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Try to do whatever you love every day #beyourself #love @gcroissier

Just annihilated my shoulders with @drewm_23 , at my old stomping grounds of the rec on campus - this is where my bodybuilding journey began last February. Kinda got me in my feels 😭 and now I'm just a washed up alumni *that had to try and sneak in*, but I had to take a selfie in the old OG spot.... and it reminded me how terrible the lighting was hahaha. #AllLightingMatters
Now, about to get girly to go eat my body weight in some sushi, prob inhale a marg or 5, and enjoy a much needed d8 niTe with my babee @wyattpfeifer 🍣🍚🥂
Not much more to say, other than go enjoy your weekend, AND my #DBFTFitGuide launches 👏🏽 in 👏🏽 9 👏🏽 days 👏🏽 okkk!!
Anyone else have exciting things happening?? Tell me so I can hype you up about it, duh. ⬇️
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Ppl: "fat ppl need to go to the gym!!!!!"
Nike: "okay we will make plus size gym clothing"
Nike: ....
And the conversation just goes round and round and we all sitting here yawning and shit.
Do u know what I mean?!!!
Imagine finding workout gear for u only to then hear more bullshit smh.
@palomija #nike #nikewomen

Don't box yourself in when you were made to stand out. #goodmorning #beyourself #beawesome

Today, I am grateful… 
I am grateful to be alive, after what happened I realized that nothing is more precious than LIFE.
I don't care about the car, about the money, about any other materialistic things because it doesn't matter. If I died yesterday I wouldn't give a fuck about things, I only would care about my life, my people, my mission, how I lived, what kinda person I was, who I shared my life with, what have I done for this planet to make it a better place before I die, how can I help others to make their life better. I am grateful for all the nice nurses in the hospital, now I know that I want to make a difference and help someone who was in my situation so I decided that I will get trained to save lives while riding with ambulance to hospital. 🚗I want to remind everyone to wear seat-belts at all times, I wouldn't be here if I didn't had a seatbelt on so just Click it!
I am grateful for those people who just took off and runned away without even caring if I am alive, if I am hurt or not- you showed me an example of what I never want to be. You made me realize why I want to be the change- because I don't understand how you can be so selfish and not care for life when it is the most precious thing anyone can have and it is priceless. Today I feel more Alive than ever before, I feel so blessed to be here on this beautiful planet 🌎 and live the best life I possibly can. I would like to remind everyone that LOVE ❤️ and HEALTH 💪🏻 is the most important aspect of your life. Anything else can be replaced but not those things. We were born on this planet to Love, to Learn, to Share, to Socialize, to be together, to laugh and have a good time, we are here only temporarily and the most important thing in life is simply to be Happy, to be a Good person!
I always remember all the people who have showed me kindness and aloha 🌺.
I am beyond lucky to go and make my dreams come true so I can say that I truly lived for something that fulfilled my soul.
I want to encourage everyone to DO THE RIGHT THING because Karma will come back to all of us for the things we have done.
Thankful to my Angels 👼 God and Universe to wake up on this beautiful Aloha Friday ❤️🙏❤

مش عيب إنه يكون في حدا أحسن منك!
بس العيب إنك تخرب صورته قدام الناس لأنك مش قادر تصير مثله.
اللهم اكفنا شر هالنفوس #beyourself #beunique #shinebrightlikeadiamond #hijabista #hijabstyle #hijabfashion #blogger

Today's bowl was huge, as usually, containing a bit of everything, as always :). This is the way for plant eaters 🤗 happpy friyaaaay, love and light! xX
Annelina, PS: recipes can be found in my German book.
#beyourself #eatyourselfhappy #foodwithoutregrets #eineSchüsselvollGlück.

YEAH ! I'm smiling 😄 but you're not the reason anymore 🖕🏻 #loveyourself #beyourself

It's Friday and time for a steady pace run🤙🏻. . . Knocked out a slightly hilly 30km (18.64 miles) to finish off the working week😀. . . It's good to get these base building runs in, as they help maintain good aerobic fitness and get your body used to a steady rhythm. . . And I also just love to go out the door and run, so any reason is a good one😂🏃🏼👍🏻. . . It's approx 4 weeks until my next ultra race @ultrapaine in Patagonia⛰and I'm soooo excited to hit the trails down south in this amazing country🇨🇱. I gotta give a massive shout out to my #bestpartnerever @frangibar for supporting me, organising all the travel and accomodation, and taking extra special care of me🙈🔥😘. (I mean massages and cuddles people😂) I ❤️ U babe. . . Also huge thanks to the team @squadrun NZ for the training and support. And a big hug to @hokaoneone_nz and @briony_allsports for sorting out my awesome hoka speedgoat 2's 😘. And of course, Thanks @tailwindnutritionnz and @tailwindnutrition for my emergency nutrition package. And @cepsportsnz for my brightly coloured compression gear ❤️!!!. . . It's a team effort guys and I couldn't do it without you all backing me up👍🏻. . . So now it's coffee and food time and maybe a little nap if I get a chance😂. . . Love ya😘. . .


See you when I see my dear friends 😆😆😆 #vscophotos #vsco #vscocam #beyourself #makeportraits

Con Comecat 😉

Time for Sleep! They want to record me for future superhuman reference, lol.
#sleepstudy #medical #doctors #sleep #zzz #random #picstagram #photogram #instadaily #beawesome #beyourself #liveyourlife

A arte do "SER"
Ser mulher, ser menina
Ser atriz, ser aprendiz...
Ser princesa... ser vilã!
Ser quem eu quero ser, na hora de ser... PODER SER!
Então seja... OQ VC QUISER!
#boanoite #itgirl #instagirl #braziliangirl #cosplay #cosplaygirl #beyourself #loveit #lovemyself #friday

Inilah aku dengan segala kekuranganku.... #beyourself

Todo el mundo sonríe en el mismo idioma!!! 😁❤️ #smile #redlips #happygirl #justsmile #behappy❤️ #beyourself

🇺🇸Lovely Stella Villela in our Strings ripple tri bikini with the basic loop bottom option!!😍
🇧🇷A querida Stella Vilella em nosso biquíni Strings ripple tri na versão com calcinha inteira!!😍 @stellavillela
📷: @laisboasorte
beauty: @biancachalubmakeup
#usesophiamorena #divas #beyourself #beachwear #sophiamorenabr #brazilianbikinis #stringsbikini #ripplebikini #trianglebikini #swimsuit #swimwear #resortwear #modapraia #colecao2017 #summer2017 #sophiamorenabeachwear

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