Take advantage of this extremely affordable spay/neuter program#spayandneuter #bethstern #spayneuter #rescuecats #caringfieldsfelines

Coco was saved by randy from a hot trailer. & brought home and taken care of as every dog deserves. Now living with regina.A sweet sweet boy!
SECOND changes are so great!
#bethstern # living dogs#bestfriends#reginawelch

Watercolor by Howard Stern #howardstern #bethstern Regrann from IG @bethostern - Watercolor by Howard. #goodnightandgodbless - #regrann

Regrann from @littlewanderersnyc - Family!
We got a request from one of our fosters, @Rvegapsyd to help with these two poor cats who were LEFT BEHIND when a resident moved out and put these two friendly House cats on the Bronx streets! Huh? Who would do this? With all the resources available for re-homing cats, really? The street? So here we go again. Little Wanderers is FULL. We have so many cats in our rescue group (over 150) that we can’t manage what we have. But we couldn’t not spread the word about these two. If you can hold them, Wilma, @wpvega317 will get them to you and we’ll figure it out from there. They are in harms way. What kind of harm? From rain. Illness. Injury. Cars. Bad people. Please help us help them. DM us if you can temporarily step up. It’s that urgent. #helpushelpthem #dumpedcats
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When it’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday #goodnightandgodbless

I found this Momma cat and her babies at the fairgrounds a few weeks ago and I'm keeping them until I can get them all spayed/neutered and vaccinated and then all adopted out to good homes.... The mom is so cute and friendly and the babies are adorable.... 3 boys 1 girl... Jonah, Luke, Linus, Rosie 🌹 and Momma Autumn🍂#rescue#foster#save#spayandneuter#kittens#bethstern#kittenlady#adoptdontshop#cat

One of those days 😴

I decided to make the lovely Beth Stern the focus of my final Hamptons segment of the season because she does so much good on our east end year round. We talked about health, our love for animals & her husband Howard on @news12li today. I wanted to share her answer to this question because the importance of “alone time” with a partner has been a common topic lately when talking to friends & in my life too. Some of my friends blame the some of issues in their marriage on not making time for just them to know and “like” each other over the years. And others say it has been their key to growing and staying together. I’ll be honest, I hate to leave my son and go out without him, but I am quickly learning just how important that alone time with my husband is. For now, it’s a little tough for us (can’t imagine it will be easier with 2 kids!) so it means getting a sitter for after I put him to bed and meeting Mo at the restaurants and sometimes getting out of town to go eat someplace else after even though we are both tired. Or, like this weekend (we had our first overnight) , going someplace close by for a night away— that little time made a world of a difference. I’m still figuring it out! But I would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you @bethostern for always being open & honest & so kind. Happy upcoming 10th wedding Anniversary (& 20 together)! ❤️ #BethStern #HowardStern #Hamptons

Who remembers my baby???

This little goon toon 😍☺️

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