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This was fun.

People often wonder why there is so much bloodshed in the Mahabharata. How can God condone so much death during his lila ? How can Shri Krishna preside over so many battles in the Mahabharata? Many say that why did Krishna cause the death of so many. Many say it's simply not good for having allowed so many warriors to die in his presence. Even Gandhari admonishes Krishna for not having stopped the war with his divine powers. We need to understand that universal lila of the divine can be very difficult for us to understand. We need to understand that divine view looks at the good of the universe rather than the needs of the individuals. Shri Krushna’s objective for the war was very clear. He wanted to establish ‘Dharma Rajya’. Removal of adharma was key to achieving Dharma Rajya. You can not afford to have a single drop of poison in your food. Liberals may argue that 'it’s only a single drop’, but a rationalist will warn you that even a single drop of poison will ruin the food and will kill you ! For Dharma to be established, Adharma, in all its guises, had to be removed. Establishing Dharma was the sole purpose of Krishnavatar. During the era of the Mahabharata, earth was burdened with evil, greedy, unscrupulous rulers. Powerful men and their arrogant armies constantly warred, making the Earth unhappy. Men plundered earth’s resources as if it was their right to exploit it for their benefit. Earth requested Shri Vishnu’s help in alleviating her pain. Being the protector of the universe, Shri Vishnu was able to maneuver karmic bonds and debts around to bring right people in to the picture at the right time to 'make things happen’. Like a catalyst, he can speed up or slow down events sufficiently to achieve the desired results. Karma is not negated, it is simply ‘adjusted’ to speed up delivery of karmic results. Krishna s lilas are not to be studied upon so as to know about him ~ simple way to understand him is to immerse yourself in the magic of his love and surrender. ✨👁🕉🐚🌷 repost @shiva_trance 🎨 artwork abhishek art 🎨✨🙏 #harekrishna

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art 🥗🍚🍰 #cooking #blessed #eatwell #eat #revolution #meditate #spiritual #bhakti #philosophy #nutrition #soul

I was going to get the tattoo, but then I found the shirt and figured, it'll do. ❤️✌️🌈

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|| वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ । निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ||
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Y si no es mañanera, vale IGUAL! Cuando decidí centrarme más en el yoga me obligaba a meditar. Abrfff ya no pienso igual!!! Para nada. Llega tu momento. Llegará. Ahora me sale meditar esperando que se ponga el sol, en el bus o más típico... en la playa. NO te fuerces, todo llegará. No eres menos yogui por no levantarte 15' antes! Quiérete tal como fluyes, esto también es #Ahimsa!

And if it is not in the morning, it is the SAME! When I decided to focus more on yoga, I was forcing me to meditate. Asncmejzkfiejsndj I don't think the same now!!! Not at all. Your time will come. Sure. Now I'm eager to meditate waiting for the sunset, on the bus or more typical ... on the beach. Don't force yourself, everything will come. You aren't less yogi for not getting up 15min before! Love yourself as you are, this is also #Ahimsa!

As I rest in my birthday bliss, this image pretty much sums up how I feel: As If I am wrapped in wings of Grace & pure LIGHT ⭐️
From morning to night, I was blessed with wishes from around the world, feeling so grateful for my global family, and the family that sits nearby, in this space I call home. Thank you Vancouver.
Thank you @clararobertsoss for the most delicious birthday practice and to all those who came to practice with me, birthday Bhakti style @thedharmatemple, your presence was the greatest gift. And, a very special shout out to my sister @susienewson who came all the way across the seas 🐬, just for me.
As I sit in this wake of another new year, I am calling in Joy, Love, Stability, Softness, Expansion, Collaboration, Growth, Guitars, Surf Boards & Hawaiian 🌺 Beaches...Stay tuned for the many adventures to come and may we remember, to have and to hold each other's backs, no matter near or far. So much love to all of you!
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"The Nine Stages of Bhakti Yoga - Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu" By Shri Roop Goswami.

1. Sraddha: Faith.
2. Sadhu-sanga: Association with
3. Bhajana-Kriya: Performance of devotional practices.
4. Anartha Nivrtti: Decreasing of unwanted attachments.
5. Nistha: Steadiness.
6. Ruchi: Taste.
7. Asakti: Attachment.
8. Bhava: Love.
9. Prema: Pure love for God.

In the beginning, one must have a “Shrddha” a preliminary desire for God realization. This means an individual’s eager desire leads one to be in the company of a God realized Saint which is called “Sadhu Sanga”, in order to learn the methods of spiritual practices for God-realization alone and for no other purpose. In the next stage, one follows the instructions of a spiritual master and begins the process of “Bhajan-Kriya”, devotional practices like
Listening, Singing and Chanting the Qualities of God with his mind. By execution of devotional practises, one becomes free from all material attachment (”Anartha Nivritti”), attains “Nishtha” i.e steadiness, and thereafter acquires a “Ruchi”, taste for hearing about Sri Krishna. This taste leads one further forward to attachment for Krishna called “Asakti”, which is matured in “Bhava”, or the preliminary stage of transcendental love of God where one develops an intense longing for his Beloved Lord. Here a devotee, doesn’t wastes his time, even for the twinkling of an eye without being constantly engaged in his Bhajans. He sometimes feels the presence of Krishna near him, and is drowned in the stream of ecstasy (the menifestation of “Satvik Bhao”). Last Stage is called “Prema”, Pure (Real) love for God. the highest perfectional stage of life where the Spiritual Master bestows his special mercy and grace to his completely surrendered disciple and give him “Prema”. So, by the process of devotional service, under the guidance of the spiritual master, one can attain the highest stage of divine bliss, being freed from all material attachment. Then thereafter one can ultimately reach to the abode of the Supreme Lord, “Golok Dham” to serve God.
More: www.brajrasik.org
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#YinYang ☯️ Dark-Bright. Balance. Interconnectedness.
Experience it on your #yoga mat 2NITE #NicoleYoga WEDs 6:00pm • #SLC #Utah 🙏

We struggle with change, we seek happiness, we try our best to avoid pain... but it comes anyway. It comes to show us that actually this place isn't our home. It whispers to us the silent message, "seek deeper". .

If we are caught up in the current of life, chasing our feelings and following every fleeting desire, we will be deeply affected by gain and loss, success and failure, happiness and distress. We want success! We want happiness! Though these experiences we chase in this world are merely one side of a double sided coin. If we want one, we will inevitably experience the other side too. .

We think the point of this life is to gain status, be happy, become successful. We immerse ourselves in the world of duality thinking we will find something sustainable, something we can count on... though the world keeps on moving, life keeps on changing, and people keep dying.

We then realize how fleeting this world really is! We don't want to die... because we know deep down that, by Nature, we are eternal. .

Death doesn't fit that paradigm. .
"Seek deeper", the voice silently whispers. Seek deeper.


Govindam ādi-puruṣaḿ tam ahaḿ bhajāmi.
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FREE pop-up yoga class ⠀
w @michaelfranti + @bhakti_yogastef

5:30pm tonight before his show @majestictheatredallas

Main Street Garden Park

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On #urbanretreat and being #blessedup by #baul #guru #parvathybaul connecting to our #innerguru. During the #eclipse we meditated, then swirled in this #urban #foresthouse and closed and cleansed what needed closing and last night on the #newmoon she gifted her #sacredsound #meditation and #sadhana for so many here in #toronto #thesix #tkaranto. #blessedlife #sadhana #bhakti #ancestors #vibeup #vibes #vibration #vibrationalhealing #innerjourney #gratitude

"Oh Kabir, why be afraid of anyone when the Lord himself protects you? What does it matter if a thousand dogs bark ferociously when you are seated on an elephant?" #yoga #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #aysp #aysphiladelphia #mysorestyle #youtakeit #tapas #bhakti #upenn #drexel #philadelphiayoga #phillyyoga #phillyareayoga

"Si prácticas yoga una vez por semana cambias tú mente
Si prácticas yoga dos veces por semana cambias tú cuerpo
Si prácticas yoga todos los días
Cambias tú vida" #yogalove #yoga #sadhana #meditacion #asana #meditation #cuerpo #mente #espiritu #union #bhakti #devocion

With best peoples 🙈😋😍

Learnings from my little friend 🐿 on the left:
1. Find nice spot. It can be anywhere. The point is right here and now is great.
2. Sit in silence. Although listening to Krishna Das may help 😁 🕉.
3. Meditate or contemplate nature.

Now, can you feel the love?

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