#bfffbf 1999... when it wasn't a party until you got your hair cornrowed in East Brunswick, put on your best Polo Sport gear, and posed for pictures in front of your mom's fireplace. New Years Eve 1998/1999. Club Abyss. Page 2 is the award you presented me with for throwing a temper tantrum and hitting your Ford Taurus with my Monte Carlo @trishfeeney 😂😭😢❤

#bfffbf errbody needs a friend that's a year and a half ahead of them in Crazy 😜.

Howwwww could I have forgotten about these gems..... #tbt #bfffbf

Reading club is cool. Being friends for your whole life is cooler. @ill.iam #BFFfbf #henryandmudge

Tuhan telah mengizinkan aku menghabiskan masa remajaku dengannya, sekarang aku berdoa semoga Tuhan mengizinkan aku menua bersamanya😊 .

Wishing the hApPiEsT of BiRtHdAyS to this youngster @kaylala27 🖤🖤🖤 ily and I'm grateful to have you as my friend #sushidate #mybodyguard #BFFFBF 😂🖤🎂🎉

Gewoon bier met vrienden = speciaal bier.

#fbf @shelbsiwin we were babies here! 18 and living in a little vista apartment, thinking we knew it all and that we were total bad asses with our extremely sketch fake I.d.'s 😎😜😂 #bfffbf #fromOhioandPennsylvania

Kelsey appreciation post cause I miss her a lot ❤️ #BFFfbf

#bfffbf space boy is now space man and space girl is now german.

💠👭🎈 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mandylevy !!!!! to loosely misquote Timberlake - you my mirror, girl, ily #fbf #bfffbf 🎈🎂💠

👯 #bfffbf

Happy Birthday, Madeline! There are so many great photos and memories I wanted to post, here's just a couple 😊 I'm so thankful God has blessed me with such an amazing and fun person to grow up with and call my friend. I couldn't ask for a better person to have by my side for the past 17 years! You radiate God's love and joy to everyone that has the privilege of meeting you and I'm so proud of all that you're accomplishing. Thanks for all the laughs, late night talks, trips to wendys, hannah montana jam sessions, and years of friendship. Love you so much crepes, I hope you ate lots of cake today ❤️❤️🎉

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