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How hard can it be to save Sex until marriage? Is it even a thing to do now in days? Or better yet is it even possible with so much pressure and c’mon the guy is smoking hot! I can’t loose out in this opportunity. They do say opportunities only come once.
🙋🏻‍♀️to all my single ladies I feel you! Your not alone! Let’s answer the above questions.
Is it hard to wait? YES! We were created sexual beings. By nature your body will ask for it.
Is it still a thing to do. YES! If God doesn’t change then why should we? God established sex for marriage and he says don’t awaken love before it’s proper time. (Songs of Solomon 8:4).
It it even possible with so much pressure? YES! Run away from the pressure and the negative environment. Change your environment. If you see a fire would you runs towards it?.
I can’t loose out in this opportunity? YES you could! Not all opportunities are for your good. Let’s not use “sayings” or teachings to our convenience. You have the opportunity to go to hell are you going?.
The BIG questions we should be asking our selfs are, Do I really want to honor God? How much am I really worth to that person? How will this decision affect my future? If they truly value you they will respect you and honor you.
👰🏻 Ladies YOU ARE worth the wait. We are all tempted but we also have the ability to run from it. Dating my husband for over 3 years and making it to the finish line the day we said we do! My God I was so glad that race of abstinence was over.
You Got this 😉💕
📸 Photo taken Sept 12,2009 At Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca. One of my sisters paid for our ceremony venue and I just felt God saying YOU DID IT DAUGHTER HERES YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. #Godisgood

Over this last year Ive come to realize just how important feeling good really is. In fact, it's the most important thing one can do is to FEEL GOOD. (Well-being is the only true state of source-energy, which is always available to you.) When you feel good you gain resources, you hear things that you might not have heard otherwise, certain folks will appear in your life, and you are more useful to those around you. Many folks beat the drum of the world's problems, and that never feels good, so you just have to be wise enough to decide that you're going to feel good regardless of what anybody else is doing. This is available to you at any time. If you do not feel good, then you are not in your right place. Use your emotions to adjust that accordingly until whatever it is, your job, relationships, home life... feels good.

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