#melaninmonday Game Face. Growing up I remember being told I was too sassy sometimes or had too much mouth. 🙄And over time, after constantly hearing that, it added to my insecurities to where I felt like I needed to protect myself by being just mean. Today, I feel honored to embrace all of the sassy, edgy and colorful sides of myself. 💫It’s helped to shape me and utilize it as a tool towards unveiling the highest version of myself😍

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Today was a happy mail day! I ordered attachable lens for my phone so I can take pretty pictures for my own viewing pleasure 😂
So here is a picture of my backyard taken with the telescopic lens 🤷🏻‍♀️
Here’s to hoping I can figure out the others so some bomb food photos will be coming your way!

What my Game Face Monday looks like 💁🏻‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Be that woman who inspires, lifts and encourages others!
Be that woman who shows up for herself and never gives up! Be that woman who’s gonna prove to herself her worth! Be that woman who’s gonna chase her dreams, keeps her faith strong and is willing to work for it!!
Now go get Monday started with your own Game Face and start making a difference! You got this girl 💁🏻‍♀️😉💕🔥 Light that fire!

The City is full of manic wild energy & lots of pollution so I’m always looking for ways to uplift my home. As someone who is highly sensitive to environments & energy utilizing this plant as a tool to make my home a sanctuary has made me love & respect it so much. The first time I smelt burning sage I have to admit I was disappointed - it definitely isn’t comparable to flowers or a just cooked meal. Next time your mind is racing or something feels off fan a little smoke around your head or the spot it feels weird & see what I mean💖 #selfcare #selflove

💅🏽 @artestilebeauty specializes in luxe handcrafted beauty tools made in Italy and was co-founded by sisters Daniela and Jennifer Di Paolo🌟After working with their family beauty business and being inspired by their travels to Italy, where art and beauty play an essential role in everyday life, the sisters decided to create their own line of luxurious handcrafted beauty tools🙌🏽Naturally the girls went back to their inspirational roots and sought out the highest skilled craftspeople, artisans and small family businesses in Italy to create their tools🇮🇹✨By working with master artisans in Italy, ArteStile can ensure their products are the highest quality and sustainable for both the environment and everyone involved in the process👌🏽💕

✨Allow yourself 30 seconds right now, free of interruption. Let go of anything holding you down, making you frustrated, or doubt your strength. Anything holding you back from having a beautiful day & loving yourself💛 Repeat as many times as needed today☀️✨Sound On✨

✨You are the light you need to find the way.✨

New blog sharing the journey, experiences, and reflections of my #BucketList experience at #dapperQNYFW
Link in profile and at dappermindy.com
“Your 16-year-old self is out there tonight. She doesn’t see the nerves. She sees your conviction, fortitude, and beauty -- someone who has achieved her own dreams. You are her goals… something that feels impossible to who she is this very moment. She is who you are walking for today.” ---------------------------------------
Hair and photo: @everyheadismy_canvas
Make-up: @candi_lecoeur
#dapperQ #BeYouBeTrue #Qwear #GenderNonConforming #VisualActivism #NYFW

🤚🏻STOP comparing yourself to others. Mit SPEiDEL kannst Du jeden Tag Du selbst sein 🙂
#happyme #beyoubetrue #speidellingerie #dasbesondereanmir #lingerie #happymonday #madeineurope #nachhaltigundfair♻️

E é com mais uma segunda-feira que iniciamos outra semana de treinos! 💪🏼 Fim-de-semana acabado, baterias carregadas🔋, energias renovadas ♻️, e aqui vamos nós!!! 🏇🏻🏄🏽‍♀️ Faz desta, a tua melhor semana! BOM DIA!!! 😁😉
Sorri para a vida, a vida sorri de volta.

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What is that dream or desire you have?
Deep in your being, in that space only you know.
Your hearts desire to be more, give more, do more, that whispers quietly in the background, most days as a distant sound and on others tugs on your shirt like a toddler wanting to be picked up and given attention, to be be acknowledged and listened to?
What does your heart say in those quiet moments when no ones around?
Go chase it, create it, trust it, give it breath, give it life, take the chance, take the risk. Cozz, only you can.

22 studs were initiated into our wet beast fam on Friday night. Big things are about to happen, congrats boys! #BeYouBeTrue #TrueGentlemen #ΣΑΕ

Okay okay... I know I've been fighting against sweater weather for a while, but I think I'm ready now. I dug out all our knits and white wine has officially been replaced by exclusively red. If you need me today, I'll be cozied up on the couch with my book, some red, and some apple pie.

Oh ya—who needs a pie? We made so many that we could have 1 pie a week for the next 23 weeks and I think that's probably not a good idea. Or maybe it is a good idea? 🍎😍

Mindy doesn't blog very often (no shade; neither do I) but when she does it is always a great read.
Regrann from @dappermindy - New blog about my experience at the #DapperQNYFW show, Dress Code.
Immersed in a diversity of beauty, it was a harmonious cacophony. Height, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, age, color, able-bodiedness, shape, size – this was the melting pot of gold promised over the rainbow.
Photo: @meganvolpert
Suit: @thuycustomclothier
Hair: @everyheadismycanvas
Make-up: @candi_lecoeur
Thank you to everyone who made this experience a life changing event. @anitadolcevita @indiflyer @thuygram @mcbeaene @joss.tm @iam.millz @nikkacy @nikkacyfootwear

#WalkYourWay #ThuyCustomClothier #NiKKacyFootwear #breakthebinary #GenderNonConforming #QueerFashion #VisualActivism #NYFW #TheStreetIsMyRunway #BeYouBeTrue #dapperQ #Qwear #QueerFashion - #regrann

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