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#TransformationIndia 🌹😍 8 days to go for my 15th Birthdayy😍😍😍 (made by @ anushkasen04 with @musical.ly) ♬ 2U - David Guetta;Justin Bieber . #musicallyapp #DavidGuettaJustinBieber #2U #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily

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"I want you in every way possible, imaginable. I want your sleep hair. I want your sweaty jog body. I want your morning breath kisses. I want your just got home from work tired eyes. I want adventures with your hand in mine along the way. I want 12am munchie runs with you in Calvin’s and oversized tees. I want Netflix lazy ass cuddle Sundays. I want cooking in our underwear and just that. I want teaching how to cook lessons turn into mini food fights with you. I want your moody I don’t give a fuck about anything days. I want your uncontrollable horny days. I want movie dates that turn into making out because you’re my “it only happens in movies” fairytale. I want your goodnight kisses. I want your happy kisses. Excited kisses. Shy kisses. I want your sad tears so I can wipe them away with my fingertips against your soft skin. I want your happy tears so I can cry with you as I pull you in closer to me. I want you’re leave me alone days so I can only want you more and assure you everything is alright, that you’re with me and I got you. I want to kiss you like the first time every time. I want your sleepy voice mumbles at 4am. I want your 5min corky laugh at the stupidest things only we would think of. I want your eyes locked in a way where I know how to respond and swipe you off your feet. I want your sick days where I look after my still just as beautiful woman, giving you tea, soup, medicine. I want your sick kisses so I can kiss you back with the cure to make you better. I want you in 10 years. I want you at 76. I want you at 106. I want just shut the fuck up and kiss me arguments. I want walk away disagreements turning into pulling, turning you around to kiss you shutting you up. I want I’m not sleeping until you go to sleep smiling nights. I want your 2am I can’t sleep pull me closer to you nights. I want to walk with you right behind me so I can guide you through the world in my view. I want to spoil you at random moments with flowers to show my appreciation and devotion towards you. All. I want all with you. I want you more than I have ever wanted anything else."

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling becomes your trademark."✨❤️💙

De Buenos Aires me Enamoré la Primera vez q la vi. #mondaymood

Would you try ? Yes or no loooool 🤣
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Call my phone if you're feeling lonely
Cause I'm not anyone's one and only

Заказ принимаем в whatsapp/viber +79045364554
Добавляемся vk,очень большой ассортимент,на любой вкус,активная ссылка в шапке профиля😍😍😍
Все фото в реале 💃💃💃
Размер единый 42/46😎
Шерсть/акрил 😘
На рост до 175см

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This is my view while Jon plays Pokémon Go.

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