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Classy(ness) is the attraction in a female #beThat 💅🏽

I really don't know whether I started fast or slow but I do know that at some point I STARTED and I refuse to stop! @Honda #PowerOfDreams #BeThat #Dreams #Honda

Light up the streets wherever you go. #BeThat #HondaCRV

This caption used to irritate me to no end. The implication is that a gentleman is no different than any lecherous man; he is merely more patient with his prey. As a person who strives to live and teach gentlemanness, I would bristle at the accusation that my life is based on a false premise, deceptive actions taken only to lure unsuspecting women into submission.
Then I decided to take a more introspective look at the wolf (I have no idea why I have been so focused on canines lately, but I digress).Wolf packs usually consist of a pair, mated for life, and their family. Wolves hunt together and eat together, using intelligence and cooperation to bring down their targets. If food supplies are scarce, the pups eat before the parents. Wolves eat what they kill, usually killing others only to defend their territory from intruders.

Compare this with the lion, for example. The male lion is lazy, leaving his woman to do the majority of hunting. He lays around sleeping most of the time. He mates with all the females in the pride (usually finishing the task in a minimal amount of time) and allows no other adult males. Despite his lack of assistance, he eats first after a kill--and will kill the unsuspecting cub who tried to eat before him. Indeed, if he joins a pride, he kills all cubs that are not his. Lions despise hyenas, and will kill them on sight.
So to that end, yes. A gentleman SHOULD be Lana Turner's more patient wolf--more patient with your mate-for-life, with your pack, with your altruism, with protecting those in your circle, and with the pursuit of what you eat from.
Better a wolf than a lion, I say.

#TheCompleteGentleman #TheRealGCode #AMorePatientWolf #BeThat #RunYourPack

Blessed. #BETHAT 🏀

#repost @honda
Capture your greatest accomplishments in the all new crv 2017 #honda#crv#bethat

I'm fucking astonished.
I feel a sense of heat within my body right now.
Two days ago, I was in yet another negative vibe with this creative journey,
When I tell you,
I am shooked watching this entire series.
Literally had me on the edge of my seat, tears coming to my eyes witnessing it all.
Soaking it all up.
Sweet Jesus.
Thank you for this.
Thank you, @drdre. #TheDefiantOnes
#fuckingGREAT, #BEthat. #STICK!

It is only a matter of creating the light!

#youarethelight #bethat #createthat #talkaboutit #justtalk 🌸🌼


Why is this concept so hard for some people? #BeThat #SeeThat

💗💗💗 Know WHOSE you are and WHO you are and nothing will ever be the same!! #YOUareextraordinary #bethat #forHisglory

Well yeah..... 🤣😂🇺🇸 2A👊🏽

Eekkkk!!!!!! New BodyFlow!!!!!💙💙💙 Be on your mat, excited and ready to flow at 7:35!!!!!✌💙🕉 #newyoga #happy #loveyourself #bethat #iloveyoga #mondaynight #yogathenfootball

Everyone else is already taken.
Shine brighter than the stars, YOU are worth it.
#findyourself #bethat #whybeanyoneelse #worthit #you #are #worthit #momonamission #learngrowinspire #familyfirst

Lord, thank You that You wrote a book—a book that’s alive and active, piercing and transforming me. Thank You that Your Word revives my soul and gives me wisdom. Please help me not to take Your Word for granted but to immerse myself in it more and more. Thank You that every time I engage with Scripture, You meet me and sanctify me. Please transform me, Lord—for Your glory and my good. In Jesus’ name, and with deep gratitude, amen.

Period...... 🇺🇸💯 #Respect #NFL

I am🃏my own GUARDIAN ANGEL‼️ I #Believe there is #NoRealReligion⚠️🆓in this planet🌏we’re LIVING in!👌🏼 There is NO REAL GOD☮️ I was BORN a Catholic. The ONLY reason I go to CHURCH is to make my MUM❤️happy!✌🏼#MyLife🌈👉🏼 #MyChoice👨‍👧‍👦#BeThat!🤙🏼

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