SO EXCITED FOR FALL YALL!!! I’ve got so many ideas in store ⚡️💙💪🏻 #bgsuchaarg #chaarg #chaargboltbabes

Guys, I went parasailing for the first time ever today! It was amazing and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do such an awesome thing! This vacation is just what I needed!
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Lately I’ve been IN LOVE with workouts @ home! I get to sleep in longer + i can still get an awesome workout in! How’s everyone’s Bootycamp going!? Keep crushing it girls! 💙💪🏽

i said it before + i'll say it again: concerts are my cardio🤘
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it was finally cool enough to go for a nice run! ended up running 5 miles, which is something i never though i could ever do!! i’m feeling so great, strong, and proud of myself 🤗 #bgsuchaarg

Today’s cardio left me absolutely DEAD! 15 minutes of sprints then 15 minutes on the stair master #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec #hiit

2.38 mile walk completed 💥
I’m telling myself something is better than nothing and although I’m not necessarily following the fitplan, I am being active. And that’s good enough for me for the time being. #bgsuchaarg #inchaarg

Resting beach face 😎
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I have been super down on myself lately because I didn’t really accomplish a single goal I set this summer. The only goal I did accomplish was being able to see muscle growth. I went up 5 pounds on the scale and I have been working to accept it. Fluctuation happens. Do I look how I wanted to look? No. But It is a journey and a lifestyle. Not a race. I promised myself i would lose weight the healthy way and I lost sight of that a few months ago. I was taking supplements that hurt my health and hating myself if I ate a cookie. I’m definitely changing that. It’s time to start loving myself again! #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec #pushday

I’ve been slacking but getting active however I can! Today was a 2 mile walk with my dog 💛
Something is better than nothing! #bgsuchaarg #inchaarg

Throwback to that one day I wasn’t stressed about school work! #bgsuchaarg #chaargexec

I didn’t take a picture at the gym today so this will do 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Sara’s getting married next year which means I should probably get my life together and start hitting the gym consistently again 😅 chest and shoulders today and half way through I could feel my muscles twitching.

i'm declaring myself the queen of 10 minute pre-work workouts 👑
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there are so many CHAARGies that inspire + motivate me, but here are a few that have really lifted my heart up over the past year ++ deserve a little #bgsuchaargSCS shoutout [go give them a follow!]
@jessica.a_inchaarg is such an understanding + compassionate human being!! she always steps into other people's shoes + is an amazing #CHAARGexec because of that.
@elainegray_inchaarg is such a yoga rockstar + through her #inCHAARG insta she's helped strengthen my faith in myself as a yogi ++ my faith in god. hope i get to meet you in person one day!
@kristenwinger_inchaarg is such a beautiful soul + one of the most genuine people i know. she's in the business of lifting up everyone around her ++ she's freakin hilarious too.
@leeshlifts is a total badass + i just love how much she emphasizes the importance of becoming stronger rather than focusing on getting skinnier. her perspective on strength is such a healthy influence on #BGSUCHAARG girls.
@leanna_inchaarg is a force to be reckon with. i was blessed to have her in my group at retreat + am constantly inspired by how motivated she is to work for what she wants.
@taysauer_inchaarg is an amazing advocate for mental health + it's relationship with physical health. i always love reading what she has to say on her #inCHAARG insta + am following some super inspiring people in the mental health + fitness world because of her.

Mondays ~ I first fell flat on my stomach after trying + trying + trying to get to this point! I had an awesome video on loop but since it was a Live Photo—insta isn’t down to share 😢 Sorry for the lack of laughs 😂

#sweatyselfie after a 5:45AM workout at a new studio! So happy to be finally getting my shit together before the summer’s over! #bgsuchaarg

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
- Abraham Lincoln -

Coming home to a broken AC unit last night and the poopy diaper Mads had at Church this morning were enough to make a grown man cry, but we just rolled with the punches today. 🙃

Seriously, life is WAY too short to let that kind of stuff upset you. Am I right? Especially when you figure out your neighbor can fix the AC unit with just a $40 part and you can strip the clothes off the toddler and hose ‘em down. 🙌

Choose joy through it all, girlfriend. Because no one else can choose it for you! Am I right?

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