You want her to bring back the long wavy hair or the braids for the upcoming tour? I love me some braids on the queen❤️

Which cover is you fave, 2013 or 2018? You know otrII in my ❤️

Want this jacket so bad

Which one? She slays that third dress no one else before❤️❤️


Favorite part of the song (second pic)

Don’t know who did this but cred to whoever it is

Look at this, beautiful work by @beyoncesweet💗💗thank you so much! Follow @beyoncesweet for more amazing edits!!




Xo or pretty hurts for sure💗or if I wanna hype it up I’ll go with crazy in love or frekum dress

33 days until me and my friend is seeing this beauty (and jay whatever) in Stockholm. I can just feel the love spread in me, I’m so happy to be alive at same time as my love❤️❤️ repost @beyoncesweet

Strike the pose

I love you hive and your beautiful minds💗💗 @thiccass_formation_ dm me more love text to bey so we can spread this loving hashtag #whywelovebeyonce

Will never stop loving this woman❤️ in July 26th I’m celebrating 2 years of loving this pure woman!! I couldn’t be more lucky to have her as my biggest idol. I love you Beyoncé❤️

Which this version was on Spotify

Well okay, she did. Wow

CHALLENGE to y’all: try to watch resentment or listen live without getting emotional! I always get tears in my eyes when I look at it. Dm if you got emotional or not!!

Important question!! Bey looks good and have a brain so what about you others? (Second pic: cred to @ruby_bl)

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