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i don't know how to explain this.
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Fight me for this but I love Danielle bregoli because 1. Hi Bich is my jam and also because of how real she is like I understand some of y'all find her rude and mean but that was in the past, she doesn't really get involved in drama now and I actually pretty like her.

#bhadbhadie #daniellebregoli #cashmeoutsidegirl

she ain’t nothing like these heaux 💁🏽 [@thereallyricmichell #younglyric #lyric #therapgame #bhadbhadie]

Суть в звёздах и музыке. А ещё ассоциации. Это видео останется здесь.
Все от безумного счастья в душе. #bhadbhadie #bhadbhabieneedstobehacked #allforlove #song#singing

#XXXTentacion and #TrippieRedd vibin' to #BhadBhadie 👀🔥

i know you heard me the first time 🙄😂
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I Told Y'all Ngz.. But More Important' than that.. I SHOWED y'all Ngz (theNEWAtlanticRecords) BBS, BBC, #TeamGREEN, #GoodMMoneyMMusicCollection, #TBz TripleBz AtlanticRecordsTAKEOVER #BOSSYoLifeUpGANG #BhadBhadie WeBEENHere youLATE!!! #CatchUP

More of the lights from last night(: Also got that @bhadbhabie playing(: fire cuz she speak from her mind. Unlike these rhyming ass ppl w/ autotune. I fucks w/ u 😜 #morechristmaslights #bhadbhadie

BHAD BHABIE I Got It Official Music video Danielle Bregoli Reaction (#linkinbio)

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I ain’t nothin like these hoes, don’t compare me to no one 🎼 #bhadbhadie #lyricflow #selfie

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{I actually wanted to post this yesterday(Wednesday) but my phone wasn’t loading it haha ugh..}. Someone please give me an Inhaler omg, he’s so hott🤤🔥 Enjoy the musicallys from September - think he looks v hot in them🤷🏻‍♀️🖤 @miguelalesilvva & wow he’s already at 51.1K lord fuckk #crustys #myhappiness #hot #miguelalesilvva #alejandrosilva #perfection #tumblr #tanamongeau #bhadbhadie #musically

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I’m coming at y’all with lots of tea basically Perez Hilton and malu are now friends wow if you guys don’t know he made a reaction to Danielle’s music video and let’s just say they don’t get along so he is on Malu side smh irrelevant ass -quan and also she is coming out with her own emojis 🤦🏽‍♂️

Basically a guy named gio he is spitting facts about malu and Zach another person from musically agreed I guess they both don’t like malu🤷🏾‍♂️ -quan

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yess this song slayss
song: hi bish by danielle bregoli (bhad bhadie)🎶

Mhm -quan

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Y’all remember when Vicky said she was gonna have a baby um where is it?? -quan

Smh already she’s only 15
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@malutrevejo @malutrevejo @malutrevejo @malutrevejo

💀😂 Should we start making more malu pregnant photos? -quan

Your not crying in this video either if your grandma is really sick prayers to her but if your lying your just plain evil smh @malutrevejo -quan

Is she gonna make a go fund again so she can get something that she couldn't afford on her own?🤔 What you guys think is she gonna get something like a new phone for this lie

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