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Throwback to #openheavencamp2018 .
One can always have a life changing moment when attending a youth camp whether as an attendee or a volunteer. So many lives were changed through this camp but here's a (not so) short testimony of mine:
I was asking God for more, as i realized that everything felt so mundane, and i knew that camp was gonna be a stepping stone. I drove up and reached there during worship; when i was outside i really wasn't expecting anything cos i was too tired and had to serve right away, plus i got cold 2 days before camp. But, the moment i stepped into the hall, i dropped my bags, and fell on my knees and started weeping. The presence of God was so real and charged me up for the whole life-changing 3 days, also i realized that i was fully healed from the cold.
I led the security team, which means i was on call at all time, and only had 5-6 hours of sleep throughout the whole camp. Due to the tight shift schedule, while everyone was having their breakfast i decided to just push through for my encounter at the hall. That was when God showed me all the small wounds that I thought were insignificant and showed me where he was when i went through the hard times. I cried like a baby. That was one of the life changing moments in camp for me.
I believe that I'm just 1 out of hundreds of ppl who were impacted by this camp. But i also believe that the same God that i encountered in the camp, is the same God that the ppl in the bible encountered, and is also the same God who wants to encounter you; which is why i want to invite you to come and visit @kingdomcity and/or @cityyouth. This is not an ad nor a promotion just to boost our attendance, this is a legit invitation for your life to be changed forever.
Do head on to these pages and check us out, we're a church in 7 countries and we're still growing to bring the reality of God to your world.
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10 years of so many memories. I’m truly blessed to get to work with the best people... many for all 10 years, some in between & few new faces that I’m excited to work along side for the next 10 years. #lifetouch has already opened so many doors for me... This specific night we volunteered & made a difference. 66 children in the Dominican Republic have enough food to last them a year because we decided to give a little love❤️ thank you to my fellow leaders for helping me grow & thank you @joeyliu916 for always capturing these special moments with your selfies😂 #leadershipmeeting2018 #7yearsoforganicgrowth #preschoolstillkickinga** #bestteameva

Amo poder trabajar desde donde esté, jamás dejo de estar conectada con mi gente linda! 🔥 Lo más rico es poder llevar mi negocio a donde vaya 👋😏 #nosvamosdepaseo #buenastardes #nutrición #bestteameva

Today was DEADLIFT day for the DERKS STRONG crew & it was a great one!! 😎

I hit a #PR 510lbs (232kg) - yay! •
Body weight sitting around 176-178lbs (80kg) pretty consistently lately, which is lighter than normal for me (I’m pumped about that too) •

Couldn’t have done it without my team! THANK YOU @aj_derks - @jamiezwiers (my deadlift partner today) @davidtb3232 - @jensen.logan - @kevinprothero - @lewisolson_strongman

FIRST DEADLIFT DAY AT OUR NEW GYM SPACE ✅ Had to make it memorable ...

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Just to brighten my day! Thanks girls ❤❤ #bestteameva

Belated happy birthday Leena 😬🎂🎉🎈
#repost from @ruchisavarn - Happy birthday Leena behen!!! Have the best one😘😘😘😘 - #repostapp #sritijha #shabirahluwalia #ruchisavarn #vinrana #leenajumani #KumkumBhagya #kkb #loncengcinta #alegedragostea #iniyaIrumalargal #ahkalbim #onset #Offscreen #behindthescenes #bestteameva #squadsritij

2018 Ragnar Northwest Passage! I ran 18 miles this year in 3 legs (8.3, 6.6, 3.1) and am pretty proud considering my “training.” Team #powerofshe #ragnarnwp #bestteameva #ladiesweekend

Fav picture from the day because my expressions are like the perfect portrayal of my emotions at school because most of the time I'm like what am I even doing here and that camera makes me very anxious, what a socially awkward mess I am pls stop this
And everyone looks so happy and chill AND WE WON so all in all GOOD DAY
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Awww I have the best team. Thanks so much guys, so didn't have to. I already appreciate all that you do for me! A week that started crap finished on a high!

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Well....we packed the house for a 4th time here at @murphyspubgrill here in Rapid City, SD!!!! thank you to everyone who came out tonight and to everyone who tuned in virtually! For those of you who didn’t make it please tune in to the virtual presentation and get your questions answered, once and for all!

#wedothisforaliving #washyofacegetpaid #bestteamEVA!!!!

Thanks to a great EOFY weekend Design&Build 😘❤️ Frisky Fridays #endoffinancialyear #designandbuild #89thfloor #melbourne #bestteameva #morningtonpeninsula

Pretty sure project pet at Pinot's is my new fav thing. <3

As I was talking to my team this week I had to stop and think...I would have never met some of these amazing ladies without LimeLife!
My team has become some of my best friends, we talk nearly every single day! We talk about business, goals, make up, skincare...of course BUT we also talk about so much more...family, kids, babies, and life. We pray for each other, we laugh together, we strategize and we lean on each other! We are family ❤️ Being a Beauty Guide doesn’t mean you need to be glammed up and perfect every day! We are real people, we are raw, we are caring, and we most certainly have fun!! If you have ever considered joining this amazing company and amazing team reach out to me and let’s see if it’s a good fit for your life!! #whynot #limelifer #bestteameva

LOVE this picture of us from check-in at Summit @fab5bbcoach ❤️ So inspired by all the women you have helped get started on their health & fitness journey this year!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what next year brings for you & I’m looking forward to MANY more years of travel together 👭🤗
My first year at Summit I had 3 coaches with me and this year I had 5! Next year Team Inspire2BFit already has over 10 coaches with tickets to Summit but if I had to guess there will be 25 of us 🙌🏻 I cannot wait for YOU to be in this picture with me. My fit family is always taking new coaches 👯‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️💪🏻 Come play with us! >link in bio
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It has been a friday!!! Started off with my entire coffee slipping out of my hands and landing on the floor! We ended the day with painting with corn on the cob. #socialskills #summer2018 #monkeys #itismycircusandtheyaremymonkeys🙈🙉🙊 #abalife #chaos #lovingit #myjobisbetterthanyours #bestteameva #teamworkmakestgedreamwork #alwaysassumepositiveintent #fridaybeforevacation

Who needs a spa with all this mud around??
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