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👉 Salam berkat dari @damayantisilaban03 🙏😊
YESUS Berkata:"Akulah Jalan Dan Kebenaran Dan Hidup TIDAK ADA Seorang pun Yang Datang Kepada BAPA Kalau Tidak Melalui Aku". Loc: Taman Iman Sidikalang Sumatera Utara
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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ!🙏🏻
I pray that God greatly bless you with a wonderful Friday and a great weekend, in Jesus' Name, Amen 🙏🏻 ✝️🙏🏻
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Hebrews 5:8. Through His suffering on the cross, Jesus had His obedience tested. Though He could have easily gotten down off the cross, He knew He must suffer in order to obey God's will. Sometimes when we suffer, God is either teaching us obedience or testing our obedience. Sometimes we are not very obedient to God because we think our way is better than His so we rebel by doing what we want instead of what God tells us. When we become rebellious, God will give us some suffering to get our attention and make us aware that our rebellion is hurting us, and we need to restore our obedience to God. Other times, we are obeying God well, but He will test us by allowing us to suffer some. It is easy to obey God when everything is right, but when things get tough, it becomes much harder to obey God. When we endure pressure and adversity while maintaining our obedience, we become stronger in our obedience to God's will. If you are suffering, evaluate how obedient you are to God. If you are rebelling, quickly confess and restore your obedience. If you are obeying God, cling to your obedience and know that you are passing God's test and pleasing Him very much.

Normally for #fridayintroductions you introduce yourself, but who I am has been greatly shaped by the women around me. Their thoughts, input, and experiences are the launching pad for much of what I write.

With each of the women in this picture I've had conversations about theology and marriage and motherhood and femininity. We've laughed in my kitchen and camped out around a backyard fire and met for many a 6 AM morning walk. We've drawn our dreams on scraps of paper and watched them come to fruition. We've prayed together and cried together and complained together. Some of us are married, some are single, some are mamas - but stage of life doesn't matter, because we share the Better Part... our love for Christ.

I've never been much for #squadgoals because my "squad" is all around the world. My friends in PA and VA and FL speak as much into my life as those here in MI. But we also need that real life community. We need those people who look into our eyes across a table and know the truth - and don't just know it, but speak it. That is perhaps what I look for most in my closest friends, and what I've found in each of them: they are truth speakers, every one.

This doesn't happen by accident. When we moved back to MI I mourned leaving my PA community. But I also prayed for women like this, just as I prayed for them in Pennsylvania. I've found that God always answers a request for godly community, because that's what He's all about. So this Friday, let me introduce you to the possibility of real friendship, because it exists - and it can exist for you ❤️

Tag your godly #squad to let them know how much you love them!

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
- Psalms 121:2 #bible #bibleverse #dailybibleverse #trustingod #beliveingod #psalm #psalm121 #biblestudy #biblequotes

Sobre todo, oren a Dios en todo tiempo. Y cuando lo hagan, sean dirigidos por el Espíritu. Manténganse bien despiertos y vigilantes, y no dejen de orar por todo el pueblo santo de Dios. Efesios 6.18
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God wants to see our enemies praise his name. Pray for them.

Lord we pray that you would change our hearts and minds, help us to recognise Jesus as the ultimate King of everything that we do.

Mazmur 23:1-6
Mazmur Daud. TUHAN adalah gembalaku, takkan kekurangan aku. Ia membaringkan aku di padang yang berumput hijau, Ia membimbing aku ke air yang tenang; Ia menyegarkan jiwaku. Ia menuntun aku di jalan yang benar oleh karena nama-Nya. Sekalipun aku berjalan dalam lembah kekelaman, aku tidak takut bahaya, sebab Engkau besertaku; gada-Mu dan tongkat-Mu, itulah yang menghibur aku. Engkau menyediakan hidangan bagiku, di hadapan lawanku; Engkau mengurapi kepalaku dengan minyak; pialaku penuh melimpah. Kebajikan dan kemurahan belaka akan mengikuti aku, seumur hidupku; dan aku akan diam dalam rumah TUHAN sepanjang masa. .
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Romans 15:13

Last Saturday night 😍😍😍
Youth POUK Fellowship "... sesudah itu, barulah tiba kesudahannya"

Reff :
Matius 24:14
Yohanes 14:3
Wahyu 22:12
2 Timotius 4:8
2 Petrus 3:8-9
1 Tesalonika 4:16-17
2 Korintus 5:10
Wahyu 20:11


Philippians 1 : 6
being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

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