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You have to get your mind going in a new direction because dwelling on negative thoughts will keep you from becoming all God has for you.🙌🏻 #NegativeThoughtsDestroyYouPhysically#godisgreat#whenjesussayyesnobodycansayno#beyourownboss#AriseQueen

Woman who hustle, woman who lives the good life👍!

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#failure “It's not really that much of a big deal - you brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success.” #mcgregor

Failed on your first venture? Don’t worry, you have just increased your success rate for the next one by 2%

We all have those photos of ourselves that we hold on to but never post because we aren't quite sure if we like them or not. We feel as if we're not pretty enough, not small enough, our hair's all wrong, or one of a million different reasons that in the end really aren't so. I took this photo in January and decided today I loved it. It embodies the things I love about being an entrepreneur. It's from my last trip to Orlando (travel for work✔️) when we went on a mini shopping trip (work from anywhere✔️) and was taken by my awesome assistant(build a business that supports my family ✔️ my brother is my full time assistant.). It also has my Master Planner (start my own line of planners/stationery goods✔️). So, yea I decided I loved it and wanted to share. 💛 What will you share today?

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Enjoy the journey! Live each & every moment!
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There is no right time. Infact the right time is today, Right now.
The right time to start your business is Now.
The right time to fulfill that idea is today.
The more you wait the more time you want to spend waiting.

Happy Friday! What a great reminder that being 100% yourself is the best thing for your brand. Contact us today for your branding needs!

It's been the kind of week where I HAVE to meditate on this. It's so easy to become reactionary....gotta keep my mind disciplined and take every thought captive. Take hope. Take courage. Take heart. Some of my favorite phrases in the Bible. The Word is life, y'all. 👍🏻

What's up everyone‼️ I'm looking for someone to work with here at Rapid Nutrition in Grand Rapids.

If you've ever been interested in being a health coach/ working at Rapid Nutrition, this is for you! We need new faces in the club! 😎

Friendly, exciting and fun environment, flexible hours and as always tons of fun‼️🤙🏼🕺🏻 If you are interested email me! 📧 Gabeadevai@yahoo.com

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Do YOU know where YOU are going ?

Driving to NJ for my little bros big birthday - working on my phone from the PA Turnpike!

Imagine this: over 75 kickass creative entrepreneurs in NOLA brunching picnic-style in beautiful Jackson Square. Tarot readers reading our fortunes, colorful conversations happening everywhere, a quintessential NOLA bass brand in the background, and YOUR brand top-of-mind for each and every attendee. 😍
We’re now accepting sponsors for #BeingBossNOLA to give our bosses a magical, memorable experience, and we’re thinking your organization might be a great fit. Email us at hello@beingboss.club for more info ❤️☀️🙌🏽

Go follow my biz page @itstryphonas! Love working with @andersonjeremy who is so dang creative and obviously we all love @anthonyscoalfiredpizza!


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