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If it’s worth it, you will know. You feel it in your bones, your skin, your soul, your heart. Stay open and keep searching. Share your light and remember who you are. Stay humble, but proud of your life. Even in the darkest of days, we have the choice to live. To live as big as we can dream. And you are worth that. Every single second. 🙌🏼✨💕 #chooseyou #loveyourself #loveothers #light #fitmovement #butiyoga #butisattva #btribecanada #canadianyogi #yycyoga #bhujangasana

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Day 7️⃣ is #cobra or #bhujangasana
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Traditional texts say that bhujangasana increases body heat, destroys disease and awakens kundalini energy.
It’s a super #backstrengthening pose whilst stretching the chest, lungs, abdomen and shoulders.
However lack of strength in the sacrospinalis group, could result in over extending the lumbar. That’s why I teach this pose in stages starting with a modified #Sphinxpose .
My understanding of cobra is a back arch with hands on the floor below the shoulders and pelvis touching the ground, elbows bent. .
In my video I move into #kingcobra
There’s huge progress for me in this pose. Last year I was a good foot and half from my head. .
Mat: @liforme
Leggings: @yogaleggs .
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It's the day butterfly was accompanying me in yoga session, I unable stop myself to post this click
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It's Day 11 of #BalanceTheMind2018 and @Lainey11Yoga is our host, so please check with her to see what she's up to today!
If you aren't up for her #heartopener I'm giving you this #CobraPose option. It's a great prep pose for today's full expression.
Also, check with @fairyhealthylife for her awesome variation.

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For Cobra Pose:
*Try to keep your hips on the floor.
*Keep an even curve in your spine from tailbone to crown of head.
*Slide your shoulder blades together and relaxed them down.
*Keep your feet together (like it's your tail) with the tops of the feet pressed into the floor.
*Press firmly into the floor with your hands keeping your shoulders directly over your wrists.
*Elbows should be facing back and slightly bent.
*Keep your fingers wide and your weight in your palms.
*Stay within your own practice.
*Have a beautiful day. 🌞

I'm not in perfect form in this picture, but S'more the #coonhound was SO CUTE and she moved out of frame for the other shots, so I HAD to post this one! 🤗🐶 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #YogisOfInstagram #igyogafamily #yogafun #yogacommunity #igyoga #yogisofig #instayoga #outdooryogis #yogaoutdoors #yogawithdogs #dogsofinstagram #petsandyoga #natureappreciation #BalanceTheMind #Bhujangasana #iloveyoga #YogaChallenge #lovelife #yogalove

My next pose to share with you for my top ten yoga poses for strength, flexibility and a calm mind is #urdhvamukhasvanasana #upwardfacingdog. Builds strength in the back, triceps, glutes, hamstrings while stretching the hip flexors, quads, abdominals. When you are fearful to back bend or you notice your shoulders roll forward or hunch up, start with #bhujangasana #cobrapose first. As your back builds strength you will start to notice that you move in to other back bends with less fear.

力まない 心地よい場所を探る



Facing feelings to well up
feel the comfortable place

With the strength, it comes with nature from the axis of the body

keep practicing🙏

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Bhujangasana, also known as the Snake/Cobra Pose in English Language. Practising bhujangasana more often, strengthens the spine, stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen, firm the buttocks, remove lethargy relieve stress and fatigue and makes practitioner active.🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ Bhujangasana, znana również jako Snake / Cobra Pose w języku angielskim. Częściej ćwicząc bhujangasanę, wzmacniając kręgosłup, rozciągając klatkę piersiową, ramiona i brzuch, ujędrniając pośladki, usuwając letarg łagodzi stres i zmęczenie i sprawia, że ​​praktykujący jest aktywny.🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ #bhujangasana #yogapose #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogachallenge #practiceyoga #homeyogapractice #doyoga #transformation #yoga #practice #daily #practicenotperfection #practicedaily #progress#progressnotperfection #flexible #strong #inspiration #namaste #breathe #yogawoman #yogaman #power #polski #spiritual #instayoga #rotikiparkpark #tczew #pomorskie @rokitkipark

Cobra Pose ~ Bhujangasana: bhujanga = serpent, snake.

* Strengthens the spine.
* Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen.
* Firms the buttocks.
* Stimulates abdominal organs.
* Helps relieve stress and fatigue.
* Opens the heart and lungs.
* Soothes sciatica.
* Therapeutic for asthma.
* Traditional texts say that Bhujangasana increases body heat, destroys disease, and awakens kundalini.

Beginner's Tip:
Don't overdo the backbend. To find the height at which you can work comfortably and avoid straining your back, take your hands off the floor for a moment, so that the height you find will be through extension.

Modifications and Props:
If you are very stiff it might be better to avoid doing this pose on the floor. Brace a metal folding chair against a wall, and do the pose with your hands on the front edge of the seat, balls of the feet on the floor.

Deepen the Pose:
If you have the flexibility in the armpits, chest, and groins you can move into a deeper backbend. Walk the hands a little farther forward and straighten your elbows, turning the arms outward. Lift the top of the sternum straight toward the ceiling.

Contraindications and Cautions:
* Back injury.
* Carpal tunnel syndrome.
* Headache.
* Pregnancy.

Preparatory Poses:
* Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge pose.
* Urdhva Mukha Svanasana - Upward facing dog.
Follow-up Poses:
* Backbends #cobrapose #cobra #snake #surpent #bhujangasana #asana #yogapose #yoga #yogalove #yogashare #yogavibes #yogagirl #yogajourney #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #yogisofinstagram 🐍 🙏

This is very useful-- good form for cobra pose will help with your focus, flexibility and breath. #bhujangasana Photo: 🙏🏼💗 @yongxianyoga • Follow us @animee.eva.asana & join our community •

I recently posted a video, over on my Facebook page, from my very first yoga competition. The funny thing is now, today, years later, I could probably just stand up and roll out a better routine than I did that day. But since then I have spent so much more time with my practice, in my body, with the postures.
I had spent a significant amount of time training with an amazing group of inspiring yogis of all sorts of different abilities that dedicated their time to informing and progressing their own personal practices in this way.
I had the honour of doing that again recently. Spending time with some inspiring yogis making their way towards the championship (this September!). Found City Yoga​ is hosting this upcoming event and if you're interested in joining in please reach out!.
I know the words "yoga competition" can bring up all sorts of thoughts and feelings in the yoga-sphere and if they do for you, please let me know. I'd love to chat and or share more. <3

コブラのポーズ🐍🐍🐍 フェアリーを綿毛に乗せて飛ばしてみようかと思ったけれど…いや…
見た目にも心地良いと感じるところで留めておきます♪🌿🌿🌿 #折り紙#折り紙アート #折り紙作品#フェアリー#コブラのポーズ#たんぽぽ#綿毛#fairy#bhujangasana#dandelionfluff#origami

Cow Pose is the shape of the spine in all backbends. It's a common outdated alignment cue to tuck your pelvis or even your tailbone to lengthen the lower back in extensions. Instead tighten the abdominals - and I mean deeply engage at lower belly, ribs, and throat - for stability, and move the backbend through the whole spine using the deep spinal muscles - the multifidus - like a zipper of strength around each vertebra, with extra engagement in the upper back.

Backbends feel good - that is, integrated, powerful, and free - when your front core resists so that you have to use your back muscles to bend. Watch how I keep the strength of Cat Pose in my abdomen, and move my spine into Cow Pose one vertebra at a time starting at the lowest. Then notice I continue pointing my tailbone up in Locust Pose, just like in Cow Pose, which is why I can lift so high. I then rock back into Cobra Pose with that deep core stability on both sides of my spine, extending energy from the diaphragm evenly through the tailbone and crown.

Intrigued? Will explore this and so much more in my ALIGNMENT MINI-IMMERSION, which begins next Saturday! See Link in bio for more details.

This is an elbows bent version of cobra pose. And, let's be honest, most of the time most of us are working with the elbows bent in this pose. Why? Because to straighten the arms requires a much much deeper backbend in the upper back (see BKS Iyengar in the second photo in this post) that takes a lot of opening and warming up for most people to even approach. In cobra pose keep your pubic bone down on the floor. With your pelvis grounded, you will be able to move the backbend more into your upper (rather than lower) back. Also, many people's shoulders will tend to sneak up towards their ears in this pose. This will block the upper back backbend (tending to force the lower back to have to bend more) and crunch the neck as well as tense the trapezius muscles (which most of us already overwork). In this photo, I'm working with the legs together, which is the classical form of the pose (in Light on Yoga). Can you see how hard my feet are working? My toes are flaring out to the sides to help engage the feet and legs and squeeze the ankles and lower legs in to provide support and a strong foundation for this pose. Many times people's feet sickle and their ankles splay out, this will tend to narrow the lower back, making it more susceptible to crunching in cobra. Working with the legs hip width apart is a great way to give your lower back more space, but you will still need to work your feet and legs just as hard. Keep the back of your neck long (think of lengthening out of the top back of your head) as you start to take your head back.
Questions about cobra? Let me know what you're working with and I'll see what I can do to help!
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