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Swipe to see close ups of the three. No this isn't even remotely an original idea but I have been wanting to draw it so I did. I grew up with Harry Potter and love to develop my WoW characters so this was honestly inevitable at some point. Meri was easy as hell to place, very strongly Gryffindor with her love for adventure. Lereith is actually honestly somewhere between a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin (I like to call it "Slytherclaw") but I ultimately went with Ravenclaw because her primary motivation and ambition is knowledge. Even if that knowledge is questionable and a bit sadistic in nature. And she's actually really smart in general. Nicolet was the hardest to place, actually, because she doesn't really fit any of the houses. I went back and forth between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but went with Slytherin because unlike Lereith, she's not in it for knowledge. She mostly does things because she has a duty, but her tendency to use morally questionable methods to achieve her tasks puts her in Slytherin. I'm working on doing all of the others, but after Nic my hands stopped wanting to draw so I put that on hold for another day. For now, character development!!! And stuff!!
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I was practicing expressions a while ago with everyone's favorite borderline psychotic priest. Or maybe just mine, but this is my account so :p In all seriousness I did really like how this one turned out. Had a lot of energy and really captured Lereith's mid-battle spirit. (Which is 100% crazy and terrifying.) The other one on this page not so much, which is why it's been sitting in my archives so long. It seemed fitting to post since I finally have been gearing her up and finishing her artifact quests today. My guildie has like 7 max level alts all decked out in mythic+ gear and I need to catch up man. #sketch #bexoc_lereith #expressionpractice #wow #warcraft #nightelf #shadowpriest #alliance

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