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The closer I get to show day the more I start get nervous and start second guessing myself. I think it is totally normal, but sometimes you think you should farther ahead than you are, even though it may not be true. I was going through some old pictures and found the photo on the left. It was about 1-2 weeks out from my show last year. The photo on the right was taken about 2 weeks out from this 2017 season. Can we please just appreciate the BOOTY GAINS!!!! Not only am I leaner this time around, but my legs and glutes do not even compare!! I've worked so hard in the last 6-7 months to build my glutes and it is showing...I can't wait to see where I am at on show day!! | BE CONSISTENT, good things will happen |

Would you believe there is only about 2 months difference in these photos?! Everyday people tell me they could NEVER do what I do. I usually tend to laugh and tell them they may surprise themselves if they tried. Yes, bodybuilding is an EXTREME and towards the end most competitors are tired and hungry, it's just the nature of the sport. You don't have to go all crazy on a competitors diet to lose weight, in fact, it is not healthy for a long period of time! The biggest thing holding people back is either self control or discipline, you have to know when to say NO! Yes I would love to eat pizza and hamburgers everyday, but I know how I feel when I eat like that daily.... like a big pile of 💩 not everyone will understand your journey and that's okay! This should only be done for you and no one else. Let them think you are obnoxious or constantly ridicule your food, at the end of the day you'll be SATISFIED and that much closer to your personal goals! Im constantly surprising myself everyday of how much effort and discipline has gone into this prep. At the end of the day, win or lose, I know I put my heart into this!! NEVER SETTLE

Tonight's shoulder pump brought to you by #megawattv2 and #bforcefit | I've always wanted big, capped shoulders and my progress is so motivating!! I can't say this enough, but be consistent. The results will come you just have to put in that work!! 💯💪🏽

I've been putting so much work into this prep and it's paying off! Trust the process... & your coach. • N E V E R S E T T L E •

Okayyyy so let's be honest, I said I needed a mental break from the idea of competing and I took one for about 3 months. Then decided that if I don't just freakin do it I'll regret it for A L L eternity💀 ....so here I am about 7 weeks out ready to kick some A S S! #cantevermakeupmymind #fitness #fitmom #igfit #ljfitness #belleforcefitness #bforcefit #naturalathlete #npcbikini #npcdebut #timetogetshreddy

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