@cappys_cafe = new fave Sunday spot‼️🙌🏼🍳🥑 #betcheshategluten

HAPPY FRIDAY🌟 Dreaming of a @traderjoes GF pizza buttt they discontinued the crust‼️😢 Bring it back!🍕 #betcheshategluten

I like big BOWLS and I cannot lie‼️🤪 There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and throwing a bunch of meal prepped goodness in a bowl am I right❔Me =👩🏼‍💻➡️💃🏼 Real quick #betcheshategluten

Craving Cava, what else is new🤷🏼‍♀️ What are your fave fast casual eats⁉️ Ready. . Set. . . Go⤵️⤵️ #betcheshategluten

TGIF‼️🙌🏼✨🌈 #betcheshategluten

UMM am I back in Thailand⁉️ Not exactly but this amazing spot on the pch is making me feel like I am 🤯🤯Authentic down to the table cloths, if you know you know🥡🙌🏼 #betcheshategluten

This salad makes the Urth go round‼️🌎 #betcheshategluten

Do I look skinnier yet??

Weekends are for sweet treats & the beach‼️🍊💦 #betcheshategluten

Sunday’s are for @smorgasburgla‼️ Dreaming of this magical raclette from @cheezus_la 💭🧀 #betcheshategluten

Warning: “BIG” Salad from @winberies is BIGger than it appears 😳 but so yummy🌿😋 #betcheshategluten

Eating goood this 4th 🇺🇸 HAPPY FOURTH EVERYONE‼️🎉❤️💙 #betcheshategluten

Green Eggs, hold the Ham‼️🍳 #betcheshategluten

Breakfast tastes better at the beach 🤗🌊 #betcheshategluten

A GF Ice Cream lover’s dream‼️💕🍦TWO types of gf cones & a HUGE dedicated case🤯 #betcheshategluten

Sausage, egg, and cheeese, please‼️🐣 #betcheshategluten

Rojo’s always does it right‼️🌮 #betcheshategluten

Summer made sweeter with GF&DF Raspberry Sorbet🍧 #betcheshategluten

Chicken & Broccoli with a Honey Balsamic glaze 🍯 #betcheshategluten

Summer snacking >>> 😋🌈 #betcheshategluten

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