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Last night we hosted a #ClimateMarch panel at the @patagoniadc store with four involved, effective and unique voices and we asked them, "How do you create positive change in your life and in the world, in light of overwhelming anxiety and opposition?" We learned that you need to do four things: 1) focus, on a single issue. 2) friends, connect with like minded people. 3) strategy, create both a defense and offense. 4) food & family, don't forget to feed your body and spirit during the fight. And today we marched in unison, with tens of thousands, along the avenues of the nation's capital, raising our voices, our demands and our hopes. #stayfocused #findfriends #makeaplan #eatandlovewell #bethechange
This @timmyoneill signing off from the #ClimateMarch. Photo: @_timdavis_

The Plant of the Future & the Past!
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Not your competition brought to you by #grrrlarmy 💪🏻💜 Near or far, there is a member of the GRRRL Army wherever you are! @fylme and I are Twinning from across the country because that's what badasses do!!! Grrrl Army, where women unite and are not at each other to fight. #unity #grrrltwinning #grrrltwin #lifteachotherup #empower #bodypositive #notyourcompetition #strongwomen #bethechange #cometogether #inclusive #everybodyloveeverybody #grrrlclothing #rawr @grrrl_clothing @kortney_olson @stephasaurusrex_grrrl

Hoje à noite me lembrou os primeiros cultos Dunamis! Quando a presença de Deus invadia o lugar e raptava a reunião. Aquelas noites quando o vento te empurra e você cai dentro das aguas e é impelido a sair do script. E por mais que por aqui tudo é planejado e preparado com muito zelo, a palavra final é dEle. Posso abrir mão de muitas coisas, mas não abro mão da presença manifesta do Senhor! De nada vale ter excelência na música, organização impecável, e boa teologia se não culminar num encontro com a pessoa de Jesus.
Bill Johnson já dizia: "É difícil ter o mesmo fruto da igreja primitiva quando valorizamos mais um livro que eles não tinham do que o Espírito Santo que eles tinham." De maneira alguma diminuímos o valor das Escrituras. Mas não quero estudar as Escrituras só para ter conhecimento teológico. Quero estudar para ter encontros com a Sua presença manifesta!
O Dunamis começou por que cremos que em um encontro tudo pode mudar. Assim como foi para a mulher do fluxo de sangue, para o endemoniado gadareno, e a filha de Jairo. Oro para que nesse WKND em Campinas o toque da presença dEle tenha feito toda a diferença! #dunamiswkndcampinas #dunamislifestyle #bethechange #nextlevel #revivalandreformation #onetouch

Sadly, we can't be in DC but we are marching in spirit!! All my energy and love going to everyone willing to stand for this beautiful planet we call home. 🌏 @protectourwinters @myshellparker #InOurHands #ClimateMarch #protectourwinters #Bethechange 📸: @paddyroc

This boy @kylewertz is doing the AIDS lifecycle this summer, riding 545 miles from SF to LA, raising money to assist those living with disease and to prevent further spread of the disease. He's got $1,250 left to go to meet his goal. If you can help him out head to his bio to make a donation and help create a world without AIDS! Thank you so much!
#lifecycle #aidsfreegeneration #545SFtoLA #bethechange #giveback

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that showed up at our Miami @fash_rev event last night! We had over 100 people taking the vibe and this conscious movement to another level!! I can't even begin to describe the amount of love I received from you guys! From a beautiful person that flew from Puerto Rico for this event, to amazing souls that had been following my journey and wanted super strong hugs. My heart is full! Beyond words! I'll be talking more about this event and the "fashion revolution" movement on my blog next week. My India posts are also coming up on the blog next week so stay tuned! You'll be receiving an exciting overdose of consciousness! 💋🌏💕 Wearing a fairtrade dress by @mettalovingkindness, recycled bubble wrap clutch by @shopbubblebags, and recycled plastic sandals by @melissashoesusa. 🎥 @theonikas @thefulledit #liveconsciously #whomademyclothes #fashionrevolution #sustainable #fairtrade #veganfashion #consciouslifestyle #waterthruskin


Another gorgeous day on the water working with kids and boards.
Change lives.
Be the change you want to see.
#outdooroutreach #volunteering #volunteer #nbd #paddleboarding #sup #getoutside #fitness #fitgirls #adventure #betheadventure #keepgoing #keepmoving #sandiegolife #sandiego #water #giveback #bethechange

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"It is finished." Christ Jesus
‭The finished work brings joy & gladness. Here is some good news for you today + an invitation to the most exciting mission there is, "And all of this is a gift from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation. So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God! (2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:18-20‬).""‬

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BRUTAL day in syria
EIGHT #whitehelmets killed
#truth #WakeUpWorld #parenthood #bethechange #politicalmemes #bestoftheday #unplug #wakeup #staywoke #stopwar #endwar #nomorewar #freesyria #freepalestine #freeyemen #blacklivesmatter
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Via @abdalazez__kataz
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#شام| #روسيا_تقصف_الدفاع_المدني_السوري
ثمانية شهداء من "الدفاع المدني السوري" من مركز كفرزيتا استشهدوا اليوم جراء قصف الطيران الروسي مركزهم في المدينة بعدة صواريخ، وهم "غسان الدلال، أحمد خالد المصطفى، مصطفى النجار، أحمد الحلاق، عامر العبود، أحمد الحسين، مازن السجناوي، عبدالحليم شاهين".

Fantastic day of training with our team, and special appearances by CFO and President Dave Briskie, Alex Theis, Sean Brown, Sheryl Morley and Dr. Peter Glidden!
#ygy #ygyi #youngevity #youngevityfamily #youngevitycanada #bethechange

We had the pleasure of meeting (and feeding) these beautiful rescues yesterday 🌾🐐 These are some of the lucky few that truly get to live their lives roaming outside, freely and without fear of being sent to slaughter 💛
It feels good knowing that everyday we are saving lives by opting to eat a plant based diet + by helping to educate and inspire others to do the same🌽🍓🌿 If you're not yet vegan but you'd like to give it a go for your health, the animals and the environment, then we can help. We've got some blog posts on our website that will help answer questions like "where do you get your protein from?" etc. ✨
To everyone that is already a voice for the voiceless, thank you! 💗🙏 Somedays can be tough, but with each day you're saving an animals life and that's worth fighting for 👊🌟✨#bekindtoeverykind

Successful people set goals.

Notice that I didn't say that they hit them, but they set goals. It's the first thing that they think about when they wake up and it's the last thing that they think about when going to bed.

They aren't immune to hard times. In fact, many of them don't hit their goals because they take a daily action, building up stamina with consistent efforts, slowly making progress towards those goals until one day they achieve them.

Whether your goal is to lose 15lbs or 75lbs, whether you want to increase your income by 10% or 100%, if you want to spend more time with your family, be a better wife, be a better mom, be a better daughter, be a better friend, be a better you, be better at time management, be better with family finances, whatever it is that you want to be better at... it starts with a goal.

Setting goals, writing them down and actively working towards those goals... daily and consistently, you will become the person you strive to be.

What's one goal that you are working on? Or maybe you are starting off and declaring and goal today...what is it?

Fantastic day of training with our team, and special appearances by CFO and President Dave Briskie, Alex Theis, Sean Brown, Sheryl Morley and Dr. Peter Glidden!
#ygy #ygyi #youngevity #youngevityfamily #youngevitycanada #bethechange

#newyork is about to get a massive dose of #love today. Its time, it's happening .... #bethechange #excited #kindness #compassion #freedom

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