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Passions have been fascinating me lately. We ALL have something that lights us up and sets our soul on fire!

Something we could spend hours upon hours doing and never want to stop.

Something that makes us feel alive... but how many of us actually do that thing... often!! It had been YEARS since I’ve actually done the thing I am most passionate about.

I was caught up in what I thought I should do, instead of just doing what I LOVE to do.

My greatest PASSION is writing. Creating characters and spending hours getting lost in creating other worlds.
When I was a kid, ALL I wanted was to be an author but along the way I started to doubt myself and tell myself it wouldn’t happen for me. I wasn’t special enough.

But why NOT me. I am putting everything I have, into writing right now and it feels so good and exciting!!! What is YOUR biggest passion?!?! 😘
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Quando percebemos que a felicidade está dentro de nós e cessamos a busca por motivos para ser feliz, tudo fica mais leve.
Agradeça hj, amanhã e todos os dias!!
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Az elegancia önbizalmat ad! És ha magabiztos vagy, bármit elérhetsz!

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• • • • •
I am captured here by the wondrous sights
Sunlit daytime and starry nights.
The lake it looks so perfect in the this light
Wait until evening it’s a beautiful sight
The crystal waters run so clear
It so enchanting this time of year.
Grab a cardigan and stay out doors
The stars are about to do their tours.
Dancing in the moonlit lake
Watch it as it evaporates.
The night sky falls like a blanket of darkness
Wrapping around the mountains like a carpet.
Softly covering all of the ground , ready for the sun to cascade down.
The moon then slowly disappears
Look again the sun is finally here
Rising up all golden and bright
Bringing with it our daylight. ❤️ Heather Hennessy-Smith #myitalianlife #lakeside #spring #selfie #selfienation #blueeyes #blueeyesdarkhair #niftyatfifty #sugarandspice #itselfie #italianselfiecar #selfiemamma #beyourselfie #beyourownkindofbeautiful

Are you someone who second guesses everything you do and is so paranoid about how it’s going to come across to other people?
That was me!! (And still is some days if I’m being 💯 percent honest.)
“Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.”
Remind yourself of this daily!
I was so afraid of becoming a coach and posting motivational messages, flexing photos, workout videos, and sharing my story on social media.
I was paranoid my friends and family would get annoyed with the sweaty selfies and think I had completely lost my mind.
I’m 30 years old - selfies are girls who are half my age that are trying to be cute and sassy, right? (Insert Snapchat duckface filter here 🤷🏻‍♀️😜)
My side hustle is health and fitness coaching, but my primary profession is at a construction management company.... yeah.... CONSTRUCTION. ⠀⠀
That means I work with a lot of men. Just another reason I told myself that I SHOULDN’T do this. ⠀⠀
Yesterday I posted about how I used to live small. I settled in many areas of my life, until one day I decided enough was enough. Life is too short to settle. Life is too short to do anything that doesn’t make your heart beat with excitement.
I am so passionate about helping people on their health and fitness journey. I love the impact a workout program and an accountability group can have on a person’s life.
To me, if my posts and sweaty photos inspire someone to make a change in their life - even if it’s just one person - it’s totally worth the possible naysayers.
Besides, anyone who is going to criticize me for something I share from the heart... I don’t want them in my life anyway. It’s just a way for me to weed out my friends list, right? 😉
So my message today is if you find something that makes you happy, something that makes you excited, and full of passion, then do it. I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if other people approve or not. Remember, their opinions of you are none of your business.
So go out and share your own journey. Live for the moments that allow you to impact others and, above all else, always be YOU!! 💗
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