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En färggalnings självporträtt. Taggad av @mariesamne att ta ett #selfie #eternalselfie #bestportraits_selfie. Taggar vidare @mamamya @anakha @vintageinmyheart @rimna, hade varit kul att se era tolkningar :)

I was tagged by @gamattack to take a #selfie #eternalselfie #bestportraits_selfie. And I came up with this one. 😁 Now I tag @fialoppans @lillnea @thecrazygirly @karinstjn and @robe to do the same. If you want to. 😊

Here are the four winners of our #bestportraits_selfie challenge:

Top left: @ayanah - Loads of beautiful family pics are found in her feed, with perfectly edited pictures, especially of her daughter and sons. Besides that, she's very talented at minimalistic, and abstract photos, so check out the feed of this multiple challenge winner!! Top right: @lisaemily - with this remarkable, and reflective portrait Lisa shows the creative streak which is a constant feature of her feed. Based in Brooklyn, her photos of New York are wonderful, not only from the personal viewpoint she gives of the architecture surrounding her, but also because of the way she portrays the life she sees in her immediate environment. Please check out this lovely woman's gallery.

Bottom left. @muzbanger As you can see from Maria's portrait here, her works require more than a passing double tap for full appreciation. Like visual poetry, one can revisit her intriguing pictures and find a new level of emotion, and a different train of thought each time. The more you give her pictures, the more they give back. Please visit her feed !

Bottom right: @duncantigerhero - It's pleasing to note that Duncan actually took the above portrait himself! In his feed are gorgeous pictures of the english countryside, all accompanied by very funny captions. Go check out this remarkable gentleman's gallery!

Thank you to all the people who submitted something in this most challenging of challenges. We are again, very sorry we couldn't include more, but there will be countless features in the future, and we hope to one day have everyone appreciated the way they should be. Please continue to tag your quality portraits to #bestportraits and stay alert for more challenges and features. Peace and love.

Oh Boy. I was tagged by the amazing @photosbylinda to post a #selfie #eternalselfie #bestportraits_selfie. After a full day of searching in vain for the #perfectselfie app, here goes. Oh I (Brian) is the one in the background making funnyface and the furry dude up front is #bluethedog game on homies please play with us @mariesamne @kreasjoner @ulrikagrr @stefan_pn @companera Have a great evening Friends! 🎈

This Sunday's feature of #bestportraits was chosen by @eleni3_monochrome (who is also @eleni3 ) "It's a very intriguing photo. It tells a story, and keeps the viewer wondering. I love the soft and rich mid tones." Congratulations to @namaddon Have fun choosing your favourite picture from #bestportraits , we look forward to hearing from you before next weekend, (using 'kik' you can contact either one of us, optimistt or mariekedejj )…. Please visit @namaddon , her creativity is something to marvel at, her images very thoughtful, and her feed well worth exploring! We thank you for all your input, and for supporting our growing project, and adding to the collection of wonderful portraits we have here already. Please keep tagging your best self-portraits to this weeks challenge: #bestportraits_selfie . Because of the personal nature of this challenge, rather than having a voting system, this week we will simply choose four feeds to feature. We wish you all a wonderful day.

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