Dat A$$ 😱😏😂

So you see this guy, he's my lifesaver so before you open you're ugly mouth and start talking bullshitt about him..THINK.

Justin's idea is so awesome #bieberassigment <3

I AM LITERALLY GONNA DO THIS!!!!🙈🌸💕 who wants to join? Comment👇

I can't wait ♡ !!
#heartbreaker #bieberassigment

#bieberassigment #justinbieber #heartbreaker

OMG ! Guys this new album coming out this October means a lot ! So all u beliebers please help is repost this !! It means a lot to Justin to spread the word ! @justinbieber @awk0rauhl #bieberassigment !!

EVERYBODY GO BUY #heartbreaker on ITUNES ON OCTOBER 7💁 #bieberassigment

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