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🌞Squash Soup🌞
✨peel and chop 2 large butternut squash, boil in a pot of water until soft (add seasonings), pour out half of water then mash softened squash and stir! #yumm #nomnom ✨✨✨

Look how my baby bananas are ripen! One banana at a time at its own pace, I know there is a life lesson in there somewhere 😉 when they fully ripened I will make a banana smoothie with the whole hand of Baby banana, 1/3 cup of water and a tablespoon of agave.
Baby banana and burro banana are the only organic banana. Swipe for more banana details✨✨✨ #loveyouall

Kimchi and teriyaki jackfruit over Thai jasmine rice. 🙌🏾 #veganlunchideas

The fountain of youth is what you choose to put on your plate! Let every bite be a bite that benefit your health! #DrSebiNutritionalGuide #AfricanBioMineralBalance #beyondvegans #beyondvegan #vegan #plantbased #electricfood #healthylifestyle #healthyfood

Good afternoon loves! If you need an extra boost with your digestion, the raw foods I am going to share below contain beneficial enzymes that will help you digest your meals completely, resulting in higher net gain nutrition.
1. Avocado
2. Papaya
3. Pineapple
4. Sprouts
5. Raw nuts and seeds
6. Fresh ginger root
7. Fresh peppermint
8. Fennel seed oil
Now, while these foods don't necessarily contain enzymes, they are naturally occurring digestive stimulants that can boost your digestion.
TIP: if you can, please try to buy fresh locally grown or organic produce. 💚

#healthandfitnessjourney #theartoffood #digestiveenzymes

Good morning beautiful people! If you find yourself craving salty foods like potato chips, flavored tortilla chips, salty crackers, and pretzels, it’s because you may be missing Chloride & Electrolytes. When you start to crave salt grab a healthier alternative like coconut water, coconut chips, kale chips, Nori or seaweed, sea asparagus, organic black bean chips, organic baked tortilla chips, baked vegetable or baked taro chips.
#healthandfitnessjourney 💚

Healthy food is my passion, but mental health is the key to life. Of course eating healthy aids in mental health but you also have to do some of the work and begin to create healthy habits every day. Affirmations, crystals love notes to yourself is just as important as dieting🌿🔮 create the beauty you want to see💕😘 #loveyouall

Sea Vegetables like seaweed are a rich source of essential nutrients. You better get you some. 🤤

I can’t wait for watermelon season to get here. 🍉😋🤤 #organic #seededwatermelon

Thank you so much for capturing this moment🙏🏾💕 Repost from @scenesofveramae @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost °°•°°Featuring°°•°°
Personal chef and health coach @sptheoriginal started her health journey at the age of 22, when doctors told her that she needed both knees replaced due to Blount's disease. Now she is 60lbs lighter and helping others reach their goals one meal at a time. Check her out! 🍃🌱

Grand raising! Stay the course! You were meant for the challenge💥👊🏾💥

Brunch 👩🏾‍🍳 - chickpea lime and cilantro omelette - topped with veggie stir-fry, a slice of jalapeno cheese, with a splash of maple syrup.
#veganfamily #vegangrub 💚

Vegan Ramen 🍜 .
Veggie broth, seasonings & spices.
Brown rice noddles.
Dehydrated tomatoes.
Sautéed baby spinach.
Roasted portobello mushrooms sliced.

I think if my family didn’t over cook the veggies I would have liked them. 😂 #Repost @veganflexzone ・・・
lmao and here I am today eating only plant based😂🥦🥒🥕🥥🍅

V i b e. 💙

Check your pH balance once a week people. I got these strips from my local health food store months ago. It cost about $10 bucks. #lifestyle #preventioniskey 💚

#oldpic Back in 2009! One fact about me I am a track and field girl. I have been running since I was seven years old. I had the privilege to train with the best track and field coaches at the time, run and compete with my talented teammates, and traveled the world to run against some of the best track and field teams. - My Races -

100-meter dash
200-meter dash
400-meter dash
4x100 relay
4x200 relay
4x400 relay
Now that I’m older, I still run, but I find myself doing more long distance running than sprinting, its weird. I used to hate running long distance 😩 now that's all I do, but I need start doing more speed training and more lifting so I can get back this tone.
FYI - Team World Track Club 💚💜
San Bernardino, California
#trackandfieldgirls #calinative #factaboutme

Every woman that likes this pic comment one positive quality about yourself. Don’t be shy!!!!!! I’ll start: I love my intuition it’s almost magical. #womensday

Lunch I prepared😋
Homemade guacamole, on bok choy leaf and a kale patty with sprout bread and fresh cantaloupe on the side✨

Abs, I’m coming for you. 😏 - I'm loving my sweatband from @theperfectsculpt
#healthandfitnessjourney #noAd #notsponsored

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