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Got white girl wasted at the gym today...still working on the whole balancing act of losing weight and keeping muscle. #betterthanthedaybefore

I feel bad for those who have to work behind a desk their whole life while I'm helping build America. #BetterThanTheDayBefore

Once again, while all you guys are out either 🍻🍾 or collecting 🍭 🍫in your cool costumes... I'm in the #gym being a #sickkunt! #betterthanthedaybefore #halloween #NOEXCUSES

Making the decision everyday to change myself physically and mentally so I can be better than I was the day before! Want to join me?? Email or PM me for details loriswartz7@gmail.com #chiselisostrength #betterthanthedaybefore #gottaworkforit #beachbodyondemand

Good morning from your sunrise obsessed friend! 😊 Hoping everyone had the happiest of holidays- only a few more days and we're free from this horrible year! Stay strong, hold on, and let's make sure to work as hard as we can to make 2017 a year we can be proud of 🙏🏼💪🏼❤️
#sunrise #positivity #holidays #monday #betterthanthedaybefore

I fought myself for a while in sharing this. I wanted to filter it like crazy and hide the blemishes on my face or hide the fact that I had a big meltdown minutes before I took this picture and had been crying.
I was/am super excited to do beachbody and really kick some butt, but then the fear of inadequacy crept in. Something triggered my anxiety and I was crippled. I'm so grateful my husband was there to pull me out of that funk and get me going.

But this is me. My first "before" picture. We all have our battles. Whether it's loving ourselves, providing for family, dealing with health issues... whatever it is we are all working on something everyday. Right now I'm working on feeling healthier and happier in my own skin, living life to the fullest each day, and being better than I was the day before!

What do you want to work on?

#happyandhealthy #fit #thankful #betterthanthedaybefore #workinprogress

Look good, feel good. #donotgogentle #betterthanthedaybefore


I've learned some amazing things as a crew leader. I've learned that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever thought I would be. I learned that my life lessons can be of use to others and that mistakes are only in vain if you don't learn from them. I've also learned a lot more of the dynamics of group and interpersonal relationships. I will always remember this experience and continue to build upon my understandings and capabilities. I hope to lead another crew sometime in the future so I can put these lessons to good use and strive once again to be the best leader I know how to be. I am thankful for all struggles and challenges because they push me to be better than I was before.
#challenges #leadership #crewlead #trailwork #grandcanyon #conservationcorps #gratitude #pushyourself #betterthanthedaybefore #lifeexperience #bestthingiveeverdone

Listening to the coaches ...27 still in the process #itsallGod #100%jesus #jumpman23 #nikebasketball #betterthanthedaybefore

Number 27 still in the process #itsallGod #100%jesus #jumpman23 #nikebasketball #betterthanthedaybefore

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