My motivation to workout was at zero today. Today was my first day back to work after a week off, I didn't sleep well and I've been groggy all day. Since I started traveling and since I've been in Vegas I'm rarely irritable but I've been irritable today. The last thing I wanted to do was workout when I got home from work. But I decided to show up and press play.
I knew I'd never last through Slim in 6 so I chose "Chill Flow" from Beachbody's 3 Day Yoga Refresh. I was physically challenged while getting the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.
My two favorite things about Beacbody On Demand are the variety of workouts that I have access to and the fact that I never have to leave my home to get a good workout in. #beachbodyondemand #justdoit #goworkout #bettermoodnow #lifestylechanges

It’s the 1st time in a LONG time I feel like I can wear shorts and feel comfortable in them. Not only do I feel like my clothes fit better and I like how they look on me again, but I REALLY feel comfortable in my own skin!
I am more confident.
I am less stressed.
I am more patient. (Most of the time 😜)
I am a better mom and wife.
I MAKE time for me because I am worth it!
YOU are worth it too!
All of this is from the hard work I have put in over the past few months. I love leading a healthy lifestyle and I want to help YOU do the same! Whatever is holding you back, let it go out the window! Stop making excuses and just GO FOR IT!! My next group starts July 16. I want you in it!! I want to help lead you on your journey! I want to help you achieve your goals! Message me today to save your spot!! Only 3 spots left! #fitlife #doyourthang #strongmom #healthylifestlye #dreamer #bettermoodnow #bettereveryday

It has never been this hard, I swear😅
But I somehow made it - despite suffering a cold and a lack of training and +-100 degrees 🌡😃 thanks to an unknown running buddy (running next to me from the start to the finish👯‍♀️) aaaand to my best running buddy 😍
What a nice small race 🤩
#allezhepp #baalumenn #awernemmenbaal .
#foyerrun #running #missedit #toohot #runningbuddies #idontknowhow #butimadeit #10km #sunday #sundayrunday #race #bettermoodnow #lakerun #wonderful #runderful

I tend to be a bit serious especially in my off time because at work I basically HAVE to be cheerful, engaging, “on” and that can be a little draining for an introvert like myself. Because of this, I think I often forget to actually have fun in my “real life”. So I’m challenging myself to be more “on” this weekend, to joke, to laugh and to have more fun! Who else is in?

Seriously, what do you love? What are you guys thankful for today? Think about that before you complain... Hope you have an awesome day!
@barbellbrittanee -- THINGS I LOVE:
- Monday’s
- my @gym.gypsy journal (GGBritt)
- @fleoshorts - my @soflete_gb3 personal programming - @bearrepublic.fit

Only a few of my favorite things in the entire world. .

Fun music. Meal prep. Crawling practice. Baby frowns. Family time. .

The frown had me almost pee my pants I laughed so hard! .

#FamilyTime #SundayFunday #BetterMoodNow

Driving home from work when 'Spitting Games' by @snowpatrol came on the radio and brightened my mood as its an awesome tune, then I walk in the door to find these gorgeous lilies waiting for me 😊 can't beat a bit of good music and some pretty flowers ❤ #goodmusic #snowpatrol #flowers #colour #lilies #bettermoodnow

Better day today! Got a whole hour in 👍 Nice to see that @emerymikey wasn’t too tanned and showing me up 😂😂 #fitforflorida #bettermoodnow #jamiesjourney #trugymboston

My mood has been sooo off lately and at first I wasn’t sure why...then it hit me a couple of days ago-It was because I haven’t been giving myself my ‘me’ time in the mornings! Since I had surgery a few weeks ago I have just felt off...I was giving my body time to heal as it needed and trying to take it easy (that’s a hard thing for me to do 😉). I got the all clear the other day to resume my normal activities but have been a little nervous to jump back in full force.
Today I recruited one of my partners in crime to text me at 5:05 to get my booty out of bed! And you know what?!? It felt amazing getting up and having the house quiet, all to myself, and getting in my workout! 💪🏻 Make time for yourself, do something you enjoy for even just 30 minutes even if it means giving up a little sleep 😉. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary to be the best you can be! You are WORTH it and it will make you feel better in the long run!
☀️Now, onto make this Friday the best it can be!! ☀️#flexfriday #bettermoodnow #accountabilitypartner #beachbody #bettereveryday

Why Are We So Quick to Quit?🤔 If our diet doesn't work in 7 days, we quit🍫
If we don't build muscle after lifting for 7 days, we quit💪
If a relationship doesn't fix itself after 7 days of effort, we quit💏
If our spending habits (or 'theirs') don't change fast, we quit💸

If our skin doesn't clear up, lashes don't grow, kids don't behave, house doesn't stay clean and every other habit or behavior doesn't change as quickly as we WANT it to...we QUIT.😨 We give up.
We settle.
We blame.
We ask for a 'refund.'
We get comfortable with the discomfort.

Listen... We didn't gain weight in just 7 days.🍇🍉🍋
We didn't lose muscle in just 7 days.💪
We didn't destroy our marriage or relationships in just 7 days.💏 Our house habits didn't start 7 days ago, our skin, lashes and behaviors have been askew for AWHILE now.😉 Be patient with yourself.
Be willing to hang in there.
Be consistent with NEW behaviors, NEW products, NEW routines and most of all a NEW attitude!😍 It's not that the Product, Person or Plan isn't working for YOU. You have QUIT being willing to WORK for IT!

Are you willing to work for change... over the long haul? #Plexus is an amazing health TOOL to help you on your journey. I'll be here to help you!

#giveplexus60days #plexushealthyhabits #dontquit #guthealth #youareworthit #giveittry #Energy #inflammation #pain #stress #detox #balanceyourbloodsugar #bettermoodnow #bettersleeptonight #aniexty #depression

Can’t not smell all the candles. But seriously apricot chantilly creme 🍑🍨 #bettermoodnow #adultinghard

Sometimes when your in a bad mood and in doubt just squat it out! #refreshed #cheekshurt #bootybuilding 🍑#bettermoodnow #springbreak2013 🙈#yolo

This glass of water doesn't look like much, but a glass of water can do in incredible things to your day 🤨💦 #bettermoodnow #happier #makingitthoughtheday #makingadifferent
Instead of a apple a day keeps the doctors away it should be a glass of water a day keeps the doctors way 😂😂💕

Spent some time with my bow today. #imissedhim #archary #flingingarrows #bettermoodnow

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