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Here's my transformation! The picture on the left, 20 year old college female wanting to get fit and put on some muscle. This was when I first started training and really got into fitness. I've had the same coach my entire career. He is now my fiancé @j_rogers30. The right was a few days ago. I am now 23 years old, done with college, and a new IFBB Bikini Pro. Still feels surreal to say that. I never would've guessed I would be where I am now. That's what makes my journey so amazing to me. I never expected any of it and god blessed me with this path. We all start somewhere. I changed my life to get where I am now. This was not in anyway an over night journey. It's always important to reflect on where you started and where you are now. I've come such a long way in 2.5 years. Although my competing career didn't start until June of 2016. I have been hooked to this lifestyle for quite sometime. Looking back I am so grateful for this journey I am on. It's never ending for me. As you can see I'm a lot more muscular, and my posing has tremendously improved. Overall I am a better person. Fitness changed my life not just physically but mentally. Competing is mentally tough, it takes guts, drive, discipline, and a great attitude to succeed in this industry. Majority of people will never understand the sacrifices us competitors make. Trust me its not easy. It only gets tougher once you get to the Pro level. But I love it! I love working so hard for something and making a difference. I love inspiring others to be the best person they can be. To me an athlete is someone on and off the field/stage. I am always looking to get better off the stage and on the stage. Perfection doesn't exist. So no matter what you do for a living, you can always get better. So here's to 6 more weeks of getting better and bringing my best package to date for my second pro show, the Sacramento Pro. #teamrogers #fitnessmotivation #transformationtuesday #bethelight #ifbbbikinipro

Proud to wear the 2017 @wearelumos #bethelight t-shirt 👌🏻Get yours at #lumoscrowdrise and help vulnerable children. ❤️

Because sometimes you just need to be SILLY. 😉💋 Slap on some lipstick, blast some Sam Hunt 🎶 and take a few silly selfies. Shake off the sadness and embrace the joy. I know it's not always easy - God knows I'm in that season of life right now - but I'm going to embrace the good. We all should. 😉♥️ #shamelessselfie #bethelight #happyhumpday #mermaidgang

You guys. THIS. This is a smoothie bowl from @atmanjuicebar and it's AMAZING. Not only is is pretty (because @harmony207 is a BOSS) but it was FLIPPING delicious. Loving my office for the day.... 😍 #shoplocal #supportlocal

I believe that creativity can change the world.
Somehow, I have been blessed to know two incredible women with different artistry yet the same purpose. They both stumbled into business to fill a need... equal representation for all children.
I have a memory of inviting a friend to my birthday party.... 3rd grade, maybe 4th? I was sad to learn that his mom wouldn't let him come because he was an oreo (a horribly derrogitory term for a child of mixed race in the early 90's) and I was a cracker (derrogitory term for a white kid). He was one of my best friends at school. He didn't tease me like the other kids. But because of a difference in melanin, it was hard for us to be friends. As a child I knew this was not right.
I remember my mom trying to console me, telling me that it was because my birthday fell juuuuuust a week after school let out. (Late May b'day) But the next fall, I knew she was wrong because he told me himself.... we couldn't be friends because we looked too different.
I wonder.... if all birthdays could represent the children they celebrated, would the same thing have happened?
Lynnette of @craftmyoccasion has a beautiful dream: that when her daughter wants a mermaid birthday party, she can find a mermaid paper plate that looks like her. Such a small thing.... yet so huge. How beautiful if ALL children could know that they are uniquely and beautifully made. Not an "us vs them" but an "us". It's up to us.... each of us. It's up to me as a mother to teach my blond haired blue eyed boys that the "different hair" or "different words" of their person of color classmates and friends are just that: different. Not bad, not less than, not something altogether other or something to be feared.... simply different. Why? Because we were made that way. Different. Variety. Colorful. Beautiful.
And Adowa of @adwoadesign has a similar mission. Dolls that look like the children who own them. And they've teamed up. And I'm loving every minute of it. Head over to @craftmyoccasion 's feed and learn all about this beautiful project.
Keep shining brightly, ladies. Our kids need to know that they are beautiful and worthy. Because they are.

I'm coming to see youuuu October 19th in Chapel Hill! I haven't talked about this event much because for so long October seemed WAY FAR AWAY.
But now it's right around the corner and I'm SO excited. This will be my first daylong "retreat" and I'm doing it as part of the amazing @terravitafest. We'll be nestled away in a gorgeous chapel for a day of yoga, breathing, laughing, learning and generally playing. There will be several special guests, including the infamous @chefscottcrawford.
Tickets are only $115 for the whole day and I'm already working up my playlist.
Details + registration on my website: lauramckowen.com/events. Temp link in profile.
I will also be in San Francisco at @lovestoryyoga on Sunday Oct 8 and in NYC and @skytingyoga on Sat Oct 21 for The Bigger Yes workshops. All info on my website.

Remove the shade, it helps you see better 💡☝🏽🙏🏽 #bethelight #shaderoom #positivity #positivequotes #positivevibes #positivethinker #scruff #humpday #godbless

Find what sparks a light in you and illuminate the world ✨✨ Link in bio to shop the I Am The Light Denim Jacket and more new arrivals #bethelight #raiseyourvibration #spiritualgangster


🦋✨Angels message for today✨🦋
The angels are asking you to be patient. When you're calm, you're better able to hear the voices of God's loving messengers. They're with you, and want to tell you that your prayers have been heard. Efforts are under way at this very moment to answer your prayers. Know that you've been heard, the angels ask you to wait just a little longer . Focus on the affirmation, *"Everything happens in Divine timing"* and be reassured that all is as its meant to be! There maybe people around you, who will try to test your patience. If you feel interrupted or distracted by others, work with *this healing flower Begonia*, as it will help you to enforce rules so that everyone benefits. You have important work to do, and it's best if you're given time and space to complete it. It's time to release frustration, anger and irritation. You'll soon be calmer and more peaceful, others are attracted to your beautiful energy. ❣Love and Light✨
🍀Celestial Living,
Neetu Uberoy Palan.

#angelicmessages #guidance #angelicguidance #angelguidance #positive #vibes #answers #prayers #happy #love #light #happytimes #spiritual #lightworker #lightwork #healing #oracle #universe #feelgood #healing #destress #spiritualgrowth #earthangel #bethelight #shineyourlight #highvibes #manifest #magical #intuition #archangel

🦋✨Angels tarot guidance for today✨🦋
It's time to rest. Take a vacation or just create time to regroup and rejuvenate. Retreat from the world and any stress or concerns. If you've been ill, focus upon healing and don't rush back into action. You need some time alone. This situation requires significant reflection on your part. Mediation may provide the answers you seek if you've exhausted all intellectual possibilities for a solution. Allow more time before making a choice. It's the end of a stressful period. ❣Love and Light✨
🍀Celestial Living,
Neetu Uberoy Palan.

#tarotfortheday #angel #tarot #angels #guidance #positive #vibes #positivevibes #spiritual #lightworker #lightwork #cards #oracle #universe #feelgood #healing #destress #spiritualgrowth #earthangel #bethelight #shineyourlight #highvibes #manifest #magical #intuition #dreams #work

The moment you start to accept yourself fully is the moment the universe starts to open up in ways you couldn't even conceive possible. But it's not just about acceptance of the obvious. It's a deep acceptance of the truth of your soul. How does one know that? You learn to listen to your heart instead of the chaos all around you. 🙌🏼🔮

Be like a Sunflower 🌻 so that even on the darkest days you will stand tall and find sunlight. "Keep your face to the sunshine ☀️ and you cannot see the shadows. " #helenkeller #wednesdaywordsofwisdom #belikeasunflower #belikeasunflowerandfollowthesun #thanksgivingpoint #lehiutah #801 #visitutahvalley #squeezingoutthelastbitofsummer #shine #bethelight #sharekindness #happywednesday

Busy is the simplest four letter word that breaks us all down until we can't breathe. Busy robs us of joy and can destroy even the strongest bodybuilder. Busy is a common response to "how are you doing?" and is just a knee-jerk reaction to our day. Busy is what we choose every day and can even be seen as a badge of success. But why? Why do we let this four letter word ruin our happiness?
If I am really truthful with you, I would have to say that this is the kind of photo that I love the most. It is this moment that speaks volumes of the opposite of busy. To me this photo highlights family peace and provides room for a deep breath, appreciation and gratitude. Time comes to a halt. Busy has no power in this photo and only silence can survive. This is what I try to photograph on every photo shoot and what I aim to create in my every day. Even though busy still creeps in, I push it away with my camera. Aahhh....

To say that the last couple weeks have been rough on me is an understatement. But I'm trying to slow down and refocus on self-care so that I can stop lashing out at the ones who love me most. My Love started to tell me tonight about something he learned from a dear Japanese friend of his, about the way they valued the brokenness of things by mending them with gold, and I said "I know about this!! @emilymcdowell_ has a card about it!!" ✨I'm so incredibly fortunate to be loved and made to feel golden 💛🙏🏻💛✨ #love #itsokaynottobeokay #brokenisbeautiful #bethechange #bethelight #lovewarrior #selfcareisntselfish #selfcareissacred

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