#GlowUp ✨ The difference between these photos? 3 YEARS. The left was taken in July 2015, I remember being SO proud of this balayage because I had practiced and practiced until I learned the technique and felt so accomplished when it came out good. Now, 3 years later, of course I see so many things I would have changed - the blending, my toner, my brushes, the size and saturation of my sections, etc. BUT in this industry, we are constantly learning. Constantly evolving our techniques and styles. Balayage wasn’t popular yet when I was in cosmetology school, so we had to teach ourselves - trial and error (mostly error 😂) Now, we are so fortunate to have Instagram as a platform to learn, online webinars, tutorials, you name it. I’m so thankful for social media! There is NO excuse not to evolve with new trends and to learn from others. I look at this photo and see how far my skills have come, and it makes me excited for the next three years! Never. Stop. Learning 🤓🎨✂️ #hairbyashcha

The fall vibes are strong here 🍂🍂🍂 If only the weather would cooperate 🤣🍂

All the fall tones 🍂 #hairbyashcha

before & after 12” Vomor extensions 💁🏻‍♀️ #hairbyashcha

Fri(yay) Feels ✨ #hairbyashcha

Iced Mocha ✨ #hairbyashcha

Hazelnut ☕️✨ #hairbyashcha

Ohhhh 🍯🍯

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a type 😍 No two blondes are the same! Different techniques, tones, dimensions and styles, but I love them all the same! #hairbyashcha #blondeobsessed

Here's a beautiful balayage to distract us from the weekend ending! 🤗

👌 #balayage for the win! .
Took a faded box color to a beautiful #blendedbalayage using #pravana #purelight power lightener. She was toned with #redkenshades. B3 #brazilianbondbuilder was used to protect her fragile hair
@pravana @redken @brazilianbondbuilder @thecolorbarhairsalon
#ucfhairstylist #ucfhair #bestbalayage #bestombreorlando #orlandohair #colorspecialist #colorexpert
Hair by @shyraarcher

Teasylights, balayage, and babylights for this gorgeous blonde 🥂

PLATINUM💎 #hairbyashcha

Healthy Blonde Babe🌊
@olaplex is bae❤️
Lightener: @wellahair Blondor
Foils: @framar
Toner: @pravana Violet + Smockey Silver
Shamp&Conditoner: @plasticadosfiosoficial

Subtle fall changes 🍁🍂 #hairbyashcha

Ice Queen ❄️ #hairbyashcha #blondeobsession

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