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For people who know what magic Rajghat is, I am sure this would warm up your heart in some way.
And for those who don't know what we are talking about, just know that we are a bunch of crazy obsessive lovers and Rajghat is the place we worship. :') #bestthingtohappen#bestfriends#keepingmemoriesalive#bestthrowback

☝👆À social deviant at best And a little unstable at worst.

Eyes told what heart felt
My #bestthrowback before a lot of sea🌊, sun☀️, sweat🏋🏽‍♀️ and focaccia🐡

TBT: 1995 with my inspiration Maiguru Magi (Margret Tsiga-Mashingaidze). She was a primary school teacher paid farely well but she couldn't live the good life coz she decided to take care of my two orphaned cousins and I. We lived on bare minimum but there was always food, love and shelter. I stayed with her for 6years and almost every year we would move to a new place of lodging:
- 1995 - St Andrews road Hatfield. We stayed in a 1 room partitioned by a wardrobe. 5 of us in that room myself, my two cousins, my mom and maiguru Magi.
- 1996 - Winson Rd South Hatfield. We stayed in a Boys Kaya - two rooms #upgrade - 1998 - Dunmore Rd Queensdale. We stayed in a 1 room (a garage come house) partitioned by a curtain. - 2000 - we moved to St Martin's Rd Hatfield. We stayed in a 1 room partitioned by a curtain.
- 2001 - we moved to another place in St Martin's Rd: 2 rooms
When I was 12 she sat me down and taught me everything there was to know about puberty...voice breaking, chest forming, hair growing in sacred places, voice breaking and hormones raging. She was amazing. When I was 16 I worked my first job in TM bakery along Julius Nyerere way and with my first salary I bought her a bottle of Chateu Brandy...that was the first time I ever witnessed the iron lady crying.
There are angels in life but she was more. May her soul rest in eternal peace. #BestThrowback

The day I decided to gamble my life🤗🆘.. #SkydivingReady #BestThrowback

satu-satunya buncit yang menyenangkan ❤️
📷: @a.aditya_
#bestthrowback #throwback #throwbackphoto

Bunun yenisini çekelim @cinelkubalas . #bestthrowback


🦄 Game of the year 🐺👆🏽🙈 iyi ki aklımıza gelen ilk müziği vermişiz 😆 bazen rahat bırakınca daha tatlı oluyo ve bence baya tatlıyız #thenorthremembers 👑
İyi haftalarrrr 💌 #sundaymood #sundayfunday #bestthrowback #weddingday #weddingsong #gameofthrones #timetofly #bestday #2017 💘

#tb to this magical morning.✨ My dearest friends made our wedding day absolutely perfect. Love love loove you girls @outsakoo @essi4 & Anne.✨💛
#weddingday #weddingmorning #maidofhonors #bestfriends #bestthrowback
Ei ollu ihan yhtä hohdokas olo tänä aamuna happrojen jälkeen🙈

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