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Angry people are like zits. They glare you and try to get you pop them, but if you do you'll just make them worse. No really, I mean it. As someone that has had acne my entire life, I really see the analogy. And it's no coincidence that when my hormones are raging I break break out (you know that once a month zit you can't avoid). But maybe it's also about timing? You know there's a time to broach a subject, a time to pop a zit, and if you get it wrong, well you can leave little scars either on your face or in your heart. I've got a bunch of scars all over the place, mostly in the heart. With a good dermatologist and a few facial peels the acne scars go away, but the ones left in the heart, those stay around for awhile. So my best advice, when someone's angry don't engage with them. Wait for them to cool down. If you're angry, don't engage with others, don't run headfirst into a battle where no one will ever win. Calm down first. Wait. Breathe. Return to center. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the mountain a zit. It's like they sprout and grow overnight from some twisted place in the universe that's sole purpose is to annoy you. And I want them gone right away. But I've learned to look in the mirror and just let them be there (with a little cover up just to appease my vanity and bc if I don't see them I'm less likely to touch them and poke at them). And the same thing with anger, it's so hard to look yourself in the eye when you're harboring any kind of negativity. It's even harder to look someone in the eye who's mad at you. But it all comes back to this. A quiet moment, the veneer pulled back to reveal the truth, that underneath all anger is a tiny wound, an infection, a little broken heart that needs time and space to heal, that itself wants to be free of what's clogging it, and eventually will get itself sorted out. In the meanwhile no need to try and fix it, just breathe and be strong enough to watch it all with a kind and open heart (and apply a good, non-irritating spot treatment, sometimes also known as a hug). 🙏
Day 21 #effectivehandstands is Padmasana. Tag @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial 💫
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Today was AMAZING! I had more volunteers than ever which means so much to me! 😊❤️Today's Focus: Horse as Metaphor and Therapist...
EAET offers a unique opportunity for the therapeutic use of metaphors. Two types of therapeutic metaphor models most commonly used in this modality are nondirective and directive. Horses elicit a range of emotions and behaviors in humans, which can be used as a catalyst for personal awareness and growth. Horses also offer a variety of opportunities for projection and transference. Clients can also often relate to a horse’s natural hypervigilance and impulse to escape when the horse feels frightened or threatened. A client’s interpretation of a horse’s movements, behaviors, and reactions determines the meaning of the metaphor and, as such, provides a portal for the resolution of unfinished business by bringing forth—and addressing—transference reactions in the here-and-now of therapy. Horses can also give accurate and unbiased feedback, mirroring both the physical and emotional states of the participant during exercises, providing clients with an opportunity to raise their awareness and to practice congruence between their feelings and behaviors. As such, transference reactions in equine therapy can often be addressed without some of the confounding interpersonal factors present in more traditional therapies. #equine #horse #horsetherapy #therapy #kidsrule #nontraditional #bestrong #lovekids #nature #outdoors #stables #horsebackriding #loveyourself

Séance ultime du samedi soir terminée ! 🔥
Bon week-end à tous les amis 💪

“Hey gideceğin yere bırakayım.”
Gerçekten öyle, çocuklarımız bize gideceğimiz yolda eşlik ediyor. İnsanın can parçasından daha iyi yol arkadaşı olur mu hiç? Neşe, enerji ve mutluluk kaynağı çocukları sevin, sarılın, öpün, koklayın. Yaşam çocuklarsız kurak bir çöl. Mutlu haftasonları 🌺
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Always remember, YOU have within YOU the strength, The patience, and the passion to reach for the STARS to change the WORLD😍 😁 #actress #passionate #happiness #drama #love #soul #redlove #dress #clapforyourdamnself #bestrong #flyhigh


Buenos dias #instafam "El valor de un sentimiento se mide por la cantidad de sacrificio que estás preparado a hacer por él".
🔼Pan de 5 semillas
🔼Café con leche de avena
🔸 Pan de semillas y leche de avena de @mercadona


Letzte Woche hatte sich ja gar nichts getan am #gewicht aber heute ist zumindest etwas runtergegangen 😊
Heute werde ich das schöne Wetter genießen und mal wieder eine Runde #walken gehen, mal sehen was mein Knie danach sagt 🤔
Ich wünsche euch einen schönen #sonntag und viel Spaß beim in den #mai tanzen 💃🕺
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#nothingmoretosay #bestrong #dream #workworkwork @ni_na_oe , sorry geklaut, aber passt gerade sehr gut! 😂

Sometimes you have to lose yourself, in order to find yourself. And I mean really lose yourself.. because one day, something will click, and everything will begin to fall into place. It's times like these where you have to put all of your trust into the universe, and acknowledge and accept that everything happening in your life at any given moment is happening for a higher purpose, to lead you to where you have to be.. the universe will reward you everytime you take a step in the right direction. Keep an open mind, look for the signs.. and really be there to support yourself, for you are the only one who can truly turn your life around. ✨🌿🍃 It's huge epiphany moments like these that give me motivation in life - motivation to move forward, to focus on healing and for myself.. and I have decided to document this journey day by day to one day look back on and realise just how far I've come, and that these moments over the last few months would not have been forever like I once thought. Life may be tough right now, but YOU are tougher. I am proud of how far I have come, and for merely doing it on my own. I can finally, confidently say that things are really looking up, and that happiness and light is starting to shine my way ⛅#bestrong #selflove #trusttheuniverse9

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