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Courage, sacrifice,determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of.
-Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton - Hamilton is a native Hawaiian who at a young age was on her way to becoming a pro surfer, but at only 13 had her left arm bitten off by a tiger shark. After recovery, she struggled to surf again, but taught herself how to surf once more and became an International Surf Champion. --> Watch Soul Surfer #illustration #bethanyhamilton

"Coraggio, sacrificio, determinazione, impegno, tenacia, cuore, talento, coraggio. Questi sono gli ingredienti con cui sono fatte le bamboline, c'è pure zucchero e zenzero".
Bethany Hamilton, surfista #donnecheispirano

Bethany è nata alle Hawaii nella baia di Kauai. Ha iniziato a fare surf prima che a camminare, ereditando la passione da entrambi i suoi genitori, surfisti provetti. Il suo era un talento un dono innato.
A 13 anni viene attaccata da uno squalo tigre di 8 metri che le addenta il braccio all’altezza della spalla e la trascina sul fondo. Beth lotta e riesce miracolosamente a salvarsi, ma il braccio le viene amputato.
Otto giorni dopo l'incidente Beth è sulla spiaggia, due settimane dopo è sul surf a capire come mantenere l’equilibrio con un braccio solo: rinforza la sua muscolatura in modo asimmetrico per dare consistenza dove c’è bisogno e resetta tutto quello che aveva imparato per riprogrammare allenamenti, stile e sensibilità.
La storia di Beth mi ha emozionata, mi ha ispirata e mi ha fatto pensare quanto passione, coraggio, visione, costanza, allenamento fisico e mentale, fiducia nelle proprie capacità, amore per se stessi siano fondamentali per vivere pienamente!

È capitato anche a te di affrontare sfide che riguardava te in prima persona, in ambito personale, relazionale, sportivo, professionale?
Ti sei lasciata andare o hai reagito con testa e cuore? #bethanyhamilton #braveheart #empoweringalfemminile #donnecheispurano #instastories #surfing #surfinglife #courage #coaching #mentaltraining #thebrightside #tizigusto #cuoreemente #passion #sportstories #shake #sea #hawaii

#30daygratitudechallenge day 22
•what story are you grateful for?•
I found this an intriguing question today but thought of my answer surprisingly easily.
For those who don’t know, this is Bethany Hamilton. She’s a pro surfer, mother, husband, and christian. Her story is incredible and she herself is incredible. At 13 whilst surfing in Hawaii she was attacked by a tiger shark 🦈 and lost her left arm. She nearly died and thought she’d never be able to surf 🏄🏼‍♀️ again. Nevertheless she is so passionate about her sport, with “saltwater in her veins”, she was back on a surfboard within weeks of the attack and followed through with her pro surfing career.
Bethany’s story is one of incredible courage and the strongest faith. I own all her books and have watched the movie ‘Soul Surfer’ at least 6 times.
I am grateful for this story because it shows me that the greatest fears and adversities can be conquered with courage, faith, persistence, and a dash of ingenuity (she has special surfboards made to allow her to manage the waves with one arm)
Bethany is my hero and I love her books and the messages she has for people all over the world about health, faith, and courage.
I am so grateful for your story Bethany and you inspire me every day when I read your devotionals.

True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches, honor, and long life. Proverbs 22:4
#jesus #surf

Hi #bethanyhamilton you inspired my daughter Brinklee to read ‘Soul Surfer’ for her class project. She made a diorama of you based on the book. Keep being you and know little girls in land locked states like Colorado look up to you. She would post but being 12 her dad has lock down on Instagram till older #soulsurfer #colorado #morgansrock #safarisurfschool #nosara #sandiego

Throwback @annasophiarobb and @bethanyhamilton back when they were filming for soul surfer!! ❤️ love the movie! #soulsurfer #annasophiarobb #bethanyhamilton #surf #instagram #popular #hawaii #movie #actress #prosurfer

Soul Surfer is one of the most popular biographies on the shelf. Now there’s a new companion book in which Bethany #answers 200 questions! #bethanyhamilton #soulsurfer #biographiesrock

My idol now more than Ever, @bethanyhamilton ! I put my Hawaii ID next to her picture this last year to remind me I’m going back ‘there’. Meaning surfing because judging by my ID, I was just there so I can do it all over again and loose nothing in the end. If anything I’ve Gained an emmense amount from this tragedy. In fact, it’s honestly The Best Thing to happen to me. Maybe not nmright this moment or this year, but I know for a fact I will say that everyday of my life pretty soon. And that makes me SO excited to live life even fuller now and in #paradise !!!! #mahalokeakua #alohakeakua #aloha #mahalo #god #godisgood #godisgreat #believe #dreamscometrue #bethanyhamilton #amputee #adaptivesurfer #surfer (s)

Como você se chama mesmo ???

She is so pretty! One of a kind! I love how Inspiring and strong she is! ❤️ @bethanyhamilton #bethanyhamilton

How’s everyones Saturday
B hasn’t posted in a while:( @bethanyhamilton #bethanyhamilton

If you are truly passionate about what you do then there is no such thing as the “weekend.” @garyvee always talks about chasing that idea and I agree with that mentality! @unstoppablethefilm has taken me 4.5 years to finish, and I’m still putting the final touches on it as we gear up to premiere at @tribeca on
April 20th, 2018. I’m so grateful to do what I love and encourage everyone to pursue their goals and dreams as well! #unstoppablethefilm #shotonred #bethanyhamilton #tribeca2018

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