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Embrace Differences 🙌🏽 #different #beyourselfalways

light is easy to love.✨
show me your darkness.🌒

I need to say this and I’m very serious about this statement.
People can be very cruel and often at times don’t even realize how harsh their words can be.
I’ve had many people mock me, make fun of me, laugh behind my back, chuckle, make rude comments and single handedly try to bring me down daily when I first decided to go against the norm and build a very unconventional business.
It still happens today but maybe not as much.
But it’s happening a lot lately to new team members on our team.
This is the thing.
People are quick to criticize others on something they have zero success in and credible knowledge about.
But unfortunately this happens every single day. People’s own negative opinions that are perceived based off their own reality does NOT mean it needs to be yours.
People will try to bring people down and I’m here to tell you don’t let them get to you.
Haters will hate. The struggles they are dealing with are taken out on you. It’s not you. It’s them.
I always say bless and release. I pray for those so they can feel better.
But here is my truth. If I let the nay sayers become my reality then:

Kristen wouldn’t of been able to leave her full time teaching career to be home with our girls.
We would still be 6 figures in debt.
I wouldn’t be looking at retirement in the foreseeable future.
We wouldn’t of traveled the world on some awesome vacations.
We wouldn’t of met some of the most positive people in our life.
We wouldn’t be able to pay cash for the multiple vacations we took our girls on.

We would still have two car payments.
We would still have student loans.
We wouldn’t be putting money away monthly for our daughters college.
So in the end you do you! If you have that vision then put in the work and don’t let the negative noise get to you.
It will be there. But you have a choice on how to proceed. Success has a price.
But in this case I recommend you bless and release.
Keep moving forward. This is your life. Your journey. Your goals. Your dreams. Be you. #beyourselfalways #ownit #haterswillhate #motivateyourself

You CAN! .
Stop listening to that mean girl in your head! Stop giving her space to freely take over your thoughts! Her number one job is to bring you down, to keep you from succeeding, to make you feel less! .
But, YOU my beautiful friend know better. You know you ARE better! Stop her in her tracks and prove her wrong! Because YOU CAN!
Before I was a lifestyle coach, my mean girl would always talk me out of things. She would tell me all the worst case scenarios and fill me with so much doubt and fear. No, she’s not completely gone and she still has her breakthrough moments....But I’ve definitely been able to silence her and prove to her that I CAN be a successful part-time lifestyle coach, I CAN work full-time as a counselor. I CAN reach my fitness goals and have self control with sweets. I CAN be a loving & supportive wife, Aunt, friend...and I can control my life and make it what I want! This opportunity had changed my life in more ways than physically, and I’m ever so grateful! .
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Whether you're trying to save the environment 🌍🌳🌊...
Or just trynna save your pits.
I've got you covered!!!
I did a full trial on the feared natural deodorant 😱😋.
And I'm lovin it !!!!
It took some time to get used to 🤔🤔.
But luckily my boyfriend stuck with me during the first few days of "detoxing" and now I'm never going back 🤗🤗.
Check out my full review by going to the link in my bio @rebeccagetsreal 👈👈.
Do you use natural products?!
I'm looking for any and all recommendations so be sure to drop them in the comments below ⬇⬇.
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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well.. sometimes it can get on your nerves. 😳#tiredofbeingcopied #imitation #notflattering #beoriginal #beyourselfalways #beyourself❤️ #beyourselfbeamazing #youareenough

Trying quotes in silver! Let me know which one you like better! These colours or the other one's? "If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong" -Maaru Emoto
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When you get to make people feel more beautiful about themselves that’s when you know you have the most fulfilling career imaginable 👑
#beyourselfalways #changeisgood #positiveenergy #effortlessbeauty

¿Sabes cuál es la palabra que las personas usan más? “Yo”. La mayoría de las personas siempre piensan en ellos primeramente. Si nos limitamos a tratar de impresionar a la gente, jamás tendremos amigos verdaderos. El individuo que nos se interesa por sus semejantes es quien tiene las mayores dificultades en la vida y causa las mayores heridas a los demás. De esos individuos surgen los grandes fracasos humanos. Para construir buenas relaciones, hay que interesarse por otros, hacer cosas por ellos que requieran tiempo, esfuerzo y altruismo.

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