We are the sum of our DNA, our experiences + our thoughts. Do we have choice or are we subject to chance?

Happy..Happy ❤️Variety may be the spice of life, but consistency is the path to Good Happy Habits☝️
Practice happiness 😊
Instruction today with @shawnachor while attending the opening session at @ispadoyou.....#knowledgebomb 💣
Make a list each day that dives deep into the little nuggets... what brings you to #happy ...
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And the goodies keep on coming! Our favorite Eminence Beauty Experts’ Top Picks! #pilosityperfect #pilositypro #Knesko #Sothysathletics #bethegood #circadia #beauty #vanity

As the Juice Plus+ company thrives, our Core Beliefs continue to set the tone for our success. We stand on the following principals:
LONGEVITY: Since our founding, we have focused on being good stewards of the long-term well-being of our customers, our representatives, our employees, and our partners.
AUTHENTICITY: It’s in our DNA to say what we do and do what we say in all our relationships.
QUALITY: We strive to deliver premium and sustainable products and services for our customers and our employees.
COMMUNITY: Healthy living takes more than a healthy body; it takes a community of like-minded friends with a common purpose.  We call this the Juice Plus+ Family. To do our part for those in need, we give back through the Juice Plus+ Foundation.
SIMPLICITY: We try to make everything as simple as possible — from maintaining good nutrition to running a strong business.
BEING APPROACHABLE: We openly share our Core Beliefs and welcome feedback on our mission, products, services and our company.

Merry Monday, but most importantly Happy New Week! It’s a clean slate, start over, new beginning every week! Be better than you were the last week, shine brighter, work harder and good things will happen! ☺️🌟🙌🏼
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...and who deserves love and goodness and kindness?
E V E R Y O N E. 💕

"What other people think of you is none of your business." - @msrachelhollis
I noticed 7 neighbors coming home & looking in. I could close my blinds & take out the screen door so the neighbors coming home don't know I'm keeping promises to myself. But why?! They will think what they want. I'm creating a better me for me & my kids. Day by day. No matter who is watching. Or who isn't #selflove #selfcare #bodylove #goals #goaldigger #itsaboutliving #liveyourbestlife #creatingabettermeforme #andforthem #onwardandupward

Obsessing over this kids line and I’m not the only one 😍 My daughter claimed it for good chunk of the day (did you see my insta-stories?)😆. In all seriousness, how beautiful is it to be able to raise our children with tools that focus on preventative and self care measures? How beautiful is it to show them how to manage emotions from a early age? This line is just one more way we are shaping, empowering and changing healthcare ❤️ I am so proud to a ripple of change with the most tested, most trusted essential oils on the planet. @doterra you have my whole heart ❤️❤️❤️

Do you feel like you look like Dwight Schrute when the gang is taught CPR whenever you put on a face mask.. or is that just me 😂🤷🏼‍♀️. Must admit thanks to strep. today has been another self care day! I still feel like junk and resting has felt amazing. I must admit That turned a bit stressful! I got a call back from my OBs office. And That biopsy they did came back chalk full of red blood cells! ( which I guess apparently shouldn’t happen). My nurse went over all the info in the biopsy results with me, but the doctor hasn’t had a chance to look over it yet, so the doc will be calling me in the AM to tell me what the next step is! And I thought this week was going to have no medical stuff in it 😂 but I guess with my life that is an impossibility. But today I am grateful for amazing humans! On Saturday I had to go to an out of town instacare, and then an out of town pharmacy after, and they didn’t have the full dose of the med I needed. So thankfully a family friend works there who is the sweetest person EVER, and she had to come out to my town today, and I can’t drive, and had no way to get out to get that medication today. . so she just dropped the med off at my house like it was no big deal! ❤️. When it was a HUGE deal! That random act of kindness brought sunshine to my soul!! There are so many amazing people on this earth! ❤️. Every day may not be good.. but there is a little good in every day ❤️! #smileon🐷 #bethegood #ldsblogger #spoonie #theoffice

This is hands down my favorite quote! And also the one I make the most of. Kindness is just so easy. And the best part, is that it’s FREE!! With all the drama that’s going on in D.C., the communities in NC and SC that are struggling and still without power, the mamas and babies around the world without daddies home to love on them. Everyone’s fighting their own battle. Let’s show some kindness.... and pass it on. #kindnessinspireskindness #shylamoon #passiton #bethegood

This was given to us Sunday at church and I plan on doing this everyday. What if instead of focusing on the negativity, be it gossip, lying, pain, people, the world etc etc.... we started focusing on the good? So today to start off, I'm exposing this goodness. This sweet little baby "sister" of mine.
Its amazing how God pre plans people to be in your life. We became friends 2 years ago and I never ever thought we'd end up here. But God knew we would need each other. She has helped me so much this year in a way I don't think anyone could. And he planted her in my life a year prior for 2018. Of that I am sure. Literally the definition of ride or die. I can't imagine a better best friend in my head. She has been a supporter. A cheerleader. A rock. A savior. I can say in one breath I truly dont know if I would be here anymore if not for her and my love for her.
You may have a friend...but not like us.
I thank God every day for you @brewer_macayla #bethegood #love #bestfriends

Can I just recommend this dystopian fantasy? It's the second book in The Awakened trilogy by @authorljandrews and just as captivating as the first, if not more so. Adventure, intrigue, and raw internal struggles for the main characters. I could hardly put this down. Though I did go to the store where I saw this wine I thought I ought to be drinking while I read about an Uprising. You can see my full review of the book (not the wine, I didn't actually buy it) through the profile link. #ljandrews #theawakened #bethegood #winemilkbooks #embersofresistance #ya #dystopia #fantasy #whattoreadnext #booktwo #bookreview #bookcover #theuprising #adventure #cantputthebookdown

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