john-marie said that France was just a layover so what if she’s coming to australia!!! ahhh I will literally die of happiness 💘

could someone send me a bunch happy-lisha videos ( videos of alisha smiling) I WILL LITERALLY LOVE YOU FORVER AND WILL GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO YOU ILY💘💗💓💞

hiii! so I finally converted into a pll confession account! I’m so so happy I made this change & hope you guys will stick around for the future! start dming me confessions about your fav characters / complaints about pll and I will post them! thank you again for your patience! ily all sm💘

Oooff this looks so lit! Last post for the day 💗💜❣️💞hope you guys had an amazing day —Sabrina performing “thumbs” in Cleveland, Ohio August 17,2017 #sabrinacarpenter

video creds: @maakeupbylia
song: sun goes down
audioswapped 😜 •

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Any ideas on what SC3 will be called? //what do u guys think It’ll be called?? Personally I have no idea it could literally be called anything but I hope it’s self titled honestly (ngl) 💖💖💖 —Sabrina performing “wildside” in Detroit, Michigan August 12,2017 #sabrinacarpenter

Who’s loving today’s tutorial!? If you haven’t seen it yet go check it out! Link in bio

Bethers Smileeee 😍 #BethanyMota

I’m losing interest in this blog. I’ve been away for sooo long.
I think from this moment on, this will be an Instagram for BETHANY MOTA.
She desrespected me, called me names, said I was a bad fan because I haven’t bought any of her merch, I explained that im from Australia and I have been traveling for a while for a can’t get merch sent to me but she didn’t care.
When I first saw her in LA I got so excited I said hi I’m a big fan and asked nicely for a picture she said sure and asked me for my Instagram and said what it was and that’s when she started laughing and calling me names. .
My trip to America has been ruined by her.
She disappointed me so much i wanted to cry.
She’s changed so much even her videos have changed she always posts ads and her videos are now all click bait. Anyway I don’t want to go on and on. .

That’s all bye.
#meredithfoster #mere #merebear #bethanymota #stilababe09 #bethmota #rant #news #update

I’m literally 10 away to 1k OML 💖💓💗❣️💗💓💞💝💟❤️💙💝💞🧡❣️💓I’ll probably be posting twice today 💟💟 —Sabrina performing “don’t want it back” in freehold,New Jersey November 25,2017 #sabrinacarpenter

Beth edit! I’m starting to be a little more active yay :)) #bethanymota #simpleedit

if you zoom in very close you can see France! omfg I’m so jealous of she is going there ahhh

omfg I really hope alisha is coming to australia so I can maybe meet her ahhh djjdhsnsbdhd!🙌🏼💗

literally so so stunning

[HD] babe reveals which kardash is hair goals
@bethanynoelm #bethanymota #motavator #motafam

Beth. #bethanymota

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