#UrWaist, #Alingo, #GagaCrazy & more! Which of these 2012 hits did you blast non-stop back in the day? Reminisce with the #BestOf2012 playlist ▶ (link in bio) -
1. Ur Waist ft. @Emmanyra - @Iyanya
2. 2mushh - @IamReminisce
3. Aboki - @IcePrincezamani
4. Alaye - @Iam_LKT
5. Alingo (Bonus) - @Peterpsquare x @Rudeboypsquare
6. Anamachi Kwanu ft. @Phynofino - @Illblissgoretti
7. Ara - @Brymolawale
8. Beautiful Onyinye - P-Square
9. Born Leader ft. Mavado - @Vectorthaviper
10. Confam ft. @SashaPofficial - @EjayBlackmagic
11. Dance For Me ft. @Wizkidayo - E.M.E
12. Flavour - @Iyanya
13. Fine Lady ft. @Wizkidayo - @Its_Lynxxx
14. Gaga Crazy - @ChuddyK
15. Gat Me High - @MrMayD
16. Ghen Ghen Love - @YemiAlade
17. Ghetto - @Shanksaydat
18. GhostMode ft. @Baddosneh - @Phynofino
19. Good Morning - @Brymolawale
20. Ife Wa Gbona ft. @LeoWonder - @TiwaSavage
21. Ihe Neme - @Official2baba
22. Ile Ijo - @MrMayD
23. Brazilian Hair - @ChuddyK
24. Kukere - @Iyanya
25. Like To Party - @BurnaBoygram
26. Malonogede ft. @IamTerryG - @TimayaTimaya
27. My Dear - @DammyKrane_worldstar
28. Nawti - @MrOlumaintain
29. Omo Pastor ft. @BOJonthemicrophone - @Ajebutter22
30. Omote - @EsePeters
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From the album #SpiritIndestructible

Call me maybe at a payphone wide awake and standing on a star-ship waiting while we’re young tonight!
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Best Album of 2012
The Menzingers: On the Impossible Past
Pop Punk has grown so much since its hay day in the late 90s and early 2000s. While a scene once full of power cords, songs about girls and hanging out with friends soon turned to deeply personal and emotional. But pop punk bands never were considered “great.” Than came silence. During the mid to late 2000s there was pop punk to be found but it had lost its glimmer in the mainstream. It was time to evolve. The Menzingers weren’t the first, and they won’t be the last, but they were one of the first to do it great. “On the Impossible Past” feels like a pop punk for the growing adult. For the kids that grew up with the 2000s bands but now want something more, with the same sound. The Menzingers songwriting really shines here, and is their biggest strengths. Songs like “Good Things,” “The Obituaries” and the title track really shine through.
I once heard them compared as a Pop Punk Bruce Springsteen, and that’s a statement I really can’t argue. #bestof2012 #themenzingers #ontheimpossiblepast

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