Berg Lake, three things to do.
That feeling when you wake up in your warm cosy sleeping bag, crisp cool mountain air lightly touching your skin. It doesn’t get any better than this. Waking up with the sun rising above Mount Robson…this is what life should be like.
Read in my new blog what I did around Berg Lake during my 3 day stay! #backpackbren #golive #exploremore

Maybe this question is way to deep for Instagram.... But, how the F do you get rid of the feeling from always being in the wrong place and having fomo for other stuff? Never really be in the moment and always think about something else. Even with views like this I have that feeling some times.. I'm a spoiled..? do I worry to much? Is my mind to strong? Or what is it? 😄

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Never will I ever skip a waxing on a surfboard again after straining my mcl on big Wednesday at Burros in Punta Mita Mexico! Booooooooooo!!!!!!!! Not happy about this lesson! #puntamita #bigswell #notsoswelloutcomeparame #butthecrewssscoooorrrrrreeedd

Paradise in a castle 🌄 @jsins5 @just_on_time_1 @kwise10

No need to worry people I made it to Boston!!! It only took 11hrs and 7 states....Halfway through my Sunday, riding Blue Ridge Parkway, I got hit with some heavy rain off and on. After looking at the radar I realized there was a big ass storm heading towards my final destination / camp area. Sadly this meant only doing half of the Blue Ridge ride. So I decided to do an audible and go around the storm. That obviously did not work out cuz another storm came through and got me good in Virginia. So I decided to do research and realized storms are coming both Tuesday and Wednesday throughout my ride. I figured I had enough rain for this trip so I decided to skip on a few destinations just get into Boston without running into rain. Literally 5 minutes into my ride this morning I got rained on but it's okay because it didn't last long and it wasn't heavy rain like the last two days. Now to plan stuff for my ride back! But first let me sleep😴
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i was actually extremely lost when i took this pic. i had just checked into my airbnb & i started to walk around a bit. i found myself in a panic cuz i was all alone & had no idea how to communicate w people. i quickly realized that traveling alone is not easy. however, it humbles you real quick & you start to figure things out. you slowly crawl out of your comfort zone. this was one of my first weekends alone in a foreign country. just me & my brain. it was a big challenge mentally & emotionally but DAM i think i grew up six sizes that weekend. and i found myself doing a lot more alone & being ok w it. just rly thankful for all that i learned /fin

It was an awesome day at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Pandora completely left me speechless. You can see a little bit about what I'm talking about in this pic. This was taken in Pandora.

These two have been married a year and that’s pretty cool. 🙌🏼

Ripper time up north

Back on tools. Felt so humbling and refreshing... almost like starting over. Each season brings a new transition. One that continues to remind me there's always a new obstacle to overcome. Love the adventure 💜
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exactly one (1) year ago , i flew away to explore more of this giant but also v smol floating rock we live on 🌙 grazie di tutto @italy <333

In the medical field the term "cow" refers to a computer on wheels. Often it is used by medical professionals to chart as they talk to patients or move from room to room, increasing efficiency. #funmedicalfact

You gotta start ‘em young!

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