#Patience can make you win or lose over a situation. To win or to lose totally depends on how patient you are.

So, be patient, be successful!

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From the coach's desk: Be rock solid with your goals and flexible with your ways - You will achieve all that you want. First make that choice! Have a lovely Thursday everyone!


1. You do need to invest money in your business. There is no business in the world that survives without financial input. You will need to spend money upskilling (yourself and your sales team), marketing, advertising, and running your business - phone, expert advisors etc

2. You do have to show up every week for 10-15 hours minimum for 5 years if you wish to create a solid residual income. Going a week here and a week there without doing your 10 -15 hours is like just not opening the doors to your shop - how will customers come in to buy your products? Your business is not a diet - you can't jump on and off when it suits you or doesn't. The good news is, of course, more hours focused on the right business activity grows your business faster.

3. You do have to continuously learn to skills. Business success relies on mastery of a skill set. Some of the skills you need to learn are marketing and sales skills and mentoring/coaching skills. You need to learn to lead a team of people.

4. Your warm market will only get you so far. For some people that is zero - others will have a warm market that gets them to 7 figures... either way at some point, you need to learn to market your product to people you don't know, who want what you can offer.

5. You do need to overcome your negative money beliefs and the worthiness (or lack of) story you keep running on replay inside your head. There is no amount of poverty that you can acquire that will help you change the world. Being broke does not make you a nicer person. You will need to give this type of thinking up.

6. Being obsessed with recognition is a never-ending quest for happiness. Happiness cannot be found in someone else's approval of you, or in fame, or worship, or glory. Happiness comes from knowing who you are, what you value and living in alignment with that... in showing up for what is true to you. Aquiring more shiny things will not make you happy. [ SEE COMMENTS SECTION FOR CONTINUATION]

There is no easy success. We all need to work hard to achieve it. Trials and failure may come in our way but just push through and let success be your noise.
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Good morning guys! I came across this and I felt obligated to share this. All my clients should remember me sharing this with you guys.
If you are not the poor, where you are eligible for lots of subsidies, neither are you the mega, wealthy rich, who can easily manage your risk by your own wealth, then you need insurance.
But how much is enough and what happens when you over-insure yourself? Is over-insuring good for you?
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I believe that if you believe in what you are doing you will become successful. Create your own opportunities and you’ll never miss out 💪🏻 GET IT!!

YES 👍 or NO 👎 ?

Sometimes the things you go through in life will give you scars, bumps, bruises. Use those situations to mold you into becoming a better, stronger, and smarter version of yourself. Keep pushing forward and never give up.
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How to Win at Life
I remember as a kid, my parents always telling me these little saying's or life tips that most of us heard but never really put any thought into. "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"
- Satires of Juvenal (ad c.60–c.130)
"Treat others like you want to be treated "
-The Golden Rule
"Realize that everything connects to everything else. "
-Leonardo Da Vinci

Let's start with, "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"
the phase, "healthy body, healthy mind", which was based on the Latin phrase, "Mens Sana in corporate Sano"

Which was meant to express a theory that, physical exercise was meant to help with mental stressors and create a sense of psychological well-being.

Which I believe, to still hold true today.

But wouldn't the opposite be true?

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

If we stimulate the brain in with a positive effect, should it not also help relieve body stressors and also bring a sense of physiological well-being.

If Healthy Body = Healthy Mind
why wouldn't
Healthy Mind = Healthy Body?

if a = b then b = a. Symmetric Property of Equality

It's just math.

Having those healthy thoughts will help overcome challenges we might be facing.

While a negative thought will stop us in our tracks.

The mind is the control center of the body, if we corrupt the mind, the body will fall.

Next, we have "Treat others like you want to be treated ".
Be nice to people... it's that simple.

If you are nice to people, you are creating those healthy, positive thoughts and also passing that positivity to someone else. A Win-Win

It's like positivity is a plague.

It gives people hope, desire, ambition, drive, action

but so does negativity.

If you are negative towards someone, that person will also now feel just as you do.

anger, hopelessness, depression, and acceptance of something less than who they were before.

and negativity has never solved anything.

ps. no one likes an asshole.

and finally, "Realize that everything connects to everything else."
Just like our " Healthy Mind, Healthy Body" phrase

We are all connected.

We are all in this together as a team.

and when you can connect the right people with the right opportunity.

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