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"Working lunch" with my girl & biz partner @joannaminah. #rflife #betheceoofyou #treatyoself

Another Lexus event for the books! Congrats Becca, see you in Vegas!!
#rflife #lexusachiever #betheCEOofYOU #lifechangingskincare

These TSA approved travel size Redefine regimens are everything 😍 so tiny and adorable!!!
Who wants THREE of them for FREE! Join me in business in the next 36 hours with either of our business building kits, and they're yours!! 🎉🙌🏼
I've already had one person take advantage of this, and I'm looking for 3 more! If you've considered it, let's do it! If you'd like to have an extra stream of income, I'd love to coach you! You'd also have the support of our amazing leaders too!
You may be looking just to earn an extra $200 a month (like I was) or maybe even $2000 a month. I'm here to show you how it's been done, duplicated, and changed soooo many lives on our team. 🎉
There are some exciting things on the horizon, and I'm looking for those who are hungry for change and who desire to make a difference!!
Does that sound like you? You know what to do! Let's talk!
#RFjourney #lifechangingskincare #BetheCEOofYOU

Happy Friday!!! I woke up to BIG news!

THIS WEEKEND ONLY, partner with me and you'll receive THREE travel size Redefine Regimens with your business kit! 🙌🏻 AND...get our SOLD OUT Lash Boost only available in the kit too!
This offer is only around for 3 days and while supplies last!#travelsizesareamazing
If you've been thinking about it...this is your time!

Work from ANYWHERE, anytime.
So very grateful for my Rodan + Fields business... allows me so much FREEDOM!
Join my team and we can fit it around your schedule!! #myofficeview #businessredefined #betheCEOofyou #teamGive

Happy Friday!! One of the best things about having a virtual business is being able to work it from anywhere in the world. No inventory, no delivery, no parties...and everything is done online for orders, marketing, communications and more. YES you can get paid for being on social media. Are you ready to be the CEO of your own business? Message me for more info.
#lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #betheCEOofyou

Received a fun gift in the mail!!

So here it is... People ask me all the time ... so let me explain
What DO you do?! ✔️ I wash my face. ✔️ I answer questions. ✔️ I talk to people. ✔️ I post on social media
✔️ I help people with their skin. ✔️ I speak with people all over the US that are wanting to know more. ✔️ I work for the fastest growing premium skincare brand in America. ✔️ I train people to do what I do.
✔️ I have fun...I now have choices. ✔️ We sell millions (and millions) of dollars in skincare every year.
✔️I simply share what we have to offer, PROVE what it can do, what it's done for me and my team and what it can do for you, too!

Simplicity at its finest. Nobody likes to be sold to. But people LOVE to purchase. It's not a sales business. It's a relationship business. And when your true intent is to HELP other people? You'll find your business growing.

What I DON'T do?
❌ I don't carry inventory. ❌ I don't do deliveries. ❌ I don't handle cash flow.

#lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #betheCEOofyou #lovetheskinyourein

Its not a get rich quick scheme...It's a 3-5 year business plan that has a roadmap to success!

Join our community of entrepreneurs and experience healthier, younger-looking skin, connections with great people, opportunities for personal growth and your own business in the skincare industry.
#direction #businessplan #joinus #betheceoofyou #RFlife


Truth!!! I DO WHAT I LOVE...Share my favorite things with my girlfriends...AND LOVE WHAT I DO...help others achieve beautiful glowing skin and lashes AND Confidence!!! The friendships I have made in this business are amazing. The encouragement and support is is like no other. #LovemyJob #lovemylife #lovemyRandFsisters #support #inspiration #encouragement #foreverfriendships #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #lovetheskinyourein #betheCEOofyou

Is that inner voice telling you, "Just call her and see what this is all about?" Then listen to it.
I am an open book about this business, the income I've seen, the time it takes me, the challenges, the successes. Anything you want to know, just ask. ☑️Could you use some extra cash?
☑️Do you want more time for yourself and your family?
☑️Do you want more flexibility in your work schedule?
☑️Do you know anybody with skin?
If you answered yes to these questions, then it's time for you and I to talk! #yesitsreal #yesyoucanmakemoney #washyourfaceandtalkaboutit #lifechangingskincare #wifiandadream #timefreedom #wearenumberoneforareason #realpeople #realresults #proventrackrecord #betheceoofyou #joinme #goingtothetop

"Working lunch" with my girl & biz partner @joannaminah. #rflife #betheceoofyou #treatyoself

Please help me congratulate Leanne Bamborough on the start of her own Rodan+Fields business!!! She's a super busy mom & very excited to work this business on her terms! Leanne seized the opportunity to increase her financial flexability while helping people take control of their skincare concerns and regain confidence in their skin.
Her timing couldn't be better either......R+F just reached billion dollar brand status and is the #1 skincare brand in the US and is now ready to take Australia by storm!!!
Please reach out to Leanne to get yourself started with these award winning products and to learn if this opportunity could be the right fit for you too!
#rodanandfields #Australiaherewecome #betheceoofyou #whatareyouwaitingfor #joinleanne #rfjourney #newbusinessnewyou

These two 🌟 They’ve come a long way baby since their Proactiv® days.
Featured in the NEW YORK TIMES, not only did Rodan + Fields surpass all other more established skin care companies in revenue last year, but one single product, Lash Boost® has sales that should top $175 million in its first year, surpassing the sales of well known lash products!

Not your parent's "party plan" model.
1. virtual business is changing the face of skincare w/ over 1 million customers and a few hundred thousand distributors.

2. Forbes anticipates Global skincare to reach $130 Billion by 2019.
3. In 8 short years we have barely scratched the surface.
As female founders, R+F has built a business that enables people to have more control of their lives, their goal and legacy is to unleash the power of team and the power of the American woman, or, as Rodan said, "put your aces in their places." 🌟

#rfjourney #lashbost #atx #sunday #dreambigger #nytimes #freepress #betheceoofyou #1 #leapoffaith #putyouracesintheirplaces

This.Is.A.BIG.DEAL!!! Our Current Fast Start Double Reimbursement Ends September 30th !!! If you join me this month, you'll get the opportunity to Earn the cost of your Kit Back NOT Just Once BUT TWICE!!! (I so wish this had been around when I joined...) It's Totally Doable if you're motivated and hit the ground running 🏃 !!!
I'm offering a FREE Regimen ($200 Retail Value) through tonight AND I'll pay for your Virtual Convention So you can view all of the Training Sessions On-Demand.
When we Launch our New Product(s) on October 6th You'll be Glad you took this BIG STEP toward Building a Business of your very own!
#yourbusiness #rodanandfields

I met this beauty, Hayley Ludwig, at what I call "Mom group," at UC Davis, when I was pregnant. We have kept in touch so she's seen my relentless posts #sorrynotsorry, and as a former lover of extensions, she recently decided to give Lash Boost a try. Well, TA-DAAA!!!! More amazing results! Thank you, Hayley, for letting me share your results and, most of all, for supporting my business! I am thrilled that you love your new lashes! ♥️ #realpeople #reallashes #lashboost #getsome #icanhookyouup #rodanandfields #rflife #premiumskincare #lifechangingskincare #lashesfordays #smartbusiness #residualincome #betheceoofyou #timefreedom #thankyourf

☆☆☆More reason to join my R+F team NOW!! We have NEW PRODUCTS launching at our upcoming October convention in Vegas!! !! I remember last year when LASH BOOST and ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM launched! Those new products caused a huge upsurge in our business.

This is all I can tell you right now:
✔️It is brand new to the skincare industry. ✔️It is projected to •TRIPLE• our revenue. ✔️People will be looking for a consultant to buy it from. (Why not you?)
✔️It is exclusive to Rodan+Fields. ✔️It will be introduced at convention in October and I’ll be one of the first ones to learn about it, use it and share it with you...unless you decide to jump on this train and view via Virtual Convention!! --> Then you’ll get first dibs, too!

If you’ve been considering this opportunity....JUMP IN!!! YOU want to be part of this NEW RELEASE!! #Newproducts #convention #INVEST #betheCEOofyou #bossbabes #teamBE #TAKETHELEAP #investinyourfuture

What makes YOU HAPPY?
What consumes your day?
Compare & adjust accordingly.
Make your PASSION your PAYCHECK💸😉 #makeyourpassionyourpaycheck #fitnessbusiness #betheceoofyou #goalsetting #primaryfood

Have you been thinking about Rodan and Fields but are hesitant? I've had a number of people want to join me in business, but they seem to have the same 3 main questions/hesitations. Let me address those.... #1 TIME - I'm busy! We are all busy, it's true. BUT, this business can work for EVERYONE. You can work from the palm of your hand and have the flexibility to work when and where you want. Make use of the “wasted” times of your day: commuting, waiting at an appointment, during lunch...You get the idea!

#2 NOT A SALESPERSON - Good! I am not looking for sales people. If you can wash your face and share that with people, you've already got it down. R+F products work and people love to post and talk about stuff they love. I bet you have even promoted something on social media before without even realizing it - a restaurant, a vacation spot, a book, but did you get paid for it? Probably not.

#3 DO I NEED TO HOST PARTIES? - NO. Unlike other network marketing companies, Rodan + Fields does NOT have inventory, a party model, or deliveries!
If you’ve thought about having your own business, or a fun side gig for extra monthly income... all I can say is TAKE THE LEAP!! Invest in yourself and your future by joining Rodan and Fields!!! What do you have to lose?! Let's chat!


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? If 2 Stanford trained Dr's asked you to partner up with them, what would YOUR answer be? Dr's Rodan + Fields have founded not 1, but 2 BILLION dollar businesses. Our products are currently sold in the United States, Canada and as of last week, Australia! Wouldn't it be worth a conversation to see if this opportunity might be the right fit for you?
I am so grateful that I said yes! Don't let your fear or pre-conceived notions hold you back. DM me and let's chat. No pressure, just the facts.
#rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare #opportunityofalifetime #goforit #bossbabe #betheceoofyou #whatifyouwereyourownboss

The ASK Faith! Personal Branding Webinar Question and Answer Session has launched!!! If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, this is your opportunity to get direct and live access to me, and ask any questions about how to build your personal brand to stand out and grow your business. First session date is Oct 3rd at 11:30am. Special launch fee of only $9.97!! What!! I know. Crazy!! You will be getting Million Dollar nuggets based on my 25+ years of being a global Brandon, advertising and marketing professional and Fortune 500 influencer!!Click now and register: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SADFCNXBUGZ96

🇺🇸 We began in the USA 9 years ago and are now the #1 Skincare brand in the country💯 🇨🇦 2 years ago we began our global expansion into Canada and are now the #1 premium skincare brand in Canada🥇 🇦🇺 Last week we officially launched in AUSTRALIA!🍾 When I started my business 2 years ago, I didn't know what to expect, but now I have supplemental income every month which allows for more financial freedom.

THAT is the power of a credible brand, clinically proven products, a unique business model and exceptional support👏👏 Let's talk about what getting in on this opportunity could mean for you and your family‼️ #usa #canada #australia #asiaisnext #whatareyouwaitingfor #lifechangingskincare #betheceoofyou

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