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Tips for Instagram

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Listed below are some of the things I do and have done, to get to where I am today

1. Be yourself, be honest and humble, focus on one or two specific areas you want to represent, too much of everything confuses peoole

2. Beautiful, vibrant, sharp and simple photos in great light is a must, your pictures have to please the eyes. Great pictures have a bigger chance of being reposted, which equals more exposure

3. Use a great camera, top end phones are okay, but lacks alot in overall image quality, that also goes for videos, its an expensive option to go for, but it pays off if you are serious

4. Be positive, unless your looks are so outstanding, that captions are irrelevant, write some uplifting, inspiring or informative captions, enlighten the people who follow you

5. Dont sell out! The annoying tea companies, detox wraps, waist trainers, hair vitamins etc. Things that have zero scientific evidence backing up their claims, just say no! People hate them, and you are only making shady companies making even more money

6. Get an app to track your statistics, the one that's implemented into Instagram is not covering enough important factors, such as follower/like ratio, post's netto worth, real growth etc, they cost money but are worth it if you are serious about this

7. Be careful what you share! People will inevitably steal your images, keep that in mind

8. Filters and beauty apps are a big no! Crazy colors and smoothing your face and skin look's awful and fake, just dont go there

9. Be consistent, post at least daily

10. Tags work, but use specific tags that represent you and your goals, stay away from the obvious one's, they are overused

Well there is a lot more advices to give, but most of them are related to personal preferences - If you have what it takes people will come, but be patient, it takes time and a lot of work

But most important, have fun with it, happy Instagramming

#workforit #patience #beyou

Datorita voua am avut puterea sa merg mai departe in aceasta competitie . Cuvintele frumoase mi-au ajuns direct la suflet intotdeauna ,iar dorinta de a nu dezamagi se amplifica ! Va multumesc din suflet dragii mei ! Sunteti extraordinari ! 🙏🏽#vamultumesc #lovelife #beyou #bestrong #bedifferent #votati10la1206 #keepgoing #keepsmiling 💋

Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring ..you inspired many to never give up never give in @ashukuki #cancersurvivor #bestrong


The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a persons DETERMINATION ... and yes ya girl was determined to lock that bitch up deadlifting 225 and 235 for 2 reps! I had to figure out my form for this because conventional wasn't working but back to sumo stance and wide placement and it felt amaze balls!! It's all a mental thing your body truly won't go where your mind doesn't push it! And an added touch to boost that confidence when they ask did you really just lift that HELL YES!! You can do more then you think you're capable off!! #fitmom #fitfam #fitlife #fitjourney #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #gymrat #gymlife #gymalldayeveryday #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #legday #deadlift #pr #progress #lockedit #immorethentalk #iputinwork #fuckshitup #beabadass #bestrong #womenempowerment #selflove #youcanandyouwill

Los Domingos me encanta entrenar, más que todo porque tengo el tiempo, estoy tranquila y escojo la rutina más larga que me indica @victor_ifbb en mi caso es femoral y glúteo, una rutina fuerte para mí, de muchas repeticiones y con bastante peso para el logro de mis objetivos, debo confesarle que jamás en mi memoria🤣 había ejercitado estos músculos y recuerdo el primer día como si fuera ayer, no podía alzar nada de peso y me costaba muchísimo poder hacer de 10 a 12 repeticiones, hoy en día con perseverancia y disciplina puedo decirles con todo mi orgullo que alzó desde 20 kg hasta 145kg, entre 15 a 25 repeticiones, que para mí es un éxito y vamos por más 💪🏻🦋 •Fotografía por Natalia Kovach
#bestrong #believeinyou #thebestpartofme #loveyourself #gymtime #stepbystep #process #gncproducts #beyourself #thechangeisnow #motivation #behappy #nostoppingmenow

🎶"...Tava perdido aqui, cê veio me salvar. Eu sou um eterno aprendiz, você me dá uma aula. É uma canção da Adele, me acalma. Eles querem coisa de pele. A gente tem coisa de alma..."🎶 #musicalinda #projota #linda #startnow #chances #change #lifesgoeson #bestrong #choranaocoleguinha

As many as you might not know, Ansel was bullied frequently as a child because of his height. And those actions had led him to think about committing suicide, (No, this is not a joke). But he was strong. He pushed past his height, and found that he was much more than a number. He did something that not one of the bullies that bullied him thought he could do. He survived.

Although it does get hard to think that some kids at his school could've been the reason that ansel didn't exist in the future, he's strong.

He's the most strongest person I know.
He thrived during his darkest hours. And now here he is. Lighting up everyone's world because he survived the darkest of his.

Before you think about bullying someone, think about what that person is going through already. "Let him sleep. For when he wakes, he will move mountains." #iwearorangeforsomeoneilove

#bestrong #strong

Waking up appreciating all the great things and people in my life. 💕
#happymonday #grateful #appreciate #smile #bestrong #stayhappy

Believe in yourself. No matter what, just keep reminding yourself that it is going to be a positive day! #workhard #staypositive #bestrong #makeithappen #icandothis💪 #instamoment #quotesoflife #instagram #instalife

Quiche, minus the crust of course.

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