jason said, his back hunched as it seemed that he wasn't used to the amount of attention he was getting. I chuckled when he said the last sentence, which made his gaze immediately turned to me. "What's wrong?" He asked, looking at me confused.
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