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tfw when you give the perfect gift to your brother and all you get is this lousy pack of gum but you still posi cuz its #bettertogivethantoreceive ;p @laurenfroese

Maybe I'll start to warm up to this day I won't utter. #BetterToGiveThanToReceive #MayMay #HalleHalle

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl. Lexie came to us and asked to not receive gifts for her birthday. Instead, she wanted to take care of the homeless and less fortunate children. This Saturday, we are going to make it happen Lex! You inspire me each and every day. Your generosity is infectious and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I strive to be my best for you each and every day. You are growing up to be an amazing young lady and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. Daddy loves you! #happybirthday #daughter #bettertogivethantoreceive #daddyslittlegirl #beagoodperson

Charity Auction goodies are starting to roll in. I appreciate those who have sent in goods and those who are sending in goods to be auctioned off. If you would like to donate something then shoot me a DM. Charity auction proceeds will go to @habitatforhumanity & @tommy_marauder for Peyton's brain cancer medical bills. So far we have 2 @chavesknives clips I'm going to mod, @zmu522 sent us a bad ass @mcmpens copper and Ti pen in the tube as well as a @mmans0311 handkerchief with COA, @tunaandcompany sent us a kick ass hat with a bulk group of their decals, @keebler.rockwell sent in a $200 voucher for laser gun engraving along with a Glock backing plate with the definition of Deplorable, @alienated_supply_co sent in 2 titanium states from @rustic.edc along with 3 hand made gear pouches, 3 smaller hanks, and 3 larger hanks in killer patterns! I appreciate all of you very much. Any of you makers out there want to kick a little something in then hit me up and we will get you added to the list. I'll let everyone know when we will start the auctions. #charityauction #payitforward #bettertogivethantoreceive

Today was an adventure!

Accompanied FLOW to Sandy Bay and surrounding areas to make donations to those who were affected by the recent trough system.

给一个每天都在照顾我的人做一顿家常健康晚餐是一件很幸福的事情 #bettertogivethantoreceive 💙💚💜😘


And another end grain cutting board is being made. This one will be given away to someone! I wonder who will get it...🤔😬

Being a giver is a good thing...but, be aware! 💚 Takers can smell you from a mile away. 👃🐺 #justlikeawolf #guardyourheart #giversneverlack #psa #bettertogivethantoreceive #narcissistssuck

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