So bittersweet, more bitter than sweet (for me). This was my last session with this family and there are no words for how much I love them and will miss them. These boys (2 more not here) are loud, wild, and some of the sweetest kids I know. I’m going to miss the crazy that is them, but they can’t shake me too fast. I’m already planning a trip to Italy to hang out + shoot them in a whole new landscape. Have a room (or couch) ready, guys, I’m coming!

At ease; if I can please? 🙏🏽

Happy first day of summer!🤗

Happy almost weekend my lovelies!! I’m just coming by quickly to share something I’m so excited about that is coming this Monday! In case you missed it In my stories, I’ll be releasing a huge guide on all things capturing connection, evoking emotion, relating to the families that book you, and moreeeeeee. I’ve spilled my heart right out on my love for emotive based photography and I’m sharing it with you all.
It’s over 200 pages and 26,000.. (yes THOUSAND) words packed with inspiration, my thought behind making specific images, and how my voice found me. It’ll also include access to our special Moments Matter Facebook community of almost 700 souls.

Tomorrow I’ll have a giveaway here and on my fan page to win it! 😍😍 I hope you’ll join me back here for that!

And the best part is the guide will be super affordable and on sale for four days beginning this Monday! 💛

With my boy on a boat. #selfportraitsofmotherhood

Natalie’s been raking it in with the babysitting money lately and we have entered the waiting-up phase of parenting. Any tips on suddenly becoming night people? ‘Cause I’m generally useless after 8 p.m., but I’m thinking having teenagers is going to require changing that 😳.

Love ❤️

All my babies. Eisley, Wren and our angel Harrison ❤️

Likes beard tickles and long snuggles in daddy’s arms ❤️

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