The Golden Hour collection ✨

This weeks dressing table set up. My current obsession being gemstones for all the best/positive vibes! #itscominghome 😉

Currently my favourite corner in the studio ✨

Summer evenings 🌙

Coming across some timeless pieces in our studio today - these won’t be coming off my wrist for a while! ✨✨

Wishing all Sunday evenings looked as good as this 🙌🏻

The golden hour ✨

Catch flights not feelings ✈️

It’s all in the details 💕

Today's details 💕👌🏻 Shop our range of sterling silver necklaces and earrings online just click the link in our bio!

Looking for something a bit more special and personal ✨? Our favourite thing is to create bespoke pieces, unique to you and your loved ones💕 If you have something in mind get in touch at info@bethanjoylondon.com

Incase you haven’t noticed, layers are a thing 😉✨

Did someone say goals? 🙋🏼 Who can spot our Lleaud necklace within @prettysickly ultimate collection of jewels ✨

We would like to say a massive thank you for all your orders for the Perfectly Imperfect necklace. We are truly overwhelmed with the response from you guys!
All recent orders will be dispatched within the week and be with you before Christmas 💕

Due to the amazing response we’ve had we are now running low on stock for the Perfectly Imperfect necklace. We will of course be restocking in the new year but if you are wanting to own your Perfectly Imperfect necklace in 2017 head over to the link in our bio and grab yours whilst stock lasts! ✨

#batbxbjl #perfectlyimperfect #bethanjoylondon #beautyandtheblog #queens #empower #loveyourself #power #livehappy

It has arrived! You lovely ladies (and gents!) can now pre order the much anticipated Perfectly Imperfect necklace designed by the amazing lady @beautyandtheblog Link in the bio☝🏻 We hope you love the design just as much as we do and we can’t wait to see how you all style your Perfectly Imperfect necklaces. Make sure to use hashtags #perfectlyimperfect #batbxbjl so we can see your pics 💕

#perfectlyimperfect #batbxbjl #bethanjoylondon #beautyandtheblog #queens #empower #loveyourself #power #livehappy

The main lady herself @beautyandtheblog rocking her Perfectly Imperfect necklace✨✨
This necklace is perfect for wearing on its own for more of a minimalistic look or try adding it to your current fave necklaces to create the ultimate stack.

The Perfectly Imperfect necklace will be available to pre order soon with orders arriving in time for Christmas 🙌🏻 #imperfectlyperfect #batbxbjl #bethanjoylondon #beautyandtheblog #queens #empower #loveyourself #power #livehappy

BATB X BJL 💕 Both Michelle @beautyandtheblog and I share a passion for minimalist gold jewellery so when we decided to join each other in creating a design you can pretty much imagine the excitement.
We hope you love the Perfectly Imperfect necklace as much as we do and we hope that you keep this small but mighty piece of jewellery close to your heart to remind you on a daily basis of the 👸🏽 you are. It will be available to pre order soon with orders arriving in time for Christmas 🙌🏻
#perfectlyimperfect #batbxbjl #bethanjoylondon #beautyandtheblog #queens #empower #loveyourself #power #livehappy

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