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Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend! #weekendchill #mamalove #maiamodamom

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It's awesome to see a supportive partner.
When you have an amazing support system ❤️ Couldn’t have found anyone better to share my life with. My husband knows how beneficial and amazing breastfeeding is, not just infant stages but even through toddlerhood! Get his shirt at www.imthepacifier.com They wash so good and stay in this condition. @im_the_pacifier #amazinghubby #amazingsupport #lovehim #toplutoandback #supportbreastfeeding #allnatural #veganfamily #lifestyle

How do you know your baby is hungry?

Your baby is able to communicate early by using his body. Moving his body, sticking his tongue out/licking his lips, putting his hands in his mouth, turning his head from side to side; which is called rooting, and then after all of this he begins to cry.
The cry is intense because it's supposed to get your attention. Mom's body is wired to respond. This is why some moms milk leaks when they hear a baby cry. Or they might feel anxious at the sound of a baby's cry.
Getting to baby before he cries will make latch easier and less frustrating for both mom and baby. If baby is already upset, put him into skin to skin until he is calmer and then try latch.
What questions do you have about your baby's hunger cues?

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Y'all @mrspatels is the truth! If your breast milk supply is low @mrspatels is the way to go. Tell her kurlylocks2.0 sent you. Pump all of this in one sitting

we've restocked #breatbuddies in the shop! the perfect companion to remind you which side you're due to nurse from so your mama brain can rest. #nursingreminder #breastfeeding #bfing #breastfeedingmama #nursingwear #breastmilk #mombrainisreal #ygk #ygkmama #ygkfamily #shopsmall #shoplocal #ygk #yyz #chicbambini

Got milk? Thanks to @mrspatels salted caramel white lactation bars, Ethan does.

This week we're featuring mama @crystal_dyane
"My let downs are usually an oz or two the most. Almost 4 oz on a let down since I ate a Fenugreek Bar!"
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Double layered and double the fun! I love getting my daily antioxidant boost for the day with this handcrafted herbal treat. Dark chocolate sprinkled with gorgeous flakes of sea salt top a mouth watering layer of vanilla-infused caramel. Oh yes.

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"So much power in one bar 😍 my absolute favorite lactation product is @mrspatels lactation bars! Wanna know the best part?! They come in gluten free & vegan!!! YAY!"
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Each of our Fenugreek Bars are approximately 5% fenugreek and offer about 500-550mg of fenugreek, the rough equivalent to 1 pill. We use a culinary quantity for all our herbs, which means you are not taking them in highly concentrated dosages. We believe food is medicine and the very best way for a body to fully absorb nutrients, minerals and the power of herbs is to digest them through food.

This guy just won't stay still! Swipe to see him on the move.
Love nursing in this mauve muscle tank. It's so easy and provides great coverage. Pair it up with a cardigan or our cropped hoodie. Head to link in bio or imthepacifier.com to grab yourself one. #ImThePacifier

Scientific for sure 😂

We're continuing our mission to spread awareness of breastfeeding children with congenital heart defects (CHD) during this #heartmonth! Big thanks to Marissa, Durga, Amy, Liz, Christiana, Hayley, Michelle, Priscella, and Doriana for sharing your precious babies and stories with us!

This group of strong Babes have nursed and pumped their way through difficult diagnoses sometimes with multiple defects, NICU and PICU stays, open heart surgeries, invasive procedures, multiple hospital and office visits, pressure to supplement and/or fortify their breastmilk (or skim their breastmilk, in one Babe's case!), and many other challenges. All of this, on top of the "normal" stress and hormonal fluctuations that come from being a mama to a brand new baby.

Not all heroes wear capes - some of us ARE heroes, and some of us gave birth to ours.


Good morning & Welcome to this safe space for African American expectant and breastfeeding families! We will discuss your pressing questions and concerns while accompanying you through your journey of feeding your genius baby with the best milk in town!
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How are you doing this morning?

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Some yummy and nutritious food for lunch today . I made a huge salad bowl 🥗 with everything in it 💜. Of course, instead of desert I’m having one of @mrspatels lactation bars. Even though in theory you’re supposed to have them in the morning, sometimes I forget and I eat one during the day. Helps me keep my energy and supply up and gives me an excuse to have a sweet treat 🤭😬🤱💪 .The super easy and delicious dressing is from @pinchofyum .Thank you for the food inspiration!💜


Did you know there are certain foods that can help to promote a healthy supply of breastmilk? They're called ✨galactagogues✨ You'll find some of them in herbal teas for nursing mamas, like FLOW by @thehonestleaf , and in our Yummy Mama Granola - pecans and oats are both perfect for supporting breastfeeding mamas. Tenth Moon supports ALL new moms, however they choose to feed their bubs. Yummy Mama is also a super nutrient-dense meal or snack to support any new mother's needs, replenishing the body postpartum 💛 So go on and dig in!
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"Anytime, anywhere 🍼
Now that I’m back to work Mr. B gets bottles while I’m away, luckily I’ve been using @mrspatels products to give my milk supply the extra boost it needs so I can pump regularly." .
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A sneaky peek at part of our spring summer collection launching on the first of March! Watch this space.....⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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This shirt suits her perfectly ❤️”no one like me”
High heels , yoga pants and a unicorn 🦄
You be you👊🏻

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