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Fixing her craving for cake~ #bflife #justfollow #lovenotwar #happygfhappylife Eeee got animals in our drink~

More “behind the scenes” at Beaux Frères! Successful grafts are a union between a scion (a shoot; Coury and Wadensvil clones, in our case) and a rootstock (we’re using a type called 3309). We are currently culling grafts, a step that comes after they have rested in a dark and humid greenhouse at 85F for 2-3 weeks. This resting should encourage the callusing of xylem tissue (a transport tissue that moves water and nutrients from roots to shoots) around the graft site. The callus is simply the plant healing itself (like a permanent bandage or scar) around where the scion and rootstock were merged.
If the graft fails, it is likely due to the scion and rootstock not matching up evenly. In that case, the graft is bad and the vine won’t live. In this stage, a good success rate is 90-95%. We aren’t quite there yet, but we’re getting close!
Out of the callusing boxes we grade the vines (A or B) based on the percentage of visual callusing around the entire perimeter of the cambium (the woody exterior). We then place them in pots by grade with heated beds for a month, longer if they are B grade. This develops healthy roots. “A” grade vines will root out and produce buds within the month and are most likely to succeed. They will be planted in the incubator vineyard soonest. “B” grade (less than 50% callusing around the cambium) will stay in the greenhouse longer to see if they make the cut for the field. By immersing ourselves in the process, we are able to more intimately connect with our passion - producing the most authentic expression of Oregon Pinot Noir. #bflife #beauxfreres #oregonwine #pinotnoir

She's happy because I take good candid photos of her 😁
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future world traveler, currently being a professional sleeper😴

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so much love for this one👯💗

Just hanging with my favourite Kiwi @luke.kiwi #lovinlife #bflife #rebelscum #forthefans

Six months in this new life, with this new incredible being. If I knew how much more myself I would become through this experience I would have done it sooner! I feel more exhausted yet stronger then I ever knew I was. Tonight Ora will get some goats milk formula so I can try to sleep a little more and be the best mommy I can be. I'm worried I will miss these dark circles and these days that melt into nights in our love nest. So grateful for all of it.


When your baby is too distracted at a birthday party and then you come home... And leak thru 2 shirts and a bra 😂 #momlife #thisisreallife #bflife

Fixing her craving for cake~ #bflife #justfollow #lovenotwar #happygfhappylife Eeee got animals in our drink~

Palačinkové úterý v práci ☺️
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Božíí darčeky, najlepší kolegovia ever! #happy #mybirtday #chilli #chillitea #chillibrani #bflife #topteam

Snack time wile running #momlife #bflife

She's happy because I take good candid photos of her 😁
#vangogh #bflife

Er vanskelig å vekke meg noen ganger visst. #bflife

Sunset No.1 🌄 #bflife #rfp2017 #skyporn #sunset

Medziuniverzitna spolupraca 🤘 #bflife #rfp2017 #purespiritparty

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