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Last pool day before school starts...and of course this is the day Quin decides that he can now swim without his floaties. #betterlatethannever #sundayfunday #momofboys #ihaveombrekids

#Joy is an inside job & no person, object or accomplishment can fulfill you for long if you can't find it inside yourself first. For most of my life I attached my joy to being in love with another person and I'm so proud to say I put in the work to love myself properly & not just jump into any relationship. If there was only 1 thing I could go back and tell my 15 year old self it would be that. #BetterLateThanNever #SelfWorth #KeyToHappiness #WithAgeBringsWisdomYouCantBuy 💜

Happy new age my pretty lil sister ... Tukitoa kuchelewa kutandika kitanda when u r at home, everything about u is lovely, sweet, and adorable. You are the shiniest thing to our family. And believe me, you are a role model to a lot of us (especially the #aisacowa) I love u baby girl.😘😘😘😘😘
#superlatebirthdaywishes #betterlatethannever

Birthday post to my bestfriend for yesterday ❣️ no need for paras , appreciate and loveyou best 🌹✨ 18🎉

un o hilights yr haf✨ #steddfod #betterlatethannever

Finally dapat jumpa @jibriel.khan sorry ya baby, mom yus kan duduk oversea. Lambat sikit datang melawat 😜😜 #betterlatethannever

Thank you to our huge family for celebrating Wyatt's baptism with us. What a great day! #betterlatethannever #WBG


Woke up at 8am on Saturday just to line up and buy the Lune croissant, hahaha I finally made it XD #betterlatethannever

These legends 👌🏼#latergram #betterlatethannever

What you all up to this lately? Moving on challenging ourselves😊
One of original gang of MtK.

⚠️ @christopher_weggler is giving away some awesome LUFSOX ⚠️ Be sure to check out his profile to see how you can win! #lufsox 📸 @magalimerzougui

Выходные выдались спортивно-танцевальные 💪 поэтому загораю в понедельник 😂 всем хорошего рабочего дня, а я купаться 😘 #summer #betterlatethannever #girl #sunshine

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