@paradisegarageracing does the @redkitecoaching boot camp. Are you ready for CX? #crossishere

Just another day here in Galicia. Asking my mate @javier.toledo.87 how many flat km’s we will have today ... and he answers that.. none ! #roadslikethese

Mohammed Izhaar (@cyclingacrossindia) 1000 days, 42000 kms of cycling.
Day 129:- Se la Pass, Frozen hands and drunk cyclist at peak. (Please read previous post). A soldier broke my trance and suggested I reach SSB(sashastra seema bal - An army wing meant to guard borders) canteen ahead. So I did. There was a similar environment. Everyone was crammed around a heater with fire. I was given a seat too. After a bit I thought it would be better to get down from this cold peak.
I took few pics there of the board saying I was at 13700ft above sea level. Till then I had no chance of using my phone. The soldiers were telling how it was record breaking rain. I had choosen a wrong day to ride I guess. The fog had hidden the magnificent views from me. I could only see the edge of the mighty sela lake.
I went down in that down pour with rain pelting on my face. Even my numb fingers would get hurt by those drops and my face started to freeze. I had a lingering headach in the left side which I thought was due to height.
A few loops down in the bad roads and there was a cafe. I stopped there for a tea. My hands were more happy at the chance of holding something warm. My immeadiate worry was, how am I going to pay her. Nope, Not that I didn't had money but it was deep inside my bag, in my purse. There was a rain cover to remove and ofcourse the bag. Two lamas came just then and when they realized I was from Mysore they got excited. "Oota aayta" one of them asked excitedly and I was shocked too but then they were from Kushalnagar. The older monk paid for me too and saying goodbyes just left. I was so numb that I couldn't even say thanks to him.
The road became even worse. In fact it was not a road but mud track. The rain made it even worse. The cycle would not even roll down in that slush and I had to pedal to unstruck it. Jang was quite far and at that speed I had doubts about reaching there in time. (Continues in the next post). #bikewander #cycletouring #biketour #biketravel #bicycletouring #cicloturismo #bicycletrip #travelbybike #adventurebybike #worldbybike #bikepacking #extremebucketlistindia #cyclinglife #pedlejourneys #pedalforever  #bicyclingmag #biketouringforever

Peace out work week, it’s the weekend🤙🏽

Back in the saddle for race time good times tomorrow at the Zuricrit! Pumped!

The new kits look pretty good 👌🏻 📸: @paradisegarage

Ready for Day 2 of the Kentucky Bike Walk Summit 2018! 🚴🏼‍♀️
There are SO many exciting bike things happening in our Kentucky communities right now.
We are lucky to be able to utilize The Legacy Trail at the Bourbon Country Burn each year, and it wouldn’t be possible without the people in this room. 😊

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