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St. Thomas Church and Parish House - 1 West 53rd Street, New York
Glorious stained glass windows and a magnificent limestone façade are gleaming again at St. Thomas Church and Parish House. Ferguson, Cram and Goodhue designed the French Gothic style church that was completed in 1914. Nearly all of the 33 stained glass windows were designed by Whitefriars Glass, the firm of the great English stained glass artist James Humphries Hogan. The monumental clerestory windows each measure 32’ high by 18’ wide; they are marked with a distinctive, diminutive portrait of a white-robed friar. The windows of St. Thomas are considered by many to be Hogan’s finest designs.

This award comes at the end of a multi-year plan to repair the windows, which were deteriorated and bowed. Altogether, they contain some 9 million pieces of glass; so much that the work was divided among over a dozen studios, from Massachusetts to California. Removing that glass exacerbated existing cracking and movement of the stone tracery, requiring stabilization, in-place pinning, and epoxy-injection repairs. Extensive scaffolding required for the window work facilitated an inspection of the dramatic limestone façade. Years of midtown grit were washed away, allowing the original stonework to shine again.

This restoration project will be honored on May 11 at our Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards.

Please see our Event Program for a full list of project contributors

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Met Breuer - 945 Madison Avenue. Marcel Breuer’s iconic 1966 building – designed for the Whitney Museum – has been restored and adapted as the Met Breuer, a new home for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s modern and contemporary art program. The restoration project will be honored on May 11 at our Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards.
The once-controversial Brutalist edifice is now an important part of its Upper East Side neighborhood. Now, nearly five decades later, it has undergone a rehabilitation that celebrates Breuer’s design intentions. The scope of work preserved the authentic patina of aging materials and the building’s evolution. Signature attributes – including concrete walls, bluestone floors, bronze fixtures, wood handrails, and lighting – have been restored; and inappropriate or obsolete interventions removed.
To complement the restored interiors, a number of discreet new elements – all inspired by Breuer’s use of sculptural forms and natural materials – are integrated throughout the building, establishing the Met’s presence and introducing a contemporary tone. To accommodate a large number of visitors, planning for the lobby focused on enhancing both circulation and the visitor experience. Retail has been minimized, and visitors are provided with free access throughout the lobby and lower level. Behind the galleries, interior systems received a state-of-the-art upgrade.

photos by Peter Aaron/OTTO

Please see our Event Program for a full list of project contributors at
http://www.nylandmarks.org/pdfs/events/MosesAwardsProgramMay11.pdf #mosesawards #metbreuer #metropolitanmuseumofart #beyerblinderbellearchitects #big_show_cm #culturalheritageconservation #florabarnyc #futuregreenstudio #silman #shawmutdesignandconstruction #vogtlandscape

Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion
653 Fifth Avenue, New York

The Cartier store on Fifth Avenue was originally a quintessential, neo-Renaissance mansion. Built in 1905 for financier Morton F. Plant – one of J.P. Morgan’s partners – and designed by Robert W. Gibson, the building’s acquisition has a touch of fable: Cartier obtained it in a trade for a $1 million pearl necklace that Plant’s wife Maisie coveted. It was adapted as Cartier’s first free-standing store in New York in 1917. After annexing an adjacent townhouse and reconfiguring the ground floor to provide new storefronts and a primary entrance on Fifth Avenue, the Cartier store underwent periodic renovations but remained essentially intact over the next 100 years.

This project entailed restoration of the stately limestone exterior, and a redesign and reconstruction of the Avenue storefront, based on a never-executed design from 1917. Public retail space was expanded by relocating offices and the workshop to an upper floor. The interiors were completely redesigned in the spirit of an early 20th-century mansion, with a new slab structure that unifies floor levels with the annex and a grand staircase that links all four retail floors. Mahogany paneling was carefully documented and dismantled prior to construction, and refitted in the same location. Totaling 48,000 square feet, the building was fully renovated with modern systems, all discreetly integrated within the store’s historically-inspired interiors.

This project will be honored at our May 11 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Awards ceremony.
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Throwback to my first project out of school ☺ #richmondmainstreetstation #beyerblinderbellearchitects #historicpreservation

The Red Star Line Museum (2013) in Antwerp, Belgium. The museum hosts an exposition on the migration of people from Europe to the United States and Canada. The building was the former ship terminal of the Red Star Line. The museum was Designed / restored by New York architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP. | Styles: Red line 1 and 2 buildings Flemish neo renaissance, red line 3 Art Deco, new museum elements post modern | Picture taken: October 2016 | #belgium #antwerp #beyerblinderbellearchitects #flemishneorenaissance #postmodern #architecture #arquitetura #arquitectura #architexture #arch #architecturephotography #architecturewatch #architecturelovers #architect #archidaily #archdaily #archigram #architravel #architrips #architrip #travel #instatravel #building #buildings #citygram #cities #city #cityscape #photooftheday #architripsantwerp

#tulanemsred gets an up lose look at the rail yard behind #unionstation #dc. Very interesting to learn about the efforts to re-design the platform and develop the air rights above it - creative work by akridge development, #grimshawarchitects, and #beyerblinderbellearchitects

Next stop Philadelphia!!

Where worlds collide. The new Met Breuer took me by surprise. #metbreuer @metmuseum #marcelbreuer #beyerblinderbellearchitects @beyerblinderbelle #reuse #restore

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