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Where do you wear your CGM? Our fitness editor @manoftzeel tested wearing his on the leg with poor results. Read his story below.

#Repost @manoftzeel #diabetesstrong ・・・
I promised y'all I'd try a sensor somewhere other than my stomach...so I tried my leg.
It has not lived up to expectations. At all. .
It's been only 6 days, and my readings are consistently off by anywhere from 50-100 points. I've had times where it tells me I'm 105 and my @onedroptoday meter says I'm 215. It'll say I'm 125 and my meter will say 52...you get the point. It also loses its signal frequently and I've almost ripped it out about 15 times on accident. .
Deadlifts were a fun time as pictured above 😂
So leg, no más 🚫 where shall I try my #dexcom next? .
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Tomorrow, February 19th will mark 17 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes & I’ve been conquering it ever since. Proud to be a T1D 💙 Also, my pump isn’t a phone but many think it is soooo #BeyondType1 #Diaversary

🤗For our Diabesties!!
❤️, Hairy 🐵+ Leeny 🐵 ( :

I have been having rough days with my bgs lately, I don’t really know what is going on 🤨 This was my number this morning (~ 240) and I have been high for 3 days and not really being able to bring it down • I was sick and just got back from a trip so that can be the reason, so I will wait and see • Always checking for ketones tho and except that one time where I had high ketones ( yikes 😖, but thank god went away fast), I am ketones free! • Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up to a good number • Learning how to be patient is a part of being a T1 diabetic 💫

#libreing around the apartment, mid-cleaning!🙌 This would have been nearly impossible to capture with a normal glucometer, but with the Freestyle Libre, the game has changed 🙏. So fortunate to have access to this type of equipment. My capabilities and confidence in control have improved drastically.

Also, 'libreing' is the action whereby you check your blood sugar with your Freestyle Libre flash glucometer 😁. I've decided we should all be lobbying for this to be in the diabetes dictionary with words like 'gusher', 'low hangover' and catching a 'unicorn' 😂😂. #t1d #typeone #typenone #t1dlookslikeme #impossibleisnothing #bg #check #freestyle #libre #freestylelibre #flash #bam👊 #diabetes #t1cleaning #t1active #t1living #typeoneliving #technology #tech #beyondtype1

Feliz D💜MINGO a todos!!🙆🏻‍♀️
. Espero que esta frase que les dejo aquí les haga reflexionar sobre lo que son capaces de hacer y les motive mucho a empezar otra semana nueva llena de una actitud POSITIVA y FUERTE💪🏻🙌🏻
. Graciassss otra vez a todos los que vieron mi último video y me dejaron muchos lindos comentarios💓💓, y si no lo has visto pasa por mi perfil y encontrarás el LINK🔝🤗

Current #bloodglucose is 6.4 mmol (115 mg). Instagram's Moon filter because pocket watch 👨‍🚀🌚

TOR // LA 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️

Mama, I will bolus for you. Also, how do I make this pager send you insulin?

This was definitely the best shirt to wear to my first @typeonerun meetup! There’s nothing quite like running with fellow T1D runners because they uniquely understand how freaking difficult this really is. We had three different technological generations represented in our cohort. Our group leader was diagnosed pre-glucometer, I was diagnosed in the N&R era with a really clunky glucometer that took a ton of blood and 45 seconds for a result, and we had a sendoff from @yourenotmytype1 and family who have always had CGM technology. I remember when that was new. Looking forward to more meetups, more runs, and more advocacy through our stubborn insistence to #livebeyond ————————————————
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“ Are You Brave ? “ Do you want to tell us why are you brave? , We want to know your story and inspire other people! Send us a private message and we will tell you what to do. 💟🌀🔛 .
. .
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On sunday shelby and i prep healthy lunches for the week. #cookingathome #cooking #beyondtype1

Hello everyone, I wanted to share something really important with you all about my health. I went to my doctor to get my A1C test done. For those of you who don’t know what that is I would like to educate you. A1C test result (also known as HbA1c or hemoglobin A1C test) is a general gauge of your diabetes control and provides an average blood glucose level over the past few months. 📈 A1C is reported as a percentage. I basically say it’s a score on how well you’re managing your diabetes. Every 4-6 months I get this test done and dread knowing the results because It really is the reality on how you either need to improve on how well you are taking yourself or how you have been doing just fine. Disclaimer: Everyone’s A1C goal is different based on MANY factors. For years my A1C has always been 8. I never get my score get me down, I just use it as a tool to improve the way I manage my type 1 diabetes. I got my results back of my A1C test and I am a 7.2 🎉🎈🎉 (that means my diabetes is controlled/being managed well) this has been my best A1C in 11 years of me having type 1 diabetes and I have you all to thank for that. If it wasn’t for my diabuddies helping me get dexcom on me to see my sugars every five minutes this wouldn’t be possible, without you all helping me day or night, cheering me on and helping me with anything I need to survive this crazy disease we have no cure for this wouldn’t be possible. You all sharing feedback on dexcom and how it changed your life or the pictures you post with it on you to give me confidence to know I am not alone gave me the strength to put this device on me that I now can’t live without with...thank you. 💖 Thank you all for my bottom of my heart for being my friend, being there for me and changing my life. ✨cheers to the happiest, healthiest women I have ever been✨ #type1lookslikeme #t1dlookslikeme #iammyownhero

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