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The dude in the background was appalled 😂😂😂😂 #HisFaceLikeLookAtThisNastyBiiih 😬😂😂
#HeAintFeelingWhatDatMouthDo 😩😂 Tag 3 Mates!

I am taking a break from the art, but before that I would like to say happy birthday to my favorite @selenagomez 💛🌻 Please tag her as much as u can. Don't miss me. I love you guys.

Nailed it

2008 or 2016?
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Mirror picture

So Dear Selena,today is your big day. I wish you everything best. I wish you good health, happiness , love and best people around you. You inspiration for so many people,BIG inspiration for me. You deserve be happy, i hope you''re happy. I hope you enjoy ypur big day. When you smile, i smile too,so dont forget smile.You did a great thing,a big good things. It's only 25and you know what's good , you know what makes us happy,us #Selenators. Dont forget we're you family too. I wiil always love you. I will always stand by you. (Sorry for errors in text,but I'm from Czech Republic.) 💝 #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSELENAGOMEZ Love you my queen #selenagomez 😍

Which one?

Tb to this bomb ass video 🌹 #beyonce #jayz

1,2 or 3? 😍

حرام اشوفه حلو ):
ضبطو التمثال؟
#beyonce #بيونسي

This video is so fun

Happy saturday 💕💥✨

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What's your favorite Grammy performance look? Mine is 2007 & 2017. 😍
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Legs 😏💦 #nickiminaj

Melons 😍😘💦🔥💞

Ship jelena?
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2012 or 2013?❤😻

👍👎?!!! #Bey's updated #WaxFigure at #MadameTussauds. Comment trouvez-vous les réajustements opérés sur la statue de #Beyonce ? Ça le fait ou pas? Elle a pris un peu de couleur et les traits du visage ont été retravaillés.

READ READ READ🌸🌸 Hi beautifuls, i just want to tell y'all something, especially for the ones who think that they're ugly and that affects their life on a daily basis, for the ones who think that being beautiful is all that matters, and without you'll never be able to succeed to be happy, to be liked by others, and to enjoy life to the fullest. Cause let me tell you, that no one, NO ONE, will ever look back on you and think how ugly you must have been, how crooketh your teeth were, how ugly the color of your hair was, how small your lips were , and how asymmetrical your face was. People are gonna look back at you and think of your good actions (or bad ones). People are gonna think of how nice you have been, how fun you were to be around and how you truly were. And to be your truly you, you gotta fucking let go of 'looks'. LOOKS DO NOT DEFINE YOU OK. LOOKS ARE SO SUPERFICIAL AND YOU SHOULD NOT LET YOUR FCKING 'BEAUTY' TELL YPU IF YOU SHOULD BE SPONTANOUS OR NOT, IF YOU SHOULD TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE OR NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE SCARED THAT THEY'LL FIND YOU 'UGLY'. SERIOUSLY STOP THAY SHIT. Look at all the things you've got!! You're probably financially good bcs u you have a device to read this one, you're not scared today as every day that you'll get murdered due to terrort tonight. You've got enough food to keep you fully healthy and satisfied. SO STOP CARING ABOUT UR LOOKS THAT IS SO SO TINY. People love you for you and if you are surrounded by people who treat you based on how pretty you are then hunny TELL EM THAT THE DOOR AND TRASHCAN IS THERE 👉👉 BYE

Even after alterations, Beyonce's wax figure at #MadameTussauds still looks nothing like her. 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚫🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️(Via: @tmz_tv) ⭐️ |Inyaearhiphop.com| #Inyaearhiphop #Beyonce

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