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Bette's portrait for Mr. Skeffington (1944) 💜

"#DameOliviadeHavilland wants her court date, and she wants it now. The actress, who is 101 years old, is asking a judge to accelerate her trial against #RyanMurphy and set it for September, Deadline reports...Now de Havilland’s legal team is citing a statute that benefits individuals who are above the age of 70 and want to ramp up litigation due to their senior status. Considering the actress’s “advanced age,” as they put it, it’s unsurprising she would want to move quickly on the lawsuit. “This is the kind of case for which the statute was passed,” de Havilland’s attorney Suzelle Smith said in a statement on Tuesday. “There is a substantial risk that without a trial preference, Miss de Havilland will be prejudiced in not obtaining the benefits of the litigation. She is eager to have this case fully resolved well in advance of her 102nd birthday.” Her legal team has reportedly asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to set the trial for September 13, which is just a few days before this year’s Emmys ceremony. Feud has a whopping 18 nominations, including best limited series, best writing, and best actress (for both #JessicaLange and #SusanSarandon), so the lawsuit would undoubtedly be a topic of conversation among voters. Of course, this also could be the kind of thing that burnishes the show’s reputation, giving it a fittingly gossip-drenched real-world touch—but who knows. Considering Sarandon and Lange’s lofty status in Hollywood, their Emmy potential is likely to be quite insulated from this legal drama.

As for the suit itself, it’s a bit unclear which side the law will fall on. In the past, plenty of celebrities have been able to successfully sue creators for using their likeness in particular projects. However, plenty of creators have also been able to get away with making projects about a real person’s life. The Facebook drama The Social Network, for example, was made despite Mark Zuckerberg’s claims that many elements of the story were untrue. Though he never sought legal action, he apparently did try to stop the movie from getting made." - quoted from Vanity Fair
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Joan Crawford.

credits: @ahsnamegame

queen of everything!! I know the last picture is susan sarandon but she is a queen too

Bette and Joan, in younger years! Love this photo, but sorry for the quality. I love them together! Wish they felt the same way. 😂
"I was thought to be stuck-up. I wasn't. I was just sure of myself. This is and always has been an unforgivable quality to the unsure." -Bette Davis ❤️🥀🌹🥂🚬

I'm off to Portugal for 10 days tomorrow - I have no idea if there's Wifi in my hotel but if there's not this may be my last post for the next week or so😬
Bette Davis in Jezebel, 1938💕
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Robert Aldrich and his leading ladies at a table read for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, 1962. Joan is, of course, camera-ready with her Pepsi. ••• #joancrawford #bettedavis #robertaldrich #babyjane #1960s #film #oldhollywood #vintage #retro #icons #classichollywood

Clásico inevitable para cualquier cinéfilo "All About Eve" de Mankiewicz. Uno de los films galardonados con más premios de la Academia. La ambición por conseguir los sueños de uno mismo hace una historia enrevesada a manos de un reparto estelar con una Bette Davis y Anne Baxter teniendo un choque de trenes tanto narrativo como interpretativo, pero no tan conflictivo en plató como en "Que fue de Baby Jane" con Joan Crawford. Uno de los finales más impresionantes que he visto gracias a una dirección exquisita.
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Wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. Brought to us by the Dark Shadows fella. #horror #horrorporn #thriller #chiller #ghoststories #dancurtis #70s #karenblack #burgessmeredith #bettedavis #meh

Bette, Ernest Anderson, and George Brent in In This Our Life (1942) |
Bette met Ernest Anderson, who played Parry so beautifully in In This Our Life, on the Warner Bros lot and helped him to get screen tests for the role. They became friends and he later played the ice cream man in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962). 💚

Bette and her ex, George Brent, in The Great Lie (1941) 💜

From the original trailer for The Letter (1940) 🎀

Rare candid of Bette and BD at home (circa 1948) ✨

Cheers, It's Almost Friday.

Mood 🍦 ...If you want to read a fascinating article about Bette told by Bill Frye the link is in my profile. His life sounds amazing and any story told well about that time in Hollywood is captivating 🎥✨ #bettedavis

They've emerged from the barn and are unfurling into their marvellous kitty selves. We call this one Bette because she's got Bette Davis eyes. #bettedavis #tigerkitten #kittensofinstagram #frontporch #ruralife

Bette. Ticking every box. Every time. 💚💙💚💙💚#bettealwaysbette

i just found my new favorite picture of my baby⚡️💛

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