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Cierra tus ojos e imagina la mejor versión posible de ti. Esa (e) es quien en realidad eres, deja ir cualquier parte de ti que no lo crea. ... eres lo suficiente para ser esa persona...🙌😘
Feliz Sabado! 💋
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Here is a fun exercise. Think about or, better yet, write down who the TOP FIVE people are in your circle that you spend the most time with. Are these people elevating and inspiring you? What habits or traits do you have in common with them? Are you happy with those traits? #ultimatehustler 👊

Do you have a morning affirmation? Follow @lovingnotworking for awesome inspiration!🔥The learning curve is killer - be aware of it 🔥⠀
I’ve tried countless times to “get into” meditation, but found my thoughts never stopped flooding for the entire 10 minute session (A 20-minute session would turn into a nap) and I felt no different whether I did it or not, even if doing it consistently. I had quiet reservations the whole thing was a bit of a sham. THEN I did a floatation tank (described as “meditation on steroids” and left after now hour with a completely clear head. It short-circuited what could have taken me months or years of consistent practice, and basically flattened the learning curve. I immediately found meditation easier, and will re-up floatation tank sessions to have a consistent reset on the thousand thoughts in my head⠀

Ditto the personal development courses I did at Landmark Forum. Instant, overnight, lasting results which profoundly changed my life. Call me a brat but these are the sort of immediate results I want⠀
Comment what growth hacks you’re using 😉 Check the rest of today’s posts for all of this lesson (Turn on Post Notifications to make sure you get them!!)⠀

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Awesome one on one training today ❤️ #BEYOUROWNBOSS my lash page @deeslashes

Fun Saturday with the kids :)


It's this kind of Sunday morning 😉

Never give up, girlboss 🌹
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Opportunity for the Ambitious!!! I'm looking for people who are self motivated, willing to learn and want you be their own boss.

We have 2 amazing opportunities for people who are looking to get out the rat race.
If you are looking for a extra or replacement income and would like more information on starting up your own buisness, then drop me a message for more information
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I had a love hate relationship with 💰money💰 for years.

I obsessed over not having enough, worked extra hours, had different side hustles, you name it. But I still always seemed to end up with more bills than money.
I was tired of the hustle, I was tired of the struggle, and I was tired of the back and forth with money. 😩

So when I got tired, I got strategic, and when I got strategic, I got results! 🌟Business builders, authors, coaches, and anyone ready to get different money results, this is for you. 🌟

For a limited time only, I'm offering a 2 hour group Money Strategy Makeover Intensive!! Together we’ll:
✔Evaluate current income sources
✔Document budget and income goals
✔Identify potential income streams based on your skills and experience (bring your resume!)
✔Clearly define short and long term methods to generate income
Enroll now to get the flash intro rate of $97 (that’s $500 off the regular intensive rate!) If you’re ready to have a clear effective strategy to meet and exceed your income goals, this live group session is just what you need.

There are limited spots for this intensive, so sign up before the rate increases.
In addition to the 2 hour group intensive, you’ll also get access to:
✔The 5 phase "Money Matters" Process to uproot money mindset and limiting beliefs– made available 1 week before the group call
✔Access to a private community for support and accountability as you work through the 5 phase shift 🌟 Space is limited, so sign up now to get the best deal!! 🌟 $97 fast action flash intro price >>>> http://tinyurl.com/lhym5tx
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:::Then goes up to $197 on May 5th

To have better one must do better! Endurance and Investment are the two prime keys! 💻👉🏼www.beacreditagent.com #bebetter #dobetter #investinyourself #believe #believeinyourself #shinebright #changeisgood #beyourownboss #workforit #workfromhome #homebasedbusiness

Who doesn't like generating additional $$ without adding to your labour!
1. Generate more revenue
2. Reach diverse audience
3. Gain more exposure
4. Maximize your slow periods

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#RP @casspernyovest - I disappointed my parents so many times when I was younger. Now that I'm older, I want to make them so proud for all the times I made disappointing decisions. This was one of those moments where I made them proud. This is 2 days ago when they came out to see the opening of my new shop , the @family_tree_store.

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