i got acrylic nails today and let me tell you issa struggle i have so much fucking food under my nails

The only prince I know 👑
My life is so busy at this moment my dear bamfiles I have no idea when I’ll be back but I promise I’ll eventually start updating as much as before again 😓 I’m still trying to post Daily Bam tho 💚 I miss you all

He looks exactly like a prince 👑
We love a prince
Thanks cr.

I’m soooo sooo sorry that I can’t update it’s really so sad 😞
But i’ve been busy with school and my birthday and you know spending time with my relatives
I hope I’ll soon be able to post more I love you BamFiles 💚
Thanks cr.

i love him sm

happy birthday jinyounggg ❤️❤️

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